2021 honda accord hybrid touring
Altair Club Cars 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | Navigation – Heated and Cooled Leather Seats

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | Navigation – Heated and Cooled Leather Seats

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at paul share used cars today i’m having a lot of fun in this 2021 it’s a honda accord and it’s a accord touring which to my knowledge that’s the top tier of the honda accords and i really don’t see how you get nicer than this it’s the car the more i look at it the more i find cool stuff that it has equipment wise and nice features

So on top of that it is the hybrid as well which i know that hybrid is ringing a lot of joy to a lot of people’s ears right now with fuel prices going up this one is rated at 44 miles uh in the city four four miles per gallon in the city i should say and 41 on the highway being a hybrid they always do better in that kind of stop and go traffic where other vehicles

Really just don’t perform well so it’s a nice feature there does great in the city and really at 41 miles an hour that’s great on the highway too got the 2 liter inline 4 cylinder in it plenty of power it is front-wheel drive and uh i’m gonna stop rambling and start showing so let’s take a look here front windshield i like to check for rock chips and stuff and it

Looks good also in the front windshield i know the camera’s picking this up from here to here is actually tinted which on a nice sunny day did like today that makes it uh quite enjoyable to keep that sun out of your eyes does have a lot of safety features on i’ll go over more when we get inside but it’s got the front parking sensors up here you can see the front

Little parking sensors in the bumper which is always nice headlights fog lights all that look good down there this vehicle has under 27 000 miles i don’t know if i mentioned that and it is a local trade-in one owner tires look good 19 inch wheels honda wheels four wheel disc brakes there’s your hybrid emblem a little bit of tint to the windows here looks good

Looks good on that black crystal paint sunroof up there thought i saw a spider if i don’t know if you saw me pull my hand away real quick it was just a spider web i guess it’s that time of year where the spider webs pop up uh we’ve got uh leather seats and it has the insert that has little holes in it which i like to call the breathable leather so your your

Touch don’t get so hot i’ve got plenty of power sources back here a couple usbs heating air vents back there this will pull down for an armrest and a beverage holder interior looks really pretty much immaculate come around here we got those parking sensors just like what we saw up front in the back so what those do let’s just make an audible warning when you get

Close to something at the parking speeds has a keyless entry with unlock lock remote start and trunk release truck release is nice we’ve got our badging back here we got our hybrid and touring badging touring is the trim and then the cord is the model big trunk in these now the seats do fold down if you need some extra space maybe about that big screen tv and uh

Well you leave the kids at the store and take the tv home i guess i don’t know so uh here we’ve got a little bit of tent to the back window and it’s electronic defrosting as well fuel fill over here you won’t be doing that too often in this vehicle so that’s nice financing is available so if you’re interested in finance plans i will post a link down for you down

In the description below so check that out a lot of our customers who watch my videos do that does have the blind spot monitoring and the side mirror so that’s particularly when you’re on the highway it’s gonna let you know hey someone’s in that blind spot one of those nice safety features i mentioned earlier earlier that i would tell you about full power seat and

A four-way power lumbar driver’s seat looks awesome got that perforation in the insert here and it’s uh of even more value than just allowing the seat to breathe up front here and i’ll show you that in a second so hang out for that it’s got your rubber mats down here looks like they’re form-fitting and it’s got the the regular carpeted mats below that so plenty

Of protection to keep the car clean and boy is it clean so it’s push button start just got to have that key in here which makes it nice and you really don’t even hear it start because it’s hybrid it’s running on battery power at first uh let’s take a look at the dash it’s got 26 780 778 miles 26 778 miles there we go uh no warning lights on on the dash all that

Looks good it’s a 100 digital dash which i’m starting to see more and more of those on newer vehicles which is nice because it’s really customizable this side over here you can show fuel mileage charging rate range a whole bunch of stuff over here and then over here this pretty much stays standard as your speedometer and your fuel indicator over there um give

You a brief overview and then we’ll dig down deeper and like i mentioned this touring so it’s got a lot of options so hang with me i’m going to hit them all here it’s got programmable seats if you have a couple drivers you can program where you like your seat and just hit your number and it’ll go there has power mirrors power locks power windows trunk release

And some beverage and storage in the door here it’s a nice padded area where your elbow rests so that’s nice for those longer trips it’s got the hud and that’s the eight heads up display shows right up here you can put your compass or navigation up there in mile per hour seems to always show up there uh you can also show let’s see here the different options you

Can raise and lower it which is nice and uh turn it off so a lot of nice features there your trip button here and then this here is going to be your safety features this has got uh if it’s showing up right here road departure mitigation blind spot which i mentioned low speed braking control and collision mitigation braking system so it’s got that full new realm

Of safety features that we’re starting to see in newer cars so that’s not nice to have parking assist and the traction control i can speak to that forward mitigation i’ve had people pull out in front of me before i can react and my car reacts and probably saves me from running into them so that’s always nice leather wrapped steering wheel here uh does have your

Controls here for your radio tuning volume and then over here hands-free connectivity and then on here you got your head up display what shows up there that’s that button i was looking for earlier so you got your charge rate cruise control and compass that shows up there and then you have your cruise control and then you have adaptive cruise control too that’s

That type of cruise control that uh will slow down when someone else slows down in front of you you got to set it with this button if you like normal control cruise control it’s this button over here is your color screen here it does have backup camera i’m going to put it in the camera and there’s a few different views here so i’ll go through these kind of got

Different angles base basically a straight down more wide and a more close yeah so that is the camera angles i’m going to put it in park so i don’t roll backwards and show you the rest of the stuff here got bluetooth got phone controls we’ve got power flow trip honda stuff usb uh so a lot of apps there and then we do have a factory navigation and then over here

It’s got am fm and let’s see if it’s got the serious radio i’m not seeing it but i have a hard time believing it doesn’t have it the source yep serious radio right there i knew i had it thanks for hanging with me all right so that’s your radio functions it’s really easy to use once you figure out where the buttons are there’s buttons along the side and it is

Touch screen down here is your heat and air conditioning controls uh so it does have look at that air conditioned seats and on a day like today it’s 86 degrees out right now that’s nice also has heated seats and then you have two zones driver’s own passenger zone you can sync them together and let it do its thing which is what i like to do down here is a spot for

Your phone not only is a spot for your phone but you just put it down there if your phone’s wireless charging capable it’ll charge it wirelessly if not you’ve got your usbs to plug it in and then if you have a really old school power thing for your phone you’ve got that 12 volt power there beverage holders i like the size they’re not real small so they can fit those

Bigger cups and again your keyless entry i believe i showed you that already this is how you put it from park reverse neutral to drive and then you’ve got your sport mode which is going to be a little bit more faster and then your econ mode if you’re saving on fuel and then i believe the ev mode will only run it on battery and power so uh parking brake and then

You can hold it there and 12 volt power down there plenty of uh options there a little tray that i dropped got it fixed there sunglass hut uh let’s check this out opening skylight go ahead and leave that close keep my cold air in here but it opens just fine uh really it’s all there not much to review negative on this is mostly like doing a new car review just

Showing you all the cool stuff on it and i think i hit them all got your garage door openers up here like i said more i look at it the more i see cool stuff so it’s all over if this is what you’ve been looking for i want to save some money on fuel right now definitely check it out this is the history report it’s only one owner never been in an accident score is

Good i agree with all that we post those on our website so you can dig in deeper so i’m reaching 10 minutes the internet gurus are going to be mad at me so sorry internet gurus but i want to show everyone this so if you appreciate that just let me know that always makes my day and lets me know that hey i’m doing things that people appreciate so i appreciate you

For watching and take care everyone bye-bye

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2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring | Navigation – Heated and Cooled Leather Seats By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

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