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Altair Club Cars 2021 Ford Transit 350 Midroof 148 walkaround video C01

2021 Ford Transit 350 Midroof 148 walkaround video C01

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Hey everyone i’m jason gillette here take a look at this 2021 ford transit van this is an all-wheel drive van with a bunch of upgrades this is the 350 model and it’s also the high roof and 148 inch wheelbase single wheel configuration let’s check it out so right up front under the hood it does have the upgraded 3.5 liter twin turbo ecoboost engine for tons of power

This also has the upgraded trailer tow package including hitch and these extended trailer tool mirrors on the side the headlights up front are automatic so you can just set them and forget them which is amazing as we come to the side you’ve got nice aluminum alloy wheels you see those trailer tow mirrors with the lights on the side letting everybody know where you’re

Going they are a dual convex mirror which is great for towing and they do have a blind spot system right there that lights up when somebody is in your blind spot this also has the upgraded keypad entry system um so getting in and out of this vehicle is very easy just to be able to put that key code in even if your driver doesn’t happen to have the keys with them

Um you also do have this keyless entry and this does have upgrade to have two keys with it as they generally only come with one uh so you have the unlock lock and then you do have the unlock for just your compartmental doors in the back which is great has an alarm system built right in and then this does have an upgrade from ford with the factory remote start

Which is awesome as we move around to the back of this big beauty you’ll see we have a ton of space in it i’ve got one of the doors open and that’s because this has the upgraded uh 253 degree opening doors that can fold right alongside the back you see the transit 350 here see the all-wheel drive and the ecoboost on the back letting us know about those upgrades

And then you’ll see the trailer hitch with the seven pin and four pin uh setups broken up to your lights you also have backup sensors on the bumper and a backup camera making everything nice and handy inside this has the upgraded floor liner the vinyl floor liner which is really nice for sliding things in and out you see the sides of the van have been finished and

It does have the upgraded lighting system for the inside so you have lots of light inside as well we come around to the side here you’ll see a speaker in the back door that’s because you did get the additional four speakers in the front and two in the rear you like a little bit of music while you work and then great big sliding door side opening here and you’ll

See the running board so this does have the running board upgrade making it nice and easy to get in and out of this vehicle this also has the auxiliary heater prep package installed so if you want to install a heater it is all set up from ford to be able to do that and then you’ll see inside you’ve got various points that you can tack shelving to or whatever

You’d like there you have the dual captain’s chairs up front with the walkthrough which is really nice and if we open up this passenger door and see a couple of other things so nice storage compartment in on this side cup holder for the passenger themselves up top it has the overhead storage um upgrade so you’ve got a place to put things let’s go around the other

Side and take a look at the front of this one all right so we’ll go open the driver’s door here see what’s in here opening up the driver’s door you’ve got a control on here for your power locks and then for your power windows this also has the power mirror control those are heated mirrors and then your set it and forget it automatic headlights uh this does have

An engine auto off setting that you can turn off with that button and has an electronic park brake making things easy nice holders for things bottles whatever you might have in there another cup holder here as well we’ll climb up inside this take a look at some of the controls so up high up on the dash i will note we’ve got a usb and a 12 volt up there and just

Lots of storage places and pockets to put things which is great and we’ll throw the key inside the ignition and fire this up it’s going to mark that one of our doors is open as i’ve got door open in the back and this vehicle is brand new and still actually in transit mode at the moment you have a digital speedometer here so you can uh take a look at your speedo

For analog or digital which is great and a whole bunch of other information in there including the outside temperature on your steering wheel you do have cruise control which is an upgrade on these and this one has it volume control for your stereo uh and then you do have some menu controls for that display up top you also have bluetooth which is great you don’t

Want people answering the phone uh unless you’re using the bluetooth system and this does have a lane departure system so if you’re going on the highway at all you can have it put you back in your own lane or at least watch when you’re going over the lanes just great safety feature on there as we come across the dash this has the upgraded sync 3 technology with

The 8 inch screen this system is great for bluetooth you have wi-fi you have all kinds of awesome things that you can do in that screen and of course your backup camera comes up there as well volume controls down below and our air conditioning and heat controls here um engine auto off uh map lights here and then on this side we have traction control our park

Sensors and auxiliary switch and a mode switch what does the mode switch do well if we hit this button here you’ll see we can actually change the way the engine works from regular to economy and then we can change a four wheel drive from slippery mud and ruts or we can go to a tow haul setting if we’re gonna be hauling something heavy which is great uh transmission

Shifters right here with manual shift controls if you want to use it another usb and another 12 volt there which is nice and then you do have a few more cup holders right in the middle here up top you’ve got your map lights uh right here and again that overhead storage compartment uh for being able to put things in so this is a great 2021 350 series high roof

Transit van if you’ve been looking for something like this let me know uh if you want to do me a huge favor and click subscribe to this channel and then go ahead and hit the notifications bell i will uh let you know every time i make a nice video all right thanks for taking a look

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2021 Ford Transit 350 Midroof 148” walkaround video C01 By Jason Gillett

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