2021 gmc canyon elevation
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2021 GMC Canyon Elevation

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Good afternoon jared this is bauer here at aldermen chevrolet buick and gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re known for two things awesome deals and fabulous service today i wanted to show you this beautiful new truck a new arrival to our lot it’s a 2022 gmc canyon elevation edition the elevation edition is super sharp you’re gonna have some nice features

Which i really enjoy about to get into a few of those here um and you also have the blacked out wheels a couple of nice appearance features take a look let me know what your thoughts are and we appreciate your interest again like i was saying some nice features to start off you do have remote start with this vehicle if i double tap on this lock button here hold

Down on this semi-circle it’s going to remotely start this will run for 15 minutes you can do so twice led headlights and fog lights in the front gorgeous blacked out aluminum wheels looks like 12 spoke body colored mirrors on here this is the 3.6 liter v6 engine i believe let me just take a look pretty sure yes gonna get an average of 18 miles per gallon

Pretty great for a truck really sharp looking body colored uh grill there around the surround anyways i really enjoy the white on black look this truck has a two-speed transfer case allowing you to switch to four-wheel drive on the fly you have the crew cab doors which uh allow for plenty of space in the back let me unlock this here generous use of storage nice

Touch points as well these are all nice leather materials that are used you have the ability to to lift up the seat and grab some storage underneath if need be you also have an armrest with cup holders in it for your backseat passengers and also a sliding rear window plenty of space the console is gorgeous as well nice armrest nice wide open door to get into

The front here again generous use of storage on the doors and nice use of materials everything’s real comfortable putting your hand down things like that got a power seat over here go forward back up and down and you also have a built-in trailer brake controller so you can actually trailer with this with ease able to adjust your gain and put on the brakes right

From inside over here you’re going to have your gauges speedometer tachometer and also you’re going to have the driver information center which is going to be controlled with this plus excuse me with the check and the arrows around here while you scroll down you’re going to see things like your trip destination timers fuel range average vehicle speed which has

Not been much on this lot lately um what else can you see here you can see oil life monitors oil pressure the tire pressure battery voltage all sorts of different things check in on your vehicle this is the driver information center you can check everything right there you can also put on your cruise control with the left hand side of your steering wheel you’re

Going to use this button to engage turn it on you’ll see that button right there in the back and then you’ll hit this to set it this is also going to up your miles per hour proper uh screen here for your touchscreen display you’ve got a reverse backup camera on here as well plenty of uh connectability as well so you can actually connect any android or apple phone

A smartphone uh directly to the vehicle wirelessly and also with a wire but what you’re gonna be able to do is display what’s on your phone screen right on this screen right here so your maps music things like that are all going to be displayed on that as well you’re going to have an led bed light which you’re going to see right here cargo lamps enabled that’s

Going to shine down in the back of the vehicle so you can see in a bit generous use of the console nice and deep got a spot for your sunglasses got led lights up there vanity mirrors on the side with lights always good to have and you can also see a speaker that’s actually going to be what you talk into while on speakerphone in the vehicle this is a crew cab

Short box proper backup lights they look great reverses get a nice step up to get into the bed of the truck if need be you can fit a size 12 uh boot in there 14 excuse me it’s also got the easy lower tailgate it’s a nice sized bed with that uh crew cab now this isn’t bad at all you can see the led bed light’s actually going to illuminate from down there when i

Turned that on earlier it comes from right there you’ve got your trailering plug-ins in the back right here round and flat ready to go and a spare tire underneath the gmc canyon v6 four-wheel drive brand new canyon elevation if you’d like to learn more about this vehicle please you can reach out to us here at six five 802-7765 ask for me bauer i’m happy to

Help or you can come down to 65 wincrest road in rutland vermont we’ll see you soon thanks

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2021 GMC Canyon Elevation By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC

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