2021 cadillac xt6 walkaround
Altair Club Cars 2021 Cadillac XT6 Walkaround

2021 Cadillac XT6 Walkaround

Take a look at the 2021 Cadillac XT6 with Sales Consultant David Persaud, and let us help you find yours:

Hi guys david prasad here at pepe calif um here i’m going to show you our 2021 xt6 um just like most of our models uh it’s available in either a printer luxury or a sport okay this one here is the prim luxury model so you will have all the chrome accents versus the black accents they hold itself standard with 20 inch wheels it is available 21 inch wheels as an

Upgrade here you have your signal indicators on the mirror you have your sidelines on alert keyless entry keyless exit all of our vehicles now are stand with remote start so you can start from your k-pop or from your smartphone coming back here to the back you do have the hands-free liftgate got your couch projector right there just kick right below step back pops

Right open um and here you’ve got your uh third row seats up it does electron be pulled up or down a simple push up one button you can also tumble down your second row seats as well okay right below here you’ve got some extra storage uh compartment along with your spare tire right below um coming around to this side uh x6 is available with cross rails where

You can simply put a thule storage compartment up there or bike racks or skis all that stuff does have power folding mirrors and uh this vehicle comes with a 3.6 liter v6 engine we’ve got over 300 horsepower i use regular gas hard to find the car that does not use radar gas anymore and uh let me show you the inside we’re staying here inside of the 2021 calix xt6

Right here on your door panel you’ve got your memory seats and your mirror and window adjustments you have a power tilt and telescopic steering wheel you’ve got all of your cruise control buttons here your heated steering wheel your audio commands you have your reconfigurable display right here that’ll show you all of your trip and fuel information um right down

Here you’ve got your electronic shifter you have our cue screen or eight inch touchscreen you have the option to touch your screen or you have your shortcut buttons and knobs right over here okay this vehicle does feature a wireless charging port right in the slot here along with the wireless carplay for androids or iphones you’ve got a ton of usb ports you

Have two here in your rms usb and usbc you have another tune the second row another two in the third row xc6 is standard with this big ultra view sunroof goes all the way into the back seat um you do have a power shade to electronically open or close as well so over here we’re looking at the second row seats of the xc6 this entire color is called cirrus with

Titanium accents so it’s very light gray with darker gray floors and accents this vehicle is available with a sacral captain chairs just like i’m singing right now or an available bench seat as well they all have the standard third row seats um the space back here so once you come into the back you’ve got um in the two seats in the third row as you can see i’m

Very comfortable back here with a lot of headroom as well usb ports back here and all the air vents for the floors and the top so today i’ve shown you the calyx xc6 premium luxury um guys come on down we’ve got some great offers on these vehicles

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2021 Cadillac XT6 Walkaround By Pepe Cadillac

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