2021 ford f 150 xl regular cab 5
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab 5.0 POV Test Drive & Review

2021 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab 5.0 POV Test Drive & Review

This is the 2021 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab. This F-150 comes in carbonized gray on stone cloth interior. The powertrain consists of a 5 liter naturally aspirated V8 engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Here we have a 2021 ford f-150 regular cab and this one comes in the xl trim level and that paint color is a carbonized gray and then we have a stone cloth interior and the power train on this one consists of a 5 liter naturally aspirated v8 engine made it to a 10-speed automatic transmission so as we come around the front end here we have our halogen headlamp

Along with halogen fog lights and then down here 17-inch alloy wheels over here we have our controls for our power windows power mirrors as well as our power door locks headlamp controls and there’s our driver seat and there’s our back in there and as you can see we do have rear park assist on this one and there’s the bed there there’s our passenger seat and

We’re gonna go ahead and take a look what’s under the hood and there’s that five liter naturally aspirated v8 engine we’re just going to take a hop in the driver’s seat here so here we have the steering wheel nothing fancy about it but i do like the steering feel which will test that on the drive but over here we have our controls for our radio and this is an

Eight inch center stack touch screen so we have am fm xm radio along with bluetooth audio and then we also have our usb hookup as well so you get an automatic break hole which you can toggle on and off here we have our lane keeping system pre-collision assist there’s our backup camera with our guidelines it moves based on how hard you turn the steering wheel

And it’s pretty accurate so i like that and then up here we can toggle our auto stop on and off toggle the camera hazards traction control and then down here we have the controls for our climate 12 volt and then two usb inputs along with the two over here and another 12 volt so over here for our drive modes we can lock the rear axle and then we have i want

To say six drive modes so trail slippery normal tow haul eco and then sport and then here’s our center seat which to pull up press that there pull on the seat and then you have two cup holders and an armrest and there’s our glove compartment with our owner’s manuals and then for our other storage area we hit this button here and that folds up and we can

Just close it back into place so to our steering wheel on the left side we have our cruise controls and then we have our lane keeping toggle which we can turn that on and off there volume controls and then we have bluetooth control here and one over here and then we have our radio station or trackless controls here and then we can go through our gauge cluster

Here different views and different information and then we get the menu button to go back and select certain screens but for our shifter we just pull down on the brake or when we’re breaking we pull down the shifter reverse neutral drive and then manual mode you hit the button here and then you can toggle that here and you just put it back in the park and then we

Have our key fob here which you do have to end up turning the key in the ignition but now we’re gonna go ahead and take this 2021 f-150 xl v8 regular cab out on the road for a test drive so pretty good power from the v8 and the 10 speed which i’ve driven in other ford vehicles is just so smooth and it knows exactly where to shift without having any sort of lag

Or anything like that so really impressive and that’s the lane keeping system there which i kind of want to turn up a little bit but overall to start out with i really like the overall drivability of this truck it’s pretty easy maneuver everything just makes sense and i started out in eco mode and it still has plenty of pull so i’m going to put it into normal

Mode so and in this regular cap i really like the ride height i feel like i’m up really high and i’m still able to see right in front of him because as you can see the hood slopes down and i just feel like i’m able to stay in the lines easier and i just have better overall visibility than i would expect and overall the ride quality in general is really good

The sound coming from the truck itself is minimal and i can just barely hear the wind noise and if you don’t have any kids or your kids can sit in the front you only need room for three this is really the way to go because you could put a camera on the back of this truck and you’d be straight and you get the best fuel mileage with the regular cabs if you don’t

Use four wheel drive that’ll help you save on gas as well and this is just it feels so much smaller in a good way i just feel like i could drive this every day as opposed to maybe feeling a little overwhelmed in a full-size truck but the normal drive mode is very smooth and it definitely has the stuff together but as we get on the interstate i’m gonna put in the

Sport mode and then manually shift and see how that is i’m gonna give some throttle here oh wow i mean this thing is wow i have to get used to hitting the button to get out of manual mode because i put it back in neutral but oh my goodness just really fantastic power coming from that v8 it’s really surprised in a good way so that’s the lane keeping system

There and it’s not adapted crews so and just a really smooth ride on these smaller wheels not getting any sort of vibrations or any negative feedback at all and this will kind of show you our fuel economy here as we’re coming down the interstate really good for a v8 engine cruising at almost 80 miles an hour and really really steady breaks here now we’ll say

Uh slowing down hitting the brakes the ever so slightly shifting but i mean it’s in sport mode so it’s kind of confused but honestly you shouldn’t keep it in sport mode anyway and i’m gonna go ahead and put it back into normal and there’s the auto stop that just came on and i do like i’m a big fan of automatic brake holes because i can kind of let my foot

Rest for a minute with the auto stop and the automatic brake code you can let your foot off the brake while you’re in auto stop and it’ll hold the brake for you but you have to hit the gas pedal to go so just keep that in mind and this will bring me to the end of my review of the 2021 ford f150 xl regular cab with a 5 liter v8

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2021 Ford F-150 XL Regular Cab 5.0 POV Test Drive & Review By Nothin’ But Car Reviews

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