2021 hyundai elantra and elantra
Altair Club Cars 2021 Hyundai Elantra and Elantra Hybrid | Full Review.

2021 Hyundai Elantra and Elantra Hybrid | Full Review.

The all-new Elantra is a compact sedan that the next generation wants to drive. It is for customers that are pragmatic and sensible yet disruptive and always questioning traditions. This daring and non-conforming mindset is evident in the progressive and exciting Elantra. It provides a better mobility experience as Hyundai becomes the “Smart Mobility Solution Provider” of the future.

Seventh generation hyundai elantra has completely transformed the elantra with its futuristic design convenient cutting-edge technologies and balanced driving performance will instill confidence anytime anywhere the vehicles three-dimensional and chic exterior carefully crafted like a well-cut jewel and interior which embraces the driver like the cockpit of a

High-speed jet will stimulate your sporty sensitivities the vehicles lower and longer profile expresses fast speeds in its wheelbase the largest in its class offers spaciousness similar to a midsize sedan all-new elantra takes care of annoying and cumbersome routines helping you out in the midst of your busy life you can open the door with your smartphone get

Ready to drive with just one touch turn the heat and a/c on or off with your voice there’s more all direction collision-avoidance and driving assistance system makes your hands and feet relaxed even for beginners the lighter and evolve new platform provides agility comfort and fuel efficiency the driver’s seat space and lowered seat position maximizes your

Sense of immersion and the vehicles wide visibility makes driving more fun have you ever panicked because you forgot to grab your keys now by installing the hyundai digital key app and registering your vehicle you can use your car with just your smart phone touch your smart phone to the outside handle of the door to open the door and place your phone on top of

The wireless charger to start your car using bluetooth low energy technology you can lock and unlock your car doors open the trunk or start the engine all from a distance the settings of the hyundai digital key can be adjusted for different times and to allow access to family friends or whoever you want to make it easier to share your vehicle these settings can

Be adjusted to grant others full access to your car or can be limited to allow others to only open your trunk or doors to place items in or remove items from the vehicle the first thing you’ll notice after sitting in the driver’s seat is the integrated display with its high-tech image the large clear digital cluster and navigation screen are seamlessly connected

Making things clean and refreshing to look at the navigation screen is tilted toward the driver by 10 degrees and upward by 7 degrees making it convenient to see and touch if you select a personal profile the seat position navigation sound and radio settings you have previously saved will be loaded user settings have become easier to apply with the large screen

And intuitive color images a new graphics reminiscent of the deep ocean and the cluster which changes according to the driving mode make driving more enjoyable the sounds of nature letting you choose from six different themes will help you calm your mind as well you can seamlessly connect to smartphones at once and switch between music while driving when you

Leave your car with a valet you can protect your personal information and even check the car’s current location when you get off near your destination your smartphone will lead you to your final destination engine noise road noise and wind noise can make it hard to enjoy music in the car all new elantra offers the highest level of quietness and noise blocking in

Its class the newly applied bose premium sound system has eight high performance speakers that offer elaborate and powerful sounds and a full range of low and high notes dynamic speed compensation automatically adjust sound in line with the car speed so that you can truly enjoy your music joy long distance driving with all new elantras premium sound system all

New elantra is significantly wider and longer than previous models but is lower in height creating a coupe style with sporty proportions but thanks to interior space design technology one of hyundai’s strong points the cars internal space has increased to provide a more comfortable interior the front-row headroom was increased by six millimeters despite a reduced

Overall height thanks to lowered seating position the rear row headroom was increased by four millimeters despite the lowered coupe style roof thanks to optimised headlining the second row legroom also increased as much as fifty eight millimeters offering midsize sedan space even 190 centimeter tall adults can ride in the car comfortably with enough legroom

As a result of the increased width of the car shoulder room in both the front and back has increased by 7 millimeters so for adults with wide shoulders can comfortably ride in the car at once a wide open view is crucial for the driver not just for safety but also for driving satisfaction even with the low end sporty design the drivers visibility has improved

As well shifting the a-pillar backwards all new elantra provides the best horizontal visibility in its class the horizontal angles seen through the windshield was increased by 11 degrees even with the cars lower seat positioning and overall height the forward vertical viewing angle has improved as well the blind spots at the front of the vehicle were reduced

Creating the best environment in its class all-new elantras smart air conditioning system minimizes effort by the driver how many times have you wished for an intelligent car that knows exactly how to adjust the temperature to suit your preferences the smart elantra automatically turns on the air conditioner or heater seat heater or seat ventilation and steering

Wheel heater for the driver’s seat as soon as you start your car the vehicle automatically turns on the right system by comparing the outdoor temperature indoor temperature and amount of sunlight entering the vehicle with the temperatures set by the driver have you ever had to manually change the air flow because it was too strong in automatic air-conditioning

Mode in the hot summer or cold winter the smart elantra has split the auto air control into three separate modes in auto mode 3 the air flow is adjusted from stages 1 to 8 in auto mode 2 heat is adjusted from stages 1 to 6 and in auto mode 1 is adjusted from stages 1 to 4 if you want quickly in cooling shoes mode 3 and if you are sensitive to airflow intensity

And noise choose mode 1 for the most convenient use of the auto mode simply say stronger airflow if you need more forceful air to dry your hair or turn on handle heater if your hands are cold and say turn on seat ventilation if you are starting to sweat have you ever been frustrated because washer fluid was flowing into the car during intake mode the smart

Elantra automatically switches to air recirculation mode when spraying windshield washer fluid to prevent it from entering the vehicle protecting passengers is critical when accidents occur but it’s even better to prevent accidents before they happen in addition to having the best collision safety performance in its class all-new elantra is equipped with all

Of hyundai’s most advanced driver assistance systems forward collision avoidance assist uses the vehicles forward camera and radar to sense automobiles people and bicycles to help with braking blind spot collision avoidance assist helps drivers avoid hitting vehicles in the driver’s rear blind spot while changing lanes through differential braking rear cross

Traffic collision avoidance assist helps you to avoid collisions with cross-traffic while backing out parking collision avoidance assist also helps you brake to prevent collisions with people or objects in the rear while backing up driver attention warning detects negligent driving patterns and notifies the driver when a rest is needed hyundai’s smart sense

Safety system goes beyond simple warnings to assist you by applying the brakes do you still think autonomous driving is a thing of the far distant future enjoy high-tech driving with all-new elantra equipped with the best smart driving convenience system in its class the smart cruise control which not only controls speed but also forward distance significantly

Reduces calf fatigue when the car in front of you stops and goes in three seconds then your car also stops and goes if the car in front moves after three seconds an alarm sound is given to the driver based on the navigation information your car automatically decelerates in safety zones and curbs on highways lane departure warning is just warning lane keeping

Assist just helps you stay in the lane lane following assist maintains your car at the center of the lane highway driving assist helps control the forward distance and keeps you at the center of lane allowing you to experience a whole new world of long-distance driving hyundai’s smart sense driving convenience system while some have yet to try it you can’t give it up once you do you

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