2021 gmc sierra 1500 slt crew ca
Altair Club Cars 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab

2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab

Hello bob justin pill here with alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service bob i want to thank you for a recent inquiry on this 2021 gmc sierra 1500 this is a beautiful truck that we just got in uh it’s an slt trim so it’s got a lot of nice features inside and out so i thought i’d put together

A quick video summarizing some of those features you can expect it’s got the 5.3 liter v8 engine in it and the slt gets you that nice chrome accents you can find around the truck and the satin steel metallic paint colors just that combination is really sharp one of my favorite aspects of the front end here are is the lighting i have a uh sierra myself and i

Love um the shape of the daytime running lamps there’s your fog lance down down below our recovery hooks right here this truck is the crew cab so you get tons of space inside and out there’s a shot of the side and now those 18-inch wheels just uh complement nicely to the the overall look of the truck a crew cab the amount of space you get in the back seats just

Tremendous like that’s one of my favorite features there’s the shot of the wheel love the pattern in there uh these mirrors aren’t your just your standard mirrors they’re power folding plus they have some lighting both in the front and underneath on the door handles we have keyless entry just push that button unlock the door and then inside with the slt you got

Leather here um this truck just came in so some of the accessories still are there in the package got some nice storage bins here and if you’re not sitting back here these seats go up super easy and so you have some nice room stretch out the feet there i’ll show you that in a moment but you have some nice room for gear i use my truck a lot for a mountain biking

Skiing i throw the dogs back there just tons of room there’s also a little uh if you do have people riding back here nice little cup holder seats go down super easy just like that very durable leather handles here to get in i’m actually going to get it myself you can see i’m about six feet tall and i can ride back here super comfortable very nice if i’m riding on

Long trips i can charge my devices here down below and uh there’s some heating and cooling vents up on the dash love the way they lay out this the dash of these trucks nice and simple the controls are easy to access you know what they do and i’ll show you that in a moment so here on the door we got our power windows and door locks i got do power folding mirrors

You just push that button mirrors go in and out just like that makes it nice and easy to um you know put those mirrors in and tight parking quarters um and it works just super nice now we have some memory settings here on the power front driver seat if you have multiple people driving the vehicle but there’s the leather leather seat super comfortable on the key

Fob you do have remote start uh this is a bench seat so this goes up which i couldn’t imagine not having that in my truck because when i throw the dogs back here they stay back there and offers another room for a seat right here which actually underneath the seat is a lockable storage i use that all the time especially when i go biking i can lock my valuables

In there right here we have our different modes of driving it is all equipped ready to tow um you have your trailer brake control here and it’s already equipped with a hitch and all the wiring you simply just click that and it puts the tomo icon down there also the four wheel drive super easy if you need to run four high just push that button shifts super

Smooth you could do it on the fly then you’re in four high just to put it back into push that button shifts back into automatically sets the parking brake which is electronic which is right here you just push that button it it sets the parking brake but if you forget it’s on as soon as you uh put your foot on the gas it’ll automatically automatically release

For you here’s all your automatic lighting this is the lighting for the mirrors you can turn on and off your fog lamps these are leds that’ll light the bed uh so a lot of nice easy controls here on the steering wheel heated steering wheel when you do your remote start in the winter your steering wheel will heat up nice same with the heated seats right here

Very comfortable truck and then right here on the touchscreen super simply laid out you can connect your phone via bluetooth run apple carplay do things like google maps very nice you can actually run the climate control right from the touch screen on there a little high but uh super user user friendly there’s a bunch of settings in here which you can uh change

The settings of certain things and kind of really customize um your experience in the truck dual climate control some other usb ports and uh power outlets right down there i believe there’s a power outlet in the back of the bed which i’ll show you in a moment that’s a button for that does have hill descent control and this will drop the tailgate and some other

Storage right there just a real beautiful truck does have the x-31 off-road package which gets your skid plate um other things you got the nice ride and the suspension with that off-road package side steps here to get in you can see the dual exhaust on the back right there super sharp looking there’s your your tow hitch right there and your wiring speaking

Of towing i wanted to show you one thing in the front that i forgot so there’s a nice backup camera so i’m going to put that right in reverse here’s your backup camera high definition resolution if you’re backing up to a trailer you can use that line to really dial in back up i’m just simply turning the wheel like that and it’s moving that line but in addition

You have the hitch view now this uh makes it super easy to uh back right up into the tailgate um to back right up into the hitch and line that ball up nice and easy back in park spray in bed liner from the factory nice gmc logo there tie downs in all four corners and uh right there there’s that there’s that auxiliary power outlet you power small devices there

Last thing i’ll show you is the pro grade tailgate if you haven’t seen one of these these are super handy and there’s a bunch of different options so that top button will just drop this first section and this can go go up as a nice back stop so you got many different uh cargo options right there you can run this flat kind of use it as a workbench or if you want

To use it as a normal tailgate you got that option and super light and then also my favorite part nice little step so you can either it makes it easy so if this thing’s up like this you can get right up there and reach and grab all of your stuff or you if you need it as a step you just drop that down use this little bar right here and it makes it getting in

And out of the truck super easy i’m so glad they did that and then to put it back up you simply just do that just like that so that’s your 2021 gmc sierra 1500 slt you want to learn more about this truck give us a call 802-776-5000 or you can come visit us route 7 south rutland vermont

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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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