2021 hyundai elantra hybrid limi
Altair Club Cars 2021 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Limited – POV

2021 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Limited – POV

Managed to get behind the wheels of 2021 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid!

Also seen abundantly on the bonnet, the profile, the wheel, everything. just count how many triangles you can get out of this elantra. on smart mode, the car will change the drive modes accordingly. it will change into the sport, and you can see that on this tachometer right here. but you will turn into that teal color when it’s on eco and it will turn into red when you

Floor it, when it’s on the sport mode. i love this interior color would have to double-check on the name. all right. i’m going to shut you up, just for a sec. well, this car is very well suited and equipped with the conjunction of the ice, internal combustion engine. which was actually turned off and the button is right here. that one is for the the vdc, and you can

Actually reset the battery. and i’m hitting all the potholes in a bumpy roads here. it’s not the most like cushiony car that you would find, and the point being is, i mean this is the pov video you want to grasp the feeling of what the car is like driving around. right here, i want to set it at 70 km and also control the distance and just let it off. the indicator for

The lane as well as the steering wheel is put together. if the car is recognizing the lane and if the car is in control of the steering wheel and what not. so maybe would have been better if they were put together? and that nice ev, lighting up, showing me that elantra is pushing out the best mpg. and currently it’s at 16.8 km/l, so i just resetted the tachometer, and

Red light coming up ahead again this is not an autonomous drive. you would have to be cautious, you always have to be paying attention on the roads, that hda wouldn’t really come in until it recognizes the vehicle in front of you. so if a car in front of you is at a complete stop, you really have to get ready to stop the car on your own. and i’m actually flooring right

Now, as if we are merging into the highway. as well as a in depth review on a regular elantra model they are all nice cars just to being a regular elantra. it literally is the regular elantra that you would look for or be it the n-line, that is only a step away from elantra n. i’m just looking at the segments and the number of different models that this elantra has,

Again, regular, hybrid n-line,and elantra n to come, which is not released yet. but we should be getting here this year anytime soon. so, just looking at how hyundai is getting diverse over this elantra, the entry-level sedan of hyundai. so this car meets all the need being a regular daily driver. or if you want a bit of a sportiness, you can go with elantra n-line,

And if you really want an all-out trafck car / a daily driver, so, just great choices and great things that hyundai’s doing for us. and if you want a full, all-out ev car, welll be seeing more of that from ioniq. the beauty of elantra hybrid, as all the other hybrid cars have been, checking out on that mpg, the number that i will never get to see on my veloster n. i hope

You liked this short video, pov, just wanted to give you a brief idea of what it feels like. i hope you like the video, enjoy the video. go check out other reviews. if you want to hear more about this elantra. be the design. be the performance. don’t forget to subscribe and like, and thank you for watching and tuning in. in case you want to know, this is what the key looks like.

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2021 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Limited – POV By CarSceneKorea

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