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Altair Club Cars 2021 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Hatchback for Iris

2021 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Hatchback for Iris

Good morning iris it’s jamari here from handy of muskoka just wanted to walk you through the 2021 hyundai ioniq the plug-in hybrid hatchback that you were interested in gonna show you a few of the key features as well as a quick walkthrough of the or walk around of the exterior so starting off here you’ll see this plug-in hybrid looks really really nice makes a

Really great stance i think i really like the grill here i like the design of that and your led headlights look amazing check out your tires which look incredible love the rims here that it features really really awesome and it has a sunroof which is a very favorite feature of mine on any vehicle so here by the driver’s side door you have your plug-in access

Your gas cap is located here on the driver’s side as well you have ionic plug-in stated on your lift gate and yeah overall a very very nice black vehicle so we’re going to hop in to the driver’s side we do have the proximity uh button have ionic stated here stepping in i love the new car smell it has a really nice gray interior you have your window and mirror

Controls here on the driver’s side and hopping in you have really really nice premium feeling upholstery on all of your seats i’ve just started it up and as you can tell there wasn’t much of a sound there really really awesome really nice gauge cluster as well with uh digital features on your steering wheel here you have your voice command controls your cruise

Control settings here and toggles on the right as well you can see quite a few safety features here your lane keep assist and your warning lights as well and your plug-in buttons as well you can see you have a really nice sized display and media center you have your climate control center here as well just underneath that you have two 12 volt outlets and a usb

Input there really sporty feeling shifter do you have heated seats for you and your passenger here in the front as well as a heated steering wheel some cup holder space as well your center console slash armrest you have another 12 volt outlet in there and some extra space for storage panning up to your roof do you have your sunglass case there and of course the

Handy dandy sunroof and open and close it with that button there and slider shade forward and back so i’ll just continue around and show you a bit more of the interior here again really spectacular gray interior you have the leather that carries on to the doors and the really nice silver accents there on the doors checking out your seats you do have the 60

40 split so you can make room make use of the room here in the hatchback for extra cargo needs you also have your cup holder slash armrest here for your rear passengers as well some pocket storage behind this passenger seat here in the back as well and your rear passengers also have heated seats back here give you a better view of the truck very very spacious

You also have the shelf that you can extend and make use of or retract underneath you will find some extra storage or anything you need to keep back here and extra storage on the sides as well give you another view around this side again beautiful beautiful interior so you’ve got your passenger seat here which is manually adjustable and quite a bit of room there

In your glove box so there you have it iris that was a quick look at our 2021 hyundai ioniq it’s dramari from hyundai muskoka wishing you a great day i look forward to hearing your thoughts soon bye

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2021 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid Hatchback for Iris By Hyundai of Muskoka

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