2021 ford f 150 xlt is the 5 0l
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ford F-150 XLT is the 5.0L V8 Truck Actually Worth IT

2021 Ford F-150 XLT is the 5.0L V8 Truck Actually Worth IT

The Ford F-150 has returned the 5.0L V8 half-ton truck we all want! Ford say’s that 97 percent of the parts in the F-150 is new. Inside updated tech, safety and 400 horsepower to back it. Discover what the 2021 #Ford #F150 XLT is in this review.

With ford shrinking the engines with all of their ecoboost i am very excited to bring you the 2021 ford f-150 4×4 super crew in the iconic silver metallic what’s so special about this well it’s not only new but this one is the v8 5.0 leader billy has given us today at furman ford here in countryside i’m anthony from hawkeye rides and i am definitely excited that ford

Has at least gave us a chance to have some performance back in the truck industry new styling technology 97 of the parts are new according to ford i’m just glad to see this type of engine back in the forts larger infotainment more storage but does this compete with the ram rebel is the 5.0 liter the one to beat the rams hemi we’re going to go over all the specs and

Details starting now the ford f-150 sets a stronger stance with a little bit more of a profound style at 79.9 inches in large grille with an even enlarged ford badge right in the center now there is one area that i have to point out because i feel like they just maybe forgot about it they did like an aerodynamic look and then there’s a pocket of air that catches

Right in here right where your headlight assembly is i understand for the dynamic look and they’re trying to make it beepy i just wish it was more polished off with the headlamp assembly you’re going to have your chrome bumpers that are set with the front parking sensors no air vents in the center but you do have two tow hooks as well so ground clearance at 8.4

Inches and a height of 75.5 inches you’re not really going to have too many issues going over any type of terrain i do like the long flat hood design and they give you kind of a image of a engine in the center and the round off aerodynamic lines that just flow into the non-flared fenders more box shape with an eyebrow look encasing these 20 inch five spoke chrome

Aluminum alloy wheels independent double wishbone with coil over shocks and lower control arms that’s your front suspension the rear is going to get a leaf spring with a solid axle i do like the length of the vehicle even though it is a little bit longer than you would anticipate at 231.7 inches but the wheelbase is where it’s at at 145.4 inches because you have

A lot of room it makes it almost like an suv with a cargo bed the f-150 xlt badging with the chrome vent on the side and your door handles also chromed out another weird little twist is to lock the door they put the button here instead of normally on the left so i guess they’re going a little bit more european maybe i don’t know but they did change up the styling

So you can see some of those cues i also like the fact that they have led lights on the exterior underneath both of your side view mirrors in the front and on the rear which you can change on the infotainment screen which will go on into the interior and show you some of that oversized windows that’s definitely going to help with seeing out of everything and i

Do like the high gloss black polish i wish they would have actually further that around there maybe eliminated some of the chrome you do have the running boards as well the fx4 off-roading package is also set with this vehicle with your single chrome exhaust outlet right underneath more chrome enters the rear bumper you’re gonna have your reverse parking sensors

A 360 degree reverse camera however i’m just not a huge fan of the chrome being on all four corners i wish they would have masked it a little bit with maybe some black or high gloss black polish somewhere the ford emblem i do like how that looks i wish they would have done the same with the f-150 here is that led light that i was talking about which we’ll talk

More on the infotainment you can illuminate that which is really cool especially if you’re doing something outside towing up to 8 200 pounds max payload around 1785 pounds soft open tailgate which makes it easy to get inside you’re gonna have your led lights in the bed with a 400 watt charger cargo box length at 67.1 inches between the wheel well housing at 51.1

Inches a height of 21.4 inches total cargo capacity at 62.3 cubic feet so it does give you all the capabilities but you know this is a 5.0 v8 let’s see if it really sounds like a mustang more the new ford f-150 brings back the performance essence that we have been wanting with a 5.0 liter v8 producing 400 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque that’s paired

To a 10-speed automatic transmission achieving 16 to 22 mpgs a 0-60 in the low six seconds but that mustang soundtrack that’s where it’s at competing against the ram rebel well this is going to have more horsepower the 0 to 60 is going to be roughly about the same the torque is going to be identical so the major differences will be the styling they’re completely

Different but which one would you choose let me know your thoughts in the comments about the 2021 ford f-150 as we go into the interior go over the tech and take this for our test run entering inside the new f-150 by ford 40.8 inches of headroom 40.4 inches of legroom black slate cloth seats 10-way power adjustment for the driver 8-way power adjustment for the

Passenger with ford badging right next to it american flag right next to the side air vents on both whenever you enter the vehicle so i do like that another thing it’s going to take a couple minutes to show you but this is a really cool feature especially if you’re doing construction and just a little tired and whatnot like that you can literally fold the front

Seats all the way back like a bed and you see you can literally like go to sleep and not have to worry about it large dashboard which is extremely big and to set it off another huge implement of a 12 inch touchscreen new sync 4 it has navigations you have your pinch you have your swipe you also have a dual split screen so if you push on to there you can just go

Through your quick tabs and there’s a lot of different settings in which you can go through you go into your apps you can see you have your apple carplay android auto bluetooth connectivity go into your audio sound system and there you can see that you have your siriusxm fm and am if you go into your settings this will basically just give you your basic settings of

The vehicle going to your features is where it’s really at so that zone lighting which i was talking about on the exterior turn it on and you can just turn on different spots there’s four different spots and it’s really cool because it’ll illuminate for you on the exterior click back click into your towing which is another aspect you have your connection check list

Scroll down you have trailer sway control if you go into your checklist you can literally configure this any which way and it will show you how to pretty much put your toe together click back out of that into your driver assistance here you can turn on and off any of your features you just click on them and you can just go through it very simple owner’s manual which

Is a really cool page because now you can click onto the videos if you don’t understand your vehicle click into your seats and you can literally see them as a video tutorial so ford is really making everything super easy dual climate control settings heated front seats storage is a mix you have storage up here on the top you have storage here that you can fit like

A liter bottle you’re going to have a total of two usb and two usb usbc ports you’ll have a 400 watt max home plug and a 12 volt charger as well storage here in the center that you can put your key fob cup holders you can easily fit a 32 ounce big gulp and again you can put a half a sub right here without any issues opening up inside and you can literally fit a

Handbag inside here that’s how deep it is with another two usb ports i do like how big i feel inside the interior because they really do make it box structure it’s a very traditional three spoke steering wheel more or less with the multi-function your gauge cluster will have a digital readout click into the menu and it’s pretty self-explanatory as well everything

Is more or less laid out for you and you can go through some of those things that’s on your infotainment screen you can do that on your gauge cluster so it makes it a little bit more intuitive as well as for your elbows it’s going to be soft on both sides the door panel has this wood look with the contrast stitching and you got dual panel windows for the front which

Is nice you’re going to have two sets of storage and then the bottom area i mean you could fit probably 10 to 12 16.9 ounce water bottles so space is great even more storage in between on the center console as well let’s check out the back seats for the back seat 43.9 inches of headroom 43.6 inches of legroom these are basically like suvs with truck beds and i say

It on every single review the floor is completely flat a 60 40 split for the seats in the rear bench you have cup holders here in the center easily fit a 32 ounce big gulp a 16.9 ounce water bottle area that you can fit pretty large cell phone honestly speaking two air vents and the best part is connectivity you have so much of it you have another two usb ports

Home plug and a 12 volt with storage behind both of the front seats door panel you got one area that you can fit maybe a 20 ounce water bottle you have that wood look coming into it again and then you have the two storage trays where you can easily fit a half a sub without any issues and you can easily fit i would say at least four to five 16.9 ounce water bottles

Let’s see how i look in the center sitting into the center absolutely no problem with head or leg room it’s huge it’s literally like a couch back here and that’s how it actually feels you sit down it’s a nice style bench even though it’s cloth usually i’d be complaining it needs to be leather but this is something you can use on a daily use and have that mustang

5.0 liter v8 sound the only disadvantage is you don’t have any area here you can put your elbow it’s going to be soft on the door panel i just wish there was something that folded down it would help they do give you a lot of storage so i guess we have to take our pros and cons taking the all-new 2021 ford f-150 v8 5.0 liter 400 horsepower this is something that

I know i’ve been waiting for myself because i like to see a vehicle that has power underneath that gas pedal and this vehicle does that in the low zero to 60s it’s pretty much like a hemi more or less i know it’s not but the speed wise is about the same so that is a good aspect in it visibility i can see through all the windows they are enormous and ford does an

Excellent job with that they even give you a little bit more on the windscreen here to make it even easier to see through your side view mirrors we’re going to give it a little guess at the get-go here to show you what i mean with that 10-speed automatic transmission you get a throaty exhaust it’s not necessarily blown out like a mustang so when people talk about

It and i know i talked about on the exterior it’s not going to be like a mustang sound but it is just nice to see that they’re incorporating that back in the f-150 line now there is three things that i like and three things that i dislike because anything more than that i’d be buying this vehicle the three things that i like about the vehicle this a v8 5.0 liter it

Is insane it gets you up to speed ever so quick the second thing that i like about the vehicle is the safety features when you hit the lines the vehicle the steering wheel will vibrate and if someone’s in front of you and they come to a hard stop the car will sense it and alert you right away so the sensors are just great the third thing that i like everything is

Big room wise and they finally gave us a 12 inch infotainment screen which is huge it just makes everything look a little bit more big and new instead of outdated so i think they did a good job with that before we get to the three things that i dislike i just want to show you on the interstate it is super quiet inside this vehicle as for the dynamics it’s a truck

Don’t expect anything and it does feel a little bit wider but you’re gonna take what you got to take because it’s a big truck to begin with this is a full-size truck the length also doesn’t feel very long when you’re looking at it through the rear view but when you turn you just are kind of like surprised how long the vehicle is the three things that i dislike

About the vehicle is they do stress a lot on the chrome in which that i feel will make it in the long term outdated quicker than it should be the second thing that i dislike about the vehicle is the price point we’re at i wish they would have put a little bit more materials instead of like fake materials maybe add some actual wood trim in the vehicle maybe even

On the buttons like change it to like a glossy look to just give it a little bit more of a luxury look even though it’s not necessarily meant for that it just because of the price point the third thing that i dislike about the vehicle is the sounds of the turn signals i wish that ford would make it a little bit more classy it just makes me feel like kind of in a

Rent-a-car and i don’t want to feel that aspect when i’m driving something in the 50 000 price point but the best part about it again is that v8 noise that rumbles does it sound like a mustang i mean that’s going to be up to you to really decide but it definitely has the power underneath the hood and you can get anywhere quick it’s a very long vehicle now so just

Remember that whenever you are driving because sometimes when you’re looking at the side views or the rear view mirror you’re going to think that it’s a lot less than 200 inches because of the way it projects but the stance of it in the way of the comfort level the seats very good i do like the power adjustments they did an excellent job with that and looking

Through the front windscreen it’s enormous so you don’t have any issues with that you know where the front bumpers are because of the way the hood structure is when you’re driving a truck like these on a daily basis because it’s a full size truck you’re really going to glide over everything especially with the wheels even though they’re bigger sized tires you

Don’t really feel anything the seat cushioning is really good and for the elbows i mean i have a lot of space here so i can just really relax and enjoy a drive we’re going to take this back to firm and forward and countryside go over the reverse camera and wrap this review up switching to reverse you do have full trajectory and it is a very easy screen to see when

You click here it will basically make it easy for you to see your toe ball line up and you click here you can have multiple camera structure so really makes it even easier for you to do reversing or anything like that also can see inside the bed and i just like the fact that everything is very easy for your maneuvering even if you’re doing your trailer and just

Click back into everything very simple if you click onto this you can also click onto the side icons here and it will basically make it easier so you can see any obstructions i like to thank billy here at furman ford in countryside for giving us this 2021 ford f-150 for our car review if you’re already a subscriber thank you for being a part of the hawkeye community

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