2021 hyundai ioniq electric feat
Altair Club Cars 2021 Hyundai IONIQ electric Features, Interior, Exterior and Specification

2021 Hyundai IONIQ electric Features, Interior, Exterior and Specification

2021 Hyundai IONIQ electric

Get charged up for the new hyundai ioniq the world’s first vehicle to be offered in three electrified powertrains hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid the ionix striking coop-like silhouette creates a strong first impression beyond the stylish design are the aerodynamic lines and details that enhance every aspect of driving dynamics and efficiency advanced and

Energy efficient led lighting surrounds the ionic new led lights illuminate the front sides and back dark parking lot electric folding side mirrors with puddle lamp lighting provide added visibility as you approach your car the ionix eco alloy wheels enhance the sporty design air intakes beside the daytime running lights help reduce turbulence for better fuel

Efficiency immerse yourself inside the redesigned cabin it will be your new happy place open the door to convenience with the proximity keyless entry and push button start and once your headlights are turned on enjoy the stylish touch of ambient blue lighting keep on top of your ionix performance with the available supervision cluster featuring a 7-inch color lcd

Screen think of the 10.25 inch touchscreen display as your connectivity hub where you can tap into your navigation system for directions enjoy the eight speaker harman kardon premium audio system every note sounds crisp and clear chill in the air nothing feels more cozy than a heated steering wheel and heated seats surround you and your passengers yes those in the

Back too in total warmth make yourself comfortable with the 8-way power adjustable driver seat you’ll appreciate the lumbar support on long commutes once you find ultimate comfort you won’t have to fear losing your preferred settings thanks to the available drivers integrated memory system now that you’re settled open the power sunroof for a breath of fresh air

Eco cars aren’t exactly known for their cargo space but the ionic breaks the rules with its innovative battery design to maximize space so you can enjoy 60 40 split-fold rear seat backs and a full flat trunk the ioniq is equipped to help keep you connected our available blue link system offers plenty of convenient features like remote start from your smartphone and

Find my car because we’ve all found ourselves lost in the parking lot access many of your smartphone apps on the touchscreen with android auto and apple carplay phone battery running low place it on the wireless charging pad no cord required the ioniq surrounds you with safety starting at the core with the superstructure constructed of our own ultra-rigid advanced

High-strength steel it provides a safe and comfortable ride then there’s hyundai smartsense our suite of safety features that surround you with innovation like forward collision avoidance assist it warns you of a potential collision with a vehicle pedestrian or cyclist if you don’t stop in time emergency braking can be applied high beam assist detects lighting

Conditions and vehicles ahead automatically turning high beams on and off lane following assist can assist your steering to help keep the vehicle continuously centered between the appropriate lane markings and adaptive cruise control adjusts your speed to keep your preset distance from the vehicle ahead it even works in stop and go traffic when actively engaged

With both adaptive cruise control with traffic stop and go and lane following assist this semi-autonomous driving technology helps keep you centered in your lane and traveling at a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead if you drift outside your lane lane departure warning with lane keeping assist will alert you with audible and visual cues the system can also

Gently correct your steering to help you remain within your lane change lanes confidently with help from blind spot collision warning with lane change assist it provides an audible and visual cue if a vehicle is in your blind spot long drive driver attention warning monitors signs of driver fatigue and can suggest taking a break busy parking lots are sometimes

Difficult to navigate that’s where rear cross traffic collision warning comes into play as you’re backing out it warns you if a vehicle is approaching from the side and parking distance warning reverse lets you know if you’re getting too close to an object when you’re backing up finally the integrated tire pressure monitoring system makes safety a top priority

With sensors for optimal tire functionality and real-time individual tire pressure monitoring ready for the power of choice whichever you choose with ionic you get an extremely engaging driving experience plus an efficient commuter vehicle let’s start with the ionic hybrid canada’s most fuel-efficient car the ionic hybrid can travel up to 1098 kilometers on a

Single tank of gas with a full parallel hybrid drive system the ionic hybrid can run on the 1.6 liter gdi engine the 32 kilowatt electric motor or both the electric motors energy is stored in the highly advanced lithium ion polymer battery the benefit optimized power and improved fuel economy a six-speed dual clutch transmission features paddle shifters mounted

On the steering wheel for an engaging driving experience the active air shutters in the ionix hybrid grille further enhance fuel efficiency opening to allow greater airflow for engine cooling in stop-and-go traffic and then closing for better aerodynamics at sustained cruising speeds tailor the driving feel to your style with selective drive modes that adjust

A number of components such as throttle response and steering effort choose between eco and sport next up is the ionic electric enjoy an enhanced emissions-free driving range of up to 274 kilometers on a single charge it can be conveniently charged from home work or at a public charging station the electric motor is powered by the lithium-ion polymer battery

Equipped with canadian winters in mind the battery temperature management system pre-warms the battery and the heat pump system helps improve efficiency of the heating and air conditioning system together these features maximize performance and driving range helping to keep the battery charged while you drive adjustable regenerative braking via the steering wheel

Mounted paddles offers enhanced efficiency further adding to the aerodynamic efficiency with no need for engine cooling the unique closed front grille is a sleek and smooth surface that just glides through the wind want the best of both worlds check out the ionic plug-in hybrid electric when you want it gas when you need it get up to 47 kilometers of emissions-free

Driving need the flexibility to travel further no problem when the electric only range is depleted the vehicle will run like a traditional hybrid the 1.6 liter gdi engine is paired with the electric motor so you can travel up to 1014 kilometers on a single tank of gas similar to the hybrid model the plug-in hybrid also features the six-speed transmission with

Steering wheel mounted paddle shifters and active grille shutters to enhance efficiency and selectable drive modes to match your driving style the ioniq comes with peace of mind thanks to our five-year 100 000 kilometer comprehensive warranty and if you get a flat tire no worries the five-year unlimited kilometer roadside assistance program has your back and

Each powertrain features an eight-year 160 000 kilometer system warranty the redesigned hyundai ioniq hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid which one will you choose you

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