2021 gmc canyon denali 4wd 3 6 t
Altair Club Cars 2021 GMC Canyon Denali 4WD 3.6 Test Drive & Review

2021 GMC Canyon Denali 4WD 3.6 Test Drive & Review

This 2021 GMC Canyon Denali comes in hunter metallic on cocoa/dark atmosphere perforated leather seats. This Canyon is equipped with a 3.6 liter V6 mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission capable of putting out 308 HP. Standard features on this truck include a navigation system, heated/cooled seats, and a backup camera. Additional features on this particular Canyon Denali include bluetooth audio, XM radio, Bose speaker system, and a spray-on bedliner.

Here we have the 2021 gmc canyon denali and this is a four wheel drive model comes in hunter metallic on gray perforated leather seats you’ve got that 3.6 liter v6 mated to the 8-speed automatic transmission and not many changes for the 21 model other than a slight facelift as you can see right there kind of got that denali grill similar to those on the new sierra

Denalis going to get a close-up of these 20-inch wheels got your running boards there then you’ve got your spray in bed liner with denali embroidered in it of course your power door locks power windows power mirrors there’s your power driver seat with power lumbar support and there’s your rear seat there so not the best rear seat room but if i scooted the seat up a

Little bit more you could fit an adult back there not a very large one but an adult nonetheless and then there’s your power passenger seat as you can see it also has a power lumbar gonna hop in the cockpit and to start off with of course you’ve got your bose sound system here and you’ve got your navigation system along with that you’ve got am fm xm and bluetooth

Audio you’ve got your standard backup camera there single zone automatic climate control and then here you’ve got your parking sensors which you can toggle on and off your lane keep assist tow haul mode and then most importantly you’ve got your heated and cooled seat controls here and there’s your shifter with your wireless charging port as you can see denali is

Stitched in the headrest and then in the rear seat there’s also under the seat cushions a little storage there that you can kind of hide stuff in jackets things of that nature and then there is your owner’s manual inside the glove compartment got your cruise controls your forward collision alert gap adjust heated steering wheel toggle your bluetooth and gauge

Cluster controls and of course you’ve got your track list buttons behind the stream on the left then your volume buttons behind the steering wheel on the right and then we’re just going to take a look at that 3.6 liter v6 there’s your 3.6 liter v6 and next we’re going to go ahead and take this cane denali out on the road for a quick test drive throughout the gate

It already seems like the canyon drives pretty similar to the 2020 model which it should as soon as there weren’t any huge mechanical changes to it just the facelift got the same infotainment system same shifter same steering wheel everything’s pretty much identical other than the outside and really only the front so the engine and transmission already you can

Tell they’re the exact same so pickup is decent especially for a truck and it does ride fairly smoothly just as long as you’re careful with the gas pedal and the seats are fairly comfortable one thing i will say is the cooled seat is definitely definitely pretty pretty strong it’s loud but at the same time it’s not just making noise it is actually blowing the

Fan and that’s what you’re hearing and the ride has been surprisingly smooth coming down the interstate and braking is pretty good similar to the 2020 model yeah if you’re careful with the pedal i’m doing that because i didn’t want to put gas in here just yet but when you’re light with the pedal you actually get pretty good gas mileage as opposed to driving the

Heck out of it i will give it a throttle here though so definitely decent go over here and one thing i’ve noticed i don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but the outgoing models they did have a little bit of trouble just especially when you first got them i don’t know if it was breaking them in or whatever but the transmission would just be kind of clunky but

This has been smooth the entire ride i’m going to test the lane keep assist so i don’t know if it has to read the road or whatever but it did absolutely nothing there all right there it went so yeah an overall pretty smooth ride and i don’t know if it’s because the road has been fixed around here they’ve been doing a lot of construction but coming down this back

Road does feel smoother than it was in the 2020. and here we come to an end of my test drive and review of the 2021 gmc canyon denali

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