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Altair Club Cars 2021 CR-V Touring – Nanaimo Honda

2021 CR-V Touring – Nanaimo Honda

for Corey

Hi there corey liam here from nanaimo honda and i wanted to do a walk around video for you of the honda certified 2021 crv touring now first off i’m going to go through what certification really means because this whole program of honda certification it’s really designed to take the unknowns out of a used car buying experience so it actually gives you an extended

Warranty at no extra cost so for seven years or a hundred thousand kilometers you’re covered under warranty for any major engine components that oil would touch so it’s a great extra little bonus to buying a honda certified vehicle you get an extended warranty at no extra cost now that’s not the only benefit to buying certified pre-owned you also get an exchange

Privilege so a thousand kilometer exchange privilege but also it goes through a much more thorough inspection process so it’s really designed to take those unknowns out of the equation make it more like buying a new car so starting here at the front i know i just did a brief little walk around there but purpose of this video i’m going to give you a thorough look at

The condition of this lovely crv go over some of the features and if you have any questions please let me know i can go into further detail so in the touring model you’ll notice right up here at the front so at the bottom there those are the led fog lights and led daytime running lights and led headlights so leds all the way around really adds a big improvement

To your vision at night just comparing over here so you can see those lights those are what the halogen ones look like but here are the leds you can see those there on the driver’s side front we have no curved rims at all they’re in perfect shape with lots of tread left on the tires these are continental all-season mud and snow tires to the driver’s side rear

Same thing no curbing it’s in pristine shape now being the touring model everything is automated so when you have your key close by you can do it a little kick and it opens up for you one of the coolest features there is now in the 2021 honda you have these little handy handles there and you pull that the whole seat goes down perfectly flat and this little area

Here you can actually raise it so it’s a perfectly flat back seat perfect for camping in an emergency and just for extra cargo room here’s the passenger side rear again not a single instance of curbing it’s in pristine condition same with the body you’ll notice there’s no extinct scrapes it’s in great shape finally we make ourselves here to the passenger side

Front i’m going to give you a look into the back seats and just highlight one of my favorite little things here about the honda design you can see the door opens about 70 degree angle that’s okay it’s easy to get in and out with the crv they’ve actually added an extra hinge you can get to a full 85 almost 90 degree angle so for people with mobility or if you have

Any pets or kids going in the back seat anyone with mobility issues they can get in and out much much easier to this back seat very large back seat albeit and very comfortable as well as it’s all automated you just walk up to the door that’s how you lock it and if you want to unlock just put your hand right on the handle there now looking inside you can see the

Cabin is very very well laid out the touring comes with wood trim features and leather throughout with the leather passenger leather all the way around and then one of the coolest features the panoramic moon roof as well um when you start it up this is the digital dash here shows you your mileage speed all really nicely laid out we’re at 32 990 here ‘s your

Infotainment built-in maps a reverse camera everything easy access there and then in touring you’re also equipped with a wireless phone charger which is a great little feature there so i just wanted to thank you for your time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate give me a call we’re open till seven o’clock tonight open back at 8am tomorrow but i work

After hours so don’t hesitate to call me you can reach me at 250-758-3361 or direct tax at 250-618-9595 hope you’re well all the best bye now

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2021 CR-V Touring – Nanaimo Honda By Liam at Nanaimo Honda

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