2021 chevrolet bolt ev virtual t
Altair Club Cars 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV Virtual Test Drive

2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV Virtual Test Drive

Join Drive Electric Hawaii and certified EV Expert Keith Yugawa from Servco Chevrolet Waipahu for a test drive of the 2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV!

Hello my name is keith from cervical chevrolet out here in waipahu i’m going to talk to you about the 2021 chevrolet bolt today this is the new 2021 chevrolet bolt this is the fourth year of production we have a overall length of 164 inches it has a 66 kilowatt battery and a range of 238 miles on a full charge you can do level one level two and now even a level

Three charge level two charge will take roughly ten hours a level three charge can be charged in one hour up to eighty percent so within two hours you have a full charge on oahu we have approximately 10 to 12 level three stations and nearly 280 level two stations chevrolet bolt is a five-door configuration the charging port or the charging door is located

Here very simple and this particular one has a level three charge capability again eighty percent charge in one hour you have a five-door configuration very simple design nothing too complicated all the current safety features and of course a 10-year warranty on the battery everything is designed lightweight for fuel for efficiency um you got reverse cameras

You have apple carplay android auto onstar the chevrolet bolt very simple to start press the press to break press the power button and it’s as soon as it says ready it’s actually ready to drive you won’t hear anything turn on except for the radio in the chevrolet bolt we have this indicator as far as what’s working shows you battery life regen braking power

Usage and also what people don’t realize is the power on this is really really fun it’s a really odd sensation because you don’t hear anything you just feel the car pulling forward you can also hear the regen brake generators working as well again chevrolet bolt very quiet riding great view lots of window reverse forward side views are excellent now we’re

Going to test out the acceleration on the chevrolet bolt it’s a hatchback style ample storage space you also have a full down seat configuration 60 40 split yeah one side down two passengers can still sit there as you can see with the seats folded down you could even fit a surfboard in here on the chevrolet bolt we have a level two charging station to show

You how it is charged simply just open the door for the charge port turn on the charger and simply just plug it in and then once plugged in it’ll give you an indicator that it is charging once it’s solid green and it’s fully charged and then when it’s fully charged simply just pull it out and reinstall it in your charging port then on the chevrolet bolt we

Have an optional level three charging port let me show you that right there again 80 charge in one hour so on the simple dash we have on the left side it shows you the level of charge of course we’re running low and on full charge this one gets 238 miles and on this one you have the the basic mode or you have the sport mode sport mode will change the throttle

Feel and throttle response so you get the standard layout the equal layout and the family nail you can also customize how you want your screen to open as well okay that concludes our virtual test drive of the 2021 chevrolet bolt if you have any questions my name is keith i’m out here at surfco chevrolet out here in waipahu thank you you

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2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV Virtual Test Drive By DriveElectricHI

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