2021 ford f 150 shelby super sna
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport For Sale

2021 Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport For Sale

2021 Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport For Sale

Hello everyone this is our 2021 shelby super snake sport with 5423 miles beautiful gray with black stripes looks awesome front end looks really good does just have a few really really minor flaws i believe nope that’s not one just a little bit of grass it’s got a few small chips at the bottom a few stubborn bug spots in the vinyl nothing major all of these are

Very intricate uh minor defects that i guarantee unless you’re a hunting for them like i am you’re not going to find them there’s a few rock chips towards the bottom really insignificant overall the front end looks great i do mean that objectively the hood looks awesome as well no flaws or issues across the hood front driver side fender looks really nice the

Scratches chips or anything like that also it does have the front clip ppf so right here just behind the headlights that forward on the bumper headlights everything has paint protection film so all of that should be protected if there’s any discrepancies you should just be able to replace the film should be good as new front driver side wheel looks really nice

Gloss black looks great better big brake kit on the front which i do believe is a factory option driver’s side mirror does have two small rock chips but otherwise looks good driver door no issues the vinyl is intact and the bottom looks really nice keyless entry keypad there driver bedside all the vinyl across the truck looks really good i mean really low mileage

So you can just expect that but the driver bedside looks awesome no flaws no scratches or anything like that rear driver’s side wheel looks really nice moving around to the back does have reverse sensors back bumper looks great no issues there the top guard here typically on a lot of vehicles can get pretty beat up from use but on this one it looks flawless the

Rear tailgate looks really nice vinyl is in great shape no scratches scuffs or anything like that it does have a really nice bed liner as well all carpeted on the inside no defects close this with a little bit of force there there we go moving around to the passenger side here passenger bedside looks really good no chips scratches scuffs nothing the top of the

Bed cover also looks great no marsh no flaws with that either rear passenger wheel excellent condition dual side exit exhaust tips gloss black with the shelby logo on them passenger door looks really good no marks passenger mirror a few small rock chips but not very noticeable front passenger fender no issues very clean and the front passenger wheel just like

The others no flaws looks excellent we’ll go ahead and walk around the truck from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture i do have the overall condition of the vehicle here at exotic motorsports we like to do these comprehensive walk around videos to give our out-of-state buyers the confidence and peace of mind they need to purchase the vehicle from a

Sight unseen if they choose to do so walking around a vehicle from a one foot distance is a lot more indicative of what you might notice on a day-to-day basis if you’re on the vehicle yourself it helps to separate the larger more obvious flaws from these smaller less significant ones giving you a more well-rounded perspective of the overall condition of the vehicle

Hopefully i’ve given you that with this shelby super snake super clean truck it’s been very well kept very low mileage i think it looks awesome it sounds great it looks great it’s fun to drive definitely unique not a lot of sport trucks left out there especially newer ones and this is a fantastic option if you’re in the market for one looking at the interior we

Do have a black and light gray uh interior here black portions all leather armrest is really nice white contrast stitching got one touch windows for both sides power adjustable mirrors that do have blind spot assist power locks power adjustable seats really nice perforated leather with a red hex pattern in there and of course the super snake embroidery really

Nice carbon accenting here around the vents gauge clusters center console and the dash over there around the glove box steering wheel as well excuse me we also have it was special foot pedals look really nice special gauge cluster a blue shelby gauge cluster and they’re in the gauge cluster we’re at 5426 miles yep i apologize i was off just a little bit so

54-26 is the actual accurate reading apologize for that we do have lane keep assist collision warning detection blind spot assist things like that so it does have some nice safety options we do have an electronic transfer case with four wheel drive dual zone automatic climate control we’ve got a usb type a and type c there type a and type c over here 12 volt and

12 volt for all your charging needs shelby badging there just above the glove box the dash looks great really nice condition the seats are all flawless none of them have any kind of wear on them and this center console if you don’t have a third passenger you can use this as storage i can apologize give me a second here there we go you have to push on the release

And then fold it down so you do have storage in here as well as cup holders and what looks to be some kind of a phone holder uh yep checks out so the interior in this trunk is super nice it’s very well optioned and uh very clean and well preserved vinyl floor mats easier to keep it clean now the real magic what really makes this truck what it is the monstrosity

That ford put under the hood and forgive me this is a really difficult hood to open foreign supercharged five liter coyote paired with a 10-speed automatic i believe very big supercharger makes north of 700 if i’m not mistaken these trucks are absolute animals they’re not slow they’re quick they’re lowered so they handle better these can be a really wild driving

Experience depending on how brave you are and this sounds so good too they’re relatively understated being what it is but it still makes some noise and it’s so much fun to drive yeah the sound is definitely addicting i had a little smooth that sounds great really healthy absolutely no issues this is a really clean truck lots of options i like that they integrated

A lot of the modern safety features in there as well and it just looks good it’s unique it’s fun it sounds great and there’s really nothing not to love about this truck so is our 2021 ford f-150 shelby super snake sport if you have any further questions please feel free to check out this truck on our website at exotic motorsportsoka.com thank you for watching

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2021 Ford F-150 Shelby Super Snake Sport For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

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