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All right guys we are back today with another kind of newer car um tour and overview uh this is a 2020 ford edge sel and i don’t really make these car videos anymore it’s just it’s what it is you know so um anyhow this is my new loaner car here i had that fusion a few days ago went over the mileage basically and uh they swapped me out with this 2024 edge something

More along the lines of basically what is in the shop right now getting the work done so anyhow this is a video i want to just make for you guys so like i said sel this is pretty much the mid-level trim is this is what everybody is pretty much driving uh these days and afford really this is your pretty much basic sel trim here very well equipped um so yeah this

One’s finished off in a gate black metallic so i had to look at the window sticker to get the name for the paint because i know ford quit putting metallic in their paint for a while but it looks like the gate is some sort of metallic we don’t have any type of sun to really look at it here but i can see some sort of flake in the paint does look really nice just

To say i’m quite a fan of this 2019 edge refresh with the front end here obviously pretty much everything else is the same so but with that new refresh you get new headlights they even added fog lights for the edge that’s a first then this really nice looking grille just looks really nice we also have led lights in the mirrors over there so hit the unlock button

On it it’ll turn your led lights on and those are on all the time when you drive so again looks really good ford is doing a really good job at redesigning their stuff obviously they’re just refreshing a lot of their things but i think they’ve done a good job at it uh if you guys been at the channel for a while you’ll know my mom had one of these a 2015 edge sel

Again about five years ago it’s been that long already but um it’s pretty much the same car not much has changed again you have some refreshing going on in the rear with the tail lights in the trunk basically everything else from what i can tell is the same so you also have a shark fin antenna this antenna is not part of the same color of the car it’s actually a

Mold and color black so that’s a interesting concept i’m curious if all the other edges look like that um with different colors so uh but yeah that’s different the antenna so i what i do notice this does have the same 18 inch wheels that my mom’s had these are painted wheels the ones my mom’s had and 15 were actually polished so i’m actually i do like the polished

Ones a bit more but anyhow this is uh i believe these come with your all-wheel drive package these wheels so they are running on these really nice michelin tires pretty good tires car is insanely quiet on the freeway as well very nicely insulated just push to open your easy fuel gas cap right there then uh looking at the back hand you have your led lights going

Around there it also has some gray painted roof rails as well you have your keyless entry right there you also have blind spot monitoring these mirrors do fold in as well like that so we’ll go over to the interior and check it out real fast looking at the interior pretty much everything has stayed the same obviously a few different things have changed but looking

At it here everything is really well put together on the door panels looks really good you have a tweeter right there uh this is a nine speaker sound system so coming in you have the all-weather package your cold weather package with your all-weather weather tech style floor mats looks like a 10-way power driver seat and you have some edge door seals right there

You have your leatherette trim for your seating this stuff does age really good i have to say again as i said in the last video in the fusion i’m not a big fan of this material but um coming in we’ll look at it here so a few things i didn’t notice with this new gen edge instead of going through the menus to change your traction control uh you can just hit a button

Right there any of your trunk pop gauge dimmers fog lights and then your headlights so looking right there’s probably your obd2 plug right down there but uh i’ll put the foot on the brake and we’ll start it up so looking at this one this particular one has about 100 miles on it as you can see same basic gauge cluster the edges always had so i’m expecting some

Sort of refresh at some point but um everything is really nicely padded on the dash put together real good um you know i’ve had quite a few years to get this interior right and it’s not broke i suppose don’t fix it so this one does have your newest ford system at the time um and coming down here it’s again pretty much basic edge with all your climate controls

Your heated seats and whatnot i am quite a fan of this new system so i didn’t like it at first but uh definitely getting used to it it’s a lot faster than the older systems uh looking at the wheel same thing as the fusion pretty much this one is heated though uh pretty nicely bolstered wrapped in leather and whatnot is your audio controls cruise controls and

All your menus and such so you have a auto start stop right there power parking brake and this does have the hockey puck style shifter so you just do that to go to gear i’m really fond of this i have to say i quite like it then you push your sport button for sport mode right there so we’ll shut the door and look at it a bit more i’ll come up here we have an auto

Dimming mirror some led lights storage garage door opener and this one does not have a moon roof but um very good headroom very nice people moving car very comfortable car to drive day to day i’ve always liked this edge look at the window sticker here i see it’s an edge sel all-wheel drive just have the 2-liter ecoboost with the 8-speed automatic do quite like the

8-speed it makes this car a lot quicker just gets a little confused at times but um the options this has pretty much the cold weather package in your convenience package so feel free to pause that there and view that but can we do a total of about 38 grand i think it’s pretty competitive and well equipped for everything else out there but somehow piano black trim

Right here yeah some more storage down there and a lot of storage down in the console there so i have no idea how this goes in there so anyway that’s why that was like that so now you have four damped handles throughout the interior give it a quick little rev 4k rev limiter um so yeah you also have a nice little edge right there and then use your center channel

So just say one thing this does not have over the fusion i had the fusion sel so same trim fusion has the auto dimming outside mirrors this one doesn’t have that which i thought was a little odd but this is higher up so it’s probably a reason why but again coming to the rear everything does follow through and you have your really nice forward floor mats and then

Uh there’s your back seats right there lots of room there’s your handle to adjust your back seat but we’ll come on in and check it out dual map pockets this is behind me so i have plenty of room behind myself uh nice air vents you have some household outlets and then just your regular 12 volt some storage up there do have a armrest as well there’s the interior of

It so to hold the seat back i mean you get a lot of room this is a very comfortable suv this is power as well i totally forgot its power so uh just hit that button and it will open it’s amazing that the amount of people that don’t realize you have a power trunk and they just try to rip it open and then it just doesn’t but um coming to the rear just your edge so

It is quite a bit bigger than the escape lots of room uh to fold the seats you have a button right here to push so that will fold them flat and again you’re greeted with plenty of room um so yeah sel i think uh your next step is the titanium which gives you a subwoofer back here but uh which which is where that would be but anyways there’s your spare tire under

There which is still nice to get a spare tire and your all-weather carpet floor mats if you will so i’m going to shut the trunk up while we just hit the button up there incandescent bulbs so check out the rear again now then you do have a partially power passenger seat so uh some 12-volt outlet over there so very nice car obviously you can get better trims

Out there more features but this this has a gist of the features so um as you can see up front there behind the hood latch you can see the uh front end lights right there looks really good there’s a strut assisted hood which is pretty nice two liter ecoboost plus they’re taking the engine covers off of these things these days so either way um there it is you

Have a lot of room under there actually to repair it and what not down the road so that’s pretty nice to see as well you can almost do your own maintenance so what i didn’t notice was they only give you one foot left the fusion i had had two uh with the one hood latch you can actually notice the hood flop around a bit so i wish they would actually put another

Latch on these but um you know there it is guys i think i covered most of it you do have like your lane departure rain sensing wipers and all that good stuff um so yeah guys hope you enjoyed this quick video on this edge thanks for watching we’ll talk to y’all later

Transcribed from video

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