2021 gmc sierra 1500 elevation d
Altair Club Cars 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Double Cab Turbo

2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Double Cab Turbo

Here’s a video walkaround of a 2021 GMC Sierra Elevation Turbo.

Hello youtube today i’m at champion buick gmc taking a look at this 2021 gmc sierra 1500 elevation uh this one’s pretty special it’s the extended cab and it has the 2.7 liter four-cylinder turbo engine so a little bit more fuel efficient seems like the average truck buyer nowadays isn’t necessarily buying a truck to use for truck purposes i.e towing hauling heavy

Loads but people do still want a bigger vehicle um that does have the capability of hauling the occasional item here and there and being a little bit more um better off-road and in the snow so very cool little truck today starting off up front full led headlights lighting package on this vehicle high beams low beams fog lights and then you have your signature c

Style led accents got your big gmc logo up front color matched front and rear bumpers vertical toe recovery hooks which i prefer over chevy’s horizontal ones coming around to the side you have this minimalist style fender flare which is very cool coming down to the wheel and tire setup you have some general grabbers and those are a 275 60 r20 splash guards are

Included from the factory on this guy and something that i like that chevy and gm does is they offer this thicker coat of paint i think a subscriber reached out to me and told me it was called chip guard or rock guard or something like that and it goes down the entire rocker panel even onto the bed and that protects against rock chips eventually paint flake and

Corrosion especially living up here in the north where they use salt all the time that is a very nice addition from gm your elevation badge is right here because this has the 2.7 liter turbo there is no 5 3 or 6 2 or duramax diesel badge right here it just says gmc black mirror caps this vehicle does have the passive entry system so as long as you have the key

Fob on you you can lock and unlock the vehicle from any of the four doors again this is the extended cab so you do still have four doors but this is three quarters the size of the crew cab door actually it may even be half the crew cab doors are insane on these things the cabs have just gotten so big it’s crazy right here we have your front splash guards for the

Rear wheel then your rear splash guards again color match to rear bumper second generation of bumper step i have composite work boots on right now and i can easily fit my work boot in there a problem the previous generation was having was the cut out was not big enough standard halogen tail lights you got your four pin right here seven pin right there elevation

Badge on the tailgate sierra logo gmc logo led backup slash hooking up a trailer at night light backup camera and then your tailgate release button get your 4×4 badge on both the driver and passenger sides of the bed capless fuel fill port third brake light up top with integrated wing this is actually designed to shoot air up and over the bed even if you don’t

Have a tonneau cover it prevents that swirl and drag um decreasing your fuel efficiency so i think i thought it was pretty cool that chevy and gm decided to go that route very unique little truck um you don’t see many extended cabs on the road anymore it seems like everything is either a single cab for the for the uh contractors the work guys or crew cab i know

Ram pretty much gives you the option to do single cab or crew cab um especially in their heavy duty trucks it’s single cab crew cab or mega cab so it is still cool to see some of these extended cab trucks around especially with the 2-7 turbo engine so that being said let’s take a closer look at the interior and warm up a bit so starting off on the left-hand side

Of the steering wheel you’re going to have all of your window controls the driver side window is automatic up and down in front of that you’re going to have all of the mirror controls for the vehicle working our way over here you’re going to have the mode selector switch flick it to the left and you are in tow haul flick it to the right you’re in sport flick it

To the right again and then you’re in off-road below that you’re gonna have your push button transfer case auto two high four high and then this is your terrain mode which you have to be in four high to access right here is going to be your fog lamp or fog light button this is going to be your cargo light to illuminate the bed and it’s on with a amber indicator

Your dimmer switch for the cluster right here and then your rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting of the vehicle coming up to the instrument cluster we have your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right various gauges in the middle and then a beautiful lcd screen under those coming back to the steering wheel very nice leather wrapped steering wheel

It is heated indicated by the amber led right there it is extremely cold out says 38 but there was a couple flurries so it’s at least 32. your cruise control buttons are right here over on this side you have your hands-free call buttons control pad for the center lcd display you can go left and right but when you want to go up and down you have to use the scroll

Wheel and then when you want to select something you push the scroll wheel in to select just like on most gm vehicles you have a seek or scan preset rocker on the back of the left side of the steering wheel and then a volume rocker on the back of the right side of the steering wheel and this vehicle does come with a bose premium audio group too that sounds absolutely

Amazing up here we have a shallow storage compartment closest to the windshield a deeper storage compartment closer to the passengers that brings us to the beautiful touchscreen display very responsive does have the ability for navigation as well as a 4g lte connection and you also have apple carplay and android auto right there you can control the climate through

This touch screen as well sorry my fingers are a little bit cold you can access your camera system and you can also go through a pre-trip checklist so once you hook up a trailer go in here it’ll test all the lights for you without needing a buddy it’ll give you reminders to air up the tires and rotate the tires every so often just to ensure you have a successful

Trip below that we have all of the physical buttons for the audio of the vehicle below that we have all of the physical buttons for the heating and cooling hvac system these do have heated driver and passenger seats not only are the seats heated but the seat backs are heated as well which is always appreciated push button start is right over here in a perfect

Location if i may add right here we have your automatic start stop on off it is on by default right here we have the button to lower the tailgate i’m on a slight hill so i don’t know if it’ll fully open looks like it will very cool right here we have the hazard light button traction control button and the power for the 120 volt 400 watt power outlet right here

As well as in the bed 12 volt outlet right there usb usbc integrated trailer brake control little storage tray right here with a little dimple for a change storage two cup holders right here and that brings us back to the leather wrapped center armrest with a cutout for a smartphone lift up on that giving us access to a led lit storage bin you also have a sd

Card reader usbc usb and auxiliary jack right there if you look closely you actually see file cabinet organizers so if this is going to be a work truck you can actually put your files in here and not worry about them falling all over the place here’s a closer look at the cloth seats in this vehicle you have two glove boxes in this vehicle first one’s right here

Second one is lockable right there coming up top to the vanity it is non-lit for passenger as well as driver i’ll see if this will focus for you guys three door universal garage remote this guy right here is the power sliding window opener and closer you got your led dome map and then your sos onstar gm buttons and then your standard rear view mirror overall pretty

Basic interior however again this is the elevation extended cab so you’re not going to have all the bells and whistles i love the leather steering wheel i love the heated steering wheel and the touchscreen display is very very nice let’s take a look at the back and see how much room we have back there being almost six feet tall i’m not sure i’ll even fit so i

May just have to show you guys from outside yeah so being 511 i’m going to have a very difficult time even making it back here with the seat situated where it would be if i was driving but these seats do fold up giving you a little bit more cargo space which is nice and then you do have cup holder and a tablet cut out right here as well as rear hvac vents which

Is always appreciated usbc usb and 12 volt outlet you also have led dome map lights up top and then integrated hanger hooks on both driver and passenger sides something i did not mention when i was up front was the cutouts in the headliner for larger passengers that’s very cool that general motors and chevy decided to do that as well as a cut out in the rear for

Taller passengers although there’s not really much leg room at all and i don’t even want to really get in there so that being said let’s take a closer look at the bed now so there’s actually a couple ways to lower the tailgate on the truck the first way is with the key fob push it twice it’ll lower second way is with the button i had previously pushed and then the

Third way is the traditional way you’re going to come up to it push it and it will automatically lower for you now this guy does have a spray in bed liner from the factory that is the way to go in my opinion you have three tie down points in each corner for a total of 12 tie down points which i believe is class leading led bed lights on both driver and passenger

Side and then again you have a 120 volt 400 watt power outlet right here if you look closely too gm has pushed the bedside as far out as they can maximizing bed space and cargo space which i believe is also class leading as well so even though this is assisted it’s not that heavy i’ll take two fingers slam it shut and we’re good to go let’s take a quick look

At that windows so here’s the window sticker for this vehicle i understand there’s some tint on it so i’ll kind of go over the key features again this is a 2021 sierra 1500 four-wheel drive double cab or extended cab elevation edition with the 2.7 liter turbo engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission standard equipment is in this rectangle right here for a

Standard vehicle price of 45 400 optional equipment is right here most notably you have the front bucket seat upgrade for 545 dollars spray in bed liner for 545 dollars and then pro grade trailering system for 490 dollars it looks like you get a total before savings of forty nine thousand nine hundred and forty five dollars but you do get the 2.7 liter turbo

Engine credit of two thousand dollars bringing the total vehicle price to 47 945 fuel economy ratings are right over here this vehicle is rated at 18 miles per gallon city 21 miles per gallon highway for a combined fuel economy rating of 19 miles per gallon i’d like to give champion buick gmc a huge thank you and shout out for allowing me to come to their lot

And do a video walk through of this vehicle if you’re interested in this vehicle in particular or any of the 2021 sierra 25 or 3500s they have a bunch of inventory on their lot right now and are constantly getting inventory in so i will be leaving all the contact info in the description below if you enjoyed the video please consider giving me a like and share

And like always thanks for watching and have a great day you

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2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Elevation Double Cab Turbo By DeLo Enterprises

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