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It is a bit quicker than ford says yeah yeah yeah i know so oh that’s a is that a limiter that’s where the exhaust gasses are coming from so they go down instead of out what’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by ototopenel my name is max and today we are checking out the all-new ford explorer the sixth generation and it has made its way

Back to europe for the first time in well 20 years something like that uh so it is the only version we can get in the netherlands it is the explorer plug-in hybrid and today i’m going to show you around it which is quite a walk because it is massive and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast but before we begin don’t forget to

Subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to receive updates when we upload a new video and check us out on instagram if you like at autodell so as you might have noticed we recently changed our camera settings so we are now working with a regular linear lens for the walk around and then when we get into the car uh we’re going to switch to a wide angle

But that means that i don’t really know how big this car is on this lens so i hope it is the entire car in frame now because it is around five meters long two over two meters wide and i mean yeah you do get a lot of car for your money i’m just going to walk around it once i don’t know why normally i don’t do that but now i decided to do that because we are going

To start at the front as usual of course explorer written on the hood we’ve got the black grille because this is an sd line um as i said the only version we can get in the netherlands is the plug-in hybrid and an sd line so you can’t actually choose anything apart from the color uh in the netherlands everything is on here so it’s 78 000 euros and you can choose

The color and that is it you do have some accessories but you have all the options uh including the sd line which means you also get the black trim down there i do really love this front end i think the front of this car it’s quite imposing you’ve got that hood with those lines in there to make it even more well just it’s just a brute to look at i really like

It it’s a good look the wheels well you can’t choose these either i think these are 20 inch uh the suspension is changed on the sd line as well so this is sort of the european spec uh suspension which means that it is actually quite firm relatively quite firm and more suitable for european roads and stuff like that the size of it well i’ll open this door right

Here and you can see that well we’ve got a nice rear bench which is of course adjustable and if you want to go into the rear you can do so like that and it is actually not bad headspace is really good for a third row you’ve got cup holders here and uh you have you actually have a decent amount of leg room so if you’re a relatively normal sized adult you could

Sit here for uh shorter periods of time but this the second row is actually quite spacious because this seat is quite far back but this is still pretty doable i would say we’ve got a panoramic roof also standard in the netherlands and when we go to the rear we have the little seats here which you can operate electrically fold down which gives you uh quite a

Big boot i would say it’s i think it was around 1100 liters um and if you go for a flat folded down second row you have over 2270 liters of swell space which is massive that’s that’s really really big so yeah and i do like the fact that it’s electrically operated that does make it feel a little bit more luxurious because i think that’s the main thing about

This car charging cables in there the main thing about this car is that it’s a lot of value for money and you don’t see that that often anymore the rear martin told me to check out the tailpipes because he thought they were fake and well they’re not fake but there there’s nothing here as you can see so that’s where the exhaust gases are coming from so they

Go down instead of out but value for money i mean look at the thing it is massive and if you compare it to a bmw x5 or an audi q7 or a mercedes benz gle i mean yeah you would be at a 105 110 000 euros before you start ticking any boxes for optional extras so price wise value for money wise this is a really really good car for europe and that is also why ford

Decided to build this plug-in hybrid version especially for europe uh because european people are into suvs nowadays as well and with this engine it works here uh well it works pretty well actually here so i i do think it’s cool that we get this car in europe now because we used to miss out on a lot of these and now we get it as well so how does it work like

That and then we are going to open that and check out the engine because we have a three liter v6 bi-turbo here with around 350 horsepower i believe and it is a really really nice engine and then we have an electric motor to support this engine which brings the total to 457 horsepower and 825 newton meters of torque which is quite a lot um zero to 106 seconds

But i’ve already been able to do 5.46 in my first try so it is a bit quicker than ford says or things and the top speed is 230 kilometers an hour which i also got earlier so performance wise it is actually performing pretty well the electric stuff well we can take a look here we have driving modes and ev modes that’s basically the most important thing as you can

See we have a 45 charge battery which gives us a range of 27 kilometers now ford says you should be able to do 42 well usually it’s a little bit less than the manufacturer claims but i’ve read on several occasions that you are actually getting close to 40. so that’s not bad the ev modes here give you an option for normal operation all electric driving ev later

Means that you save the charge you have and ev charge charges the battery i did notice earlier that i didn’t have time to charge this because we had too many cars so i had it in charge mode and normal mode for the driving mode and that did absolutely nothing but when you put it in sport mode it charges a lot faster so that’s a little tip if you decide to buy

This car that that did work a lot better so what is this car for basically if you have like a charging port at your home and you would charge this car every day and your commute is not too far and you’re able to charge at work as well you would get some insane uh mileage with this car because i did like three almost three liters per 100 kilometers but that is

Seriously impressive for a car that is this heavy and this big and i do get why ford decided to offer this for europe because if you are you know if you get used to how it works and how you can use it the best way i think you’re going to get some pretty insane consumption fuel consumption uh with this uh if you don’t have any battery so if your battery is empty it

Is around 10 liters per 100 kilometers so that’s like a regular car uh but you know as soon as you have some battery that number is going to drop real quick okay so let’s take it for a little drive um what do you guys want to see well we’ve got the power flow here and why don’t we go for ev auto ev so automatic the engine shuts off and you guys can see here which

Part is operating and powering which wheel so the car is the platform is the all-new platform which is rear-wheel drive uh and if you lose grip it will power the front wheels so it’s basically a rear-wheel drive platform it’s an all-new platform by ford and now you can see that we’re driving fully electric we’re not going to do that for too long because it will

Go down quickly and we need some power for the ultraman but you can see electric driving 93 kilometers an hour and it’s really nice the thing is when you put it in auto ev like we have now when you give it a little bit when you give it a little bit more throttle the petrol engine turns on and you get some regular gasoline yeah yeah i know you get some regular

Gasoline power as well the brakes i did have to get used to those i am used to them now i i just i didn’t think about it anymore but when i picked up this car my head was constantly hitting the windscreen because the brakes are really biting because of the regenerative braking of course because as you can see it is charging now when i release the throttle and

When i brake it charges even more okay driving wise handling wise let’s go for sport mode we have a lot of driving modes sport so now the idea is that the electric stuff helps the performance of the engine which works really well because you don’t really notice it as long as everything is pointing in the same direction like as long as it knows what it has to

Do it’s a really good system it’s a really good package but when you drive around town sometimes it has a little bit of you know difficulty to decide what it wants to do and and sometimes you have like three gear shifts in a really short period of time and you can feel the engine turning on turning off turning on again that’s a bit weird sometimes but as long

As you put it like in ev mode charge mode sport mode it’s absolutely fine because it knows what to do if you know what i mean handling wise comfort wise it is really really good i would say this is actually pretty spot on it still handles nicely you don’t feel like you’re driving a massive car turn in is pretty good it stays level uh yeah it is it’s a pretty damn

Good setup and i was not really expecting that i was expecting it to be a little bit more american and a little bit more floaty so do we have any sound from those partially fake exhaust pipes second gear a little bit not too much i do know that in the rest of europe you can get some other versions as well so there is a four-cylinder 2.3 liter ecoboost with 300

Horsepower uh there is a platinum if i’m not mistaken with 365 horsepower from this 3 liter v6 by turbo and there is a full-on st with this engine the three liter v6 my turbo with 400 horsepower uh that’s in the us as well i’m not sure how it all pans out in in which country i mean i don’t know if you get all of them everywhere but we only get this one which i

Don’t really i think it’s a pretty good idea ford just said well in the netherlands they just said well this is the one that everyone’s going to buy no options just put everything on there and it’s not an expensive car honestly it’s relatively speaking it is it is a bargain basically so we also have like massaging seats we have cooled or ventilated seats and they

Work really well heated seats heating heated steering wheel we have all the safety systems you could ever wish for this ipad of course with all your information in there heated seats in the rear that panoramic roof so yeah i have to say i’m i’m quite a fan of this car because i do i do love a bargain i’m dutch you know that’s what we’re known for apparently so

I guess for the first time in my life i feel like that is justified that people always say that about dutch people because i like the utilitarian feel you get from this car it’s like it’s a no-nonsense car and i like that so oh that’s a is that a limiter yeah that’s a limiter 239 my foot is all the way to the floor so that should be around 234 35 kilometers gps

Speed so that’s really good and it gets there really quickly and easily and it’s pretty quiet in here as i said it’s comfy you can see though that the electric range has gone from 90 to 11 or 18 to 11 pretty quickly so when you drive it in a more aggressive manner your range will go away pretty quickly but when you are a little bit more careful with your right

Foot you can actually drive some electric distance with this car but now as well you know at this speed it’s pretty comfy actually and you know i’ve got my heated seat on my heated steering wheel it’s cold outside we’ve got the 1000 watt vienno play system in here which i’m not a big fan of but at least it’s better than in the ford focus but this is a really nice

Family car and i have never driven an explorer before but i can’t imagine they have been anywhere near as good as this because i would honestly say that this is a viable competitor to a bmw x3 or x5 depending on engine options price and i again it’s a bargain it’s a really good package because i can’t imagine any car i can’t think of any car that comes close to

This space this practicality this amount of power i mean 457 horsepower 825 newton meters nothing really comes close to this for this price so i guess ford have done a good job on that because i do quite like that you can also tow two and a half tons with this car which is quite a lot for a hybrid i also really like the practicality of us cars i i don’t know

If you guys have ever noticed but they are really good at thinking about how their customers are going to use the cars and what would be uh practical to have so the biggest example i just read is that the new f-150 pickup truck is going to have seats that fold down completely and have an extra support in your back and shoulders so you can sleep on them because

Apparently a lot of their customers go camping and then when you get to the campsite at night you don’t want to deal with the tent and stuff so they sleep in their car on a regular basis and ford thought well how can we make these seats more comfortable so they can function as a bed well stuff like that i really like i really like that mindset and in european

Cars like an x7 bmw you wouldn’t find a power outlet and you’ve got one here 230 volts so you can just plug something in there uh you have massive amounts of storage space down there as well a wireless charger here i mean they are really well thought out and i like the fact that we now also get these us cars which are a lot better than a few years ago so i

Would say that for a change this is some serious consumer advice and that’s it for this review we are back at the border so fun is over uh i hope you guys enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button right there you can also check out this video or go check out this playlist see you the next one bye

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