2021 ford bronco sport big bend
Altair Club Cars 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend AWD

2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend AWD

What’s up everyone nick with classic cars for palm beach today i’m doing a walk around video on a 2021 ford bronco sport big bend all-wheel drive now if you’ve been to our page before you know we don’t make these videos to hype up vehicles we make these videos to point out any flaws so that our out-of-state buyers know exactly what’s showing up to their door so i’m

Gonna do a quick walk around the outside i’ll get nice and close so you guys can see what i see if i see any nick sting scratches things like that i’m going to get nice and close and point them out shouldn’t be too much it’s a pretty new vehicle it’s looking good on the hood no dents no dings no scratches front end’s looking great no curb brush on the wheels tires

Have a ton of life on them pretty brand new doors are good no dings no scratches no dents recorded panels all set rear wheels are good real tires are good little chip in the corner there i don’t know if you guys can see that okay but that’s the point of this video we’re gonna get picky coming around the back side a little scuff there might wash right off other than

That all good on the back coming to the passenger rear quarter a little rub right there on the plastic and again these things i’m pointing out i’m getting real close to show you rear wheel is good rear tire is good passenger doors are both clean and front passenger side wheel is cleaned with plenty of life on those tires as well so very minor couple things there

9.9 if i wasn’t staring for those things you’d never notice them inside is super clean like a new car no smoke smell smells brand new seats are in perfect condition steering wheel’s in perfect condition everything works in this i’m going to start it up real quick because it gets hot down here in florida let’s get that ac going cold already radio works we’ll turn

That fan down so it’s not too loud for you guys all right 4 994 miles so coming up on 5 000 miles i’m just gonna go around the inside let you guys see everything everything works in here so i just want to show you the condition sorry if you saw my legs foreign give you a good look at the back when you get out real quick headline is in perfect condition we get a

Lot of different cars that are a lot but this is the first bronco sport we’ve had so if you want a bronco at a lower price point sports the way to do it one more seats fall down super easy give you a ton of space i’ll open the back up too so you can see that all right get your backup camera there and then you got two buttons on the back door glass all right and

On the other side door this whole thing slides right out you got your spare and that’ll just slide right back up showed you how those seats fold down nice and easy so you get a ton of space so there you go the first broncos quarter classic cars with palm beach if you guys want to learn more about this one check it out on the website classiccarsofpalmbeach.com thanks for taking a look

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2021 Ford Bronco Sport Big Bend AWD By Classic Cars of Palm Beach

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