2021 ford f150 xlt sport powerbo
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2021 Ford F150 XLT Sport Powerboost

Here’s a video on the 2021 Ford F150 XLT Sport Powerboost, This is a beautiful optioned XLT Sport truck with TONS of features..

Hello youtube today i’m at spirit ford taking a look at this all new 2021 ford f-150 this particular one is the xlt sport 4×4 it also has the 3.5 liter hybrid power boost engine and 10 speed automatic transmission being the sport package it is going to give you the sport style grille color matched front and rear bumpers uh 20 inch gray forward wheels and i believe

Uh color matched door handles starting off up front you are going to have full led high beam and low beam lights led accent c-channel and led fog lights i believe the turn signals are the only incandescent lights up front this vehicle does have the 360 degree camera system front parking sensors integrated into the bottom portion of the bumper as well as black

Tow recovery hooks coming around to the side it looks like we have some hankook dana pro at2s and those are 275 60r20 again beautiful gray sport style ford wheels your f-150 xlt badge is going to be right here power boost badge right down below sport style cab length running boards led mirror lights blind spot monitor as well again color matched door handles

With passive entry system front splash guards before the rear wheels sport 4×4 badge is going to be right there incandescent tail lights with blind spot monitor right here chrome exhaust tip color matched rear bumper with parking sensors integrated into the bottom portion here is your seven pin connector and i believe this is for the um pro trailer backup i’m

Not 100 sure i bet one of you guys will let me know in the comments down below f-150 is stamped into the tailgate you also have an led puddle light for making hooking up a trailer in low light conditions a little bit easier backup camera is going to be right here as well as the cargo camera up integrated into the third brake light beautiful looking gray metallic

Color we have your lockable fuel fill port as well as your keyless entry system beautiful beautiful looking truck uh the gray on gray looks absolutely amazing and that sport style grill is awesome let’s take a closer look at the interior all right starting over on the left hand side we do have all the window controls for the vehicle driver and passenger front are

Automatic up and down in front of that we have the adjustable mirror buttons and then right here we have your unlock and lock button over here we’ve got your led spotter mirror lights for the left and right side of the vehicle tailgate release button cargo lamp button unlock the fuel door right here we have the rotary dial selector for the exterior lighting of

The vehicle and then we have the dimmer switch for the interior lights under that you’ve got your electronic parking brake and to the right of that you have your power adjustable pedals coming up to the instrument cluster we got your tachometer on the left speedometer on the right beautiful lcd display in the middle with various digital gauges up top coming back to

The steering wheel very nice soft leather wrapped steering wheel with mild bolsters at 10 and 2. right over here we have all the safety driving features for the vehicle including your regular cruise control the um adaptive cruise control with your gap button right here lane keep assist under that you have your volume up and down as well as your hands-free uh talk

Button over here we have the controls for the center lcd display some tons of different information you can monitor from this lcd display very cool we have your call button as well as your back and forward track button up top we have a shallow storage compartment right above the touch screen display we have your power adjustment for your onboard pro power turn

On off we have the 360 degree camera system parking sensors on off they are on by default hazard lights on off and then your traction control off button if that will come through for you i don’t know if it will massive 12 inch touchscreen display it is uh connected via i think 4g lte apple carplay android auto you can have a separate card here being bluetooth

Or navigation you can control the uh driver assistance pro power on board zone lighting and towing through your features navigation right here and then audio right there very cool touch screen display i really like this i like the horizontal one versus the ram vertical one your pro trailer backup assist is going to be right here push button start is right over

There integrated trailer brake control we have your uh transfer case with drive modes and your locking rear diff i believe the locking rear diff stays locked up until about 15 or 20 miles an hour right here we have all the physical buttons for the radio under that we have your dual zone climate control with heated driver and passenger seats under that you’ve

Got a usb port as well as a usbc port nice storage tray right here and removable business card holder pen receptacle two cup holders right here your gear selector with manual plus minus on the side this guy does fold flat into the console which brings me to the center armrest it does fold flat giving you a nice work space if you need to bring your computer to

The job site or you want a nice flat area to eat you have that right here pull up on this giving us access to a really deep storage compartment with a removable storage tray down in the storage compartment if it’ll focus for you you got a usbc and a usb port and then a dimple for cord management right there this just got off the truck so there are still some

Wrappings on the interior this does have cloth seats two glove boxes first one is accessed right here second one’s gonna be right here 12 volt outlet as well as your 120 volt 20 amp power outlet right there the vanity is non-lit for our passenger as well as driver glass is storage right up top in front of that you have your power sliding rear window control and

Then in front of that you have all your led dome map light buttons and an auto dimming rear view mirror overall very comfortable in here i love the touch screen they just did an absolutely phenomenal job with the ergonomics where everything is located everything the driver would need is located very close to the steering wheel which i absolutely love let’s take a

Closer look at the back and see how much legroom we have so before i get in i do want to point out this uh guy does fold up and down giving us access to the load flat floor so if you have big items such as tvs you don’t necessarily want to put in the bed you can store them in here and not have to worry about the teeter-totter because the transmission hump because

There is none the seats do lock and they come back down getting in is very easy with the running boards and the grab handle now even with the wrap on the seat i still have about 10 inches to a foot of leg room and you do have storage in the form of pouches behind both driver and passenger seat two cup holders right here 12 volt outlet media hub with usb and usbc

As well as 120 volt to 20 amp power outlet right here tons of headroom i don’t know how well it’s going to come through on camera but they did push the headliner as far up as they could to maximize headroom for the driver and passenger as well as the rear occupants the led dome map lights and hanger hooks are pushed to the outside portion of the headliner and

This guy just does have a bench seat with no center arm rest but again very comfortable back here definitely tons of leg room and i can definitely see myself being content on a long car ride let’s take a quick look at the bed so here’s a tailgate on this vehicle there’s a couple ways to lower the tailgate first way is with the button to the left of the steering

Wheel which i had previously showed you second way is with the key fob and then the third way is to push this button and it will automatically come down for you this guy does have four tie-down points one in each of the four corners as well as an optional cleat system available from your ford dealer led bed lighting and then your 120 volt 20 amp power outlet

Right here with rubber gasket seal so you don’t have to worry about water getting in there this is the new tailgate design cup holder right here pen storage centimeter markings as well as inch markings additional tie down point on both driver and passenger side that also doubles as a bottle opener little cutouts for some c clamps if you need to secure some

Wood here while you’re cutting it you can do that this also has the tailgate step which is very easy to deploy and it’s out putting it away is just as easy you’re just going to follow the numbered instructions one two and three very easy to do with two hands however i only have one and it’s still very easy now with the bed step you are gonna add a little bit of

Weight to the tailgate however it is still relatively light three fingers slam it home and you’re good to go let’s take a quick look at the window sticker here’s a window sticker for this guy again it’s a 2021 ford f-150 4×4 supercrew with a 3.5 liter power boost full hybrid in an electric hybrid 10 speed automatic transmission standard equipment’s going to be

Right here optional equipment is going to be right here base price of this vehicle is 43 805 dollars total before discounts including options is 61 380 you do have some discounts right here for a total savings of 2 250. and the bait or the total msrp of this vehicle is 59 130 fuel economy rating is going to be right here this vehicle is rated at 24 miles per

Gallon city 24 miles per gallon highway for a combined fuel economy rating of 24 miles per gallon i’d like to give spirit ford a huge thank you and shout out for allowing me to come to their lot and do a video walk through of this vehicle if you’re interested in this vehicle specifically or any of the 2021 f series lineup i will be posting all the contact info

In the description below let cheryl anderson know you saw the youtube video and she will be more than happy to go over all the discounts rebates and incentives you can possibly qualify for if you’re interested in sticking around and looking at all the videos i upload please be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification to be notified every time i post a

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