2021 infiniti qx50 luxe with app
Altair Club Cars 2021 INFINITI QX50 LUXE with Appearance Package

2021 INFINITI QX50 LUXE with Appearance Package

2021 is a great year for the QX50 because it got a upgraded higher resolution dual display with Apple CarPlary and Android Auto and in 2022 the QX50 Luxe got more standard safety equipment. The Variable Compression Turbo engine makes a whopping 268-hp and 280 pound feet of torque and is able to mechanically change the compression ratio on the fly to calibrate engine for performance or fuel efficiency depending on your current driving situation. The QX50 has a ground-up redesign for 2019 with a more spacious interior and a very stylish interior and exterior design.

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to talk about this awesome 2021 infiniti qx50 that we have for sale this is a lux all-wheel drive with appearance package one awesome compact crossover this is a great product for us it’s been a big hit uh features uh pioneering technology a variable compression uh engine that infinity has worked 20 years

On i’ll talk to you a little bit more about that shortly uh 2021 is a great year for the qx50 because i got a lot of uh previously optional equipment as standard for 2021. uh i also got apple carplay and android auto which i know a lot of people were asking for finally infinity came through and offered it for 2021 so the good news about that is this one does not

Have navigation but with apple carplay or android auto you have the ability to pull up navigation on your smartphone and you can project whatever’s on your smartphone on the screen up there so you can do navigation through your smartphone with the apple carplay and android auto we have a parking camera we also notice we have a dual display system the top screen

Is for parking camera radio information the bottom screen is a tablet like interface for vehicle settings and apps um you can also access a drive mode selector here i can make changes to um oh sorry this is driver’s assistance you can uh so we have steering assist that’ll make us uh small steering corrections to keep your standard lane on the highway it’s not

Going to take care of pin corners it’s not designed to be used on uh normal roads the system is used is designed to be used in the highway but the steering assist is a big help if you drive on the highway a lot especially in stop-and-go traffic and that partners really nicely with the adaptive cruise control then we have a lane departure warning and lane departure

Intervention so if you start veering out of your lane it’ll steer you back in then we have a distance control assist so even when the adaptive cruise control is not on the distance control assist will automatically slow the vehicle down if the vehicle in front of you slows down and you have to remember these systems are uh driver’s assistance systems not necessarily

Safety systems it does have like ford emergency braking and ford collision warning but those systems will mitigate a collision so you can’t always depend on these systems to work 100 percent you did work most of the time but you still need to pay attention just in case uh something goes wrong and be ready to intervene then we have blind spot assess we have blind

Spot warning blind spot intervention and then you have a blind spot indicator right there uh ford emergency brake wing as well as a backward uh emergency braking then we have a drive mode selector here that will make changes to the transmission shifting throttle sensitivity steering effort and you can also access the drive mode selector here as well drill down

A little bit deeper for instance you can you have active engine braking what engine braking is the natural vehicle will naturally slow down and take your foot off the accelerator that will make it a little bit more aggressive you can shut that on or off pretty cool stuff all right then we have a nice tilt telescoping steering wheel nice big gauge cluster analog

Gauges to the left and right then you have a center lcd screen which you can pull up different information whatever is kind of important to you in your current driving situation all right so then we have the appearance package that was 1200 the appearance package gives you upgraded 20 inch black painted machine finished wheels black outside mirrors heated outside

Mirrors a black grille mesh dark chrome front grille surround dark chrome front fender accents dark chrome tailgate finisher a body colored rear diffuser and a graphite headliner this beautiful shade of majestic white was a 695 dollar premium color so the qx50 is uh a compact crossover but don’t let the compact oh oh man i almost tripped over that don’t let the

Compact classification fool you uh on the inside it’s very spacious i’m six foot two i had their front seat adjusted for my height i can comfortably sit back in the rear seats and very comfortable the second row seats they slide back and forth they recline look at these beautiful upgraded 20-inch wheels you know there’s a saying clothes make the man well i have

A saying wheels make the car you know the standard wheel and tire package and the qx50 looks good but in my opinion it’s a little bit kind of boring and vanilla which can you know kind of detract from the vehicle but these are the opposite these wheels really make the qx50 pop i think they really go a lot better with the accents of the body it’s a very aggressive

Uh chiseled flooring body so these wheels really do a lot more justice it creates a lot more synergy in the look of it versus the stinger wheel entire package which i think are a little bit too vanilla for my taste but sometimes people don’t always want uh too flashy so i guess people who find these wheels too opulent they can always have a choice of going towards

Those their rear seats fold down fairly flat you have a power rear lift gate tinted windows all around big panameric roof as well you have a power sunshade to dim things down if it gets too bright beautiful styling on the front end styling is kind of reminiscent of our q50 q60 coupe and sedan sometimes it’s hard to make these crossovers i see these look good

They’re kind of like big jelly beans or eggs on wheels but infinity uh styling is very important for infinity and they really did a great job styling the qx50 it’s absolutely beautiful and the heart of it is your uh variable compression engine as i said they were working 20 years in this engine technology so what this can do is it can mechanically change the

Compression ratio on the fly so for instance you’re doing some you know nice easy does it driving on the highway or on back roads the car can tell so calibrate that um compression ratio to be a 14 to 1 compression ratio uh which will maximize uh engine efficiency so make the engine um more fuel efficient but maybe you have that drive mud selector in sport mode maybe

You’re getting a little more aggressive on the throttle the car can tell you know quickly change that compression ratio to an eight to one compression ratio which will give you maximum output maximum horsepower which is about 268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque in fact this a little 4-cylinder engine makes more torque than the larger 3.7 liter naturally

Aspirated v6 it replaces and it’s also much more fuel efficient so in a way it lets you have your cake and eat it too it’s a great engine we’ve been using this engine in the qx50 it’s been the sole engine in this product uh since 2019 it’s been very reliable it’s been fantastic people love it come in drive it i think you’ll be very impressed by it thanks so much

For watching this video and hope to see you soon

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2021 INFINITI QX50 LUXE with Appearance Package By INFINITI of Tacoma at Fife

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