2021 cadillac xt5 walkaround
Altair Club Cars 2021 Cadillac XT5 Walkaround

2021 Cadillac XT5 Walkaround

Let Sales Consultant Kyle Lashley show you inside the 2021 Cadillac XT5, and find yours here:

Hi i’m kyle from pippy cadillac i’m going to show you the xt5 here we have a xt5 premium luxury model as you can see silver galvano grill silver trim silver on the side by the windows as well server on the roof racks available stepping inside the passenger side you have power seats heated seats cool seats actually because it does come with that package digital

Dash infotainment system up there moving to the passenger seat we are looking at leather these seats do flip down back seats have passenger climate control as well and also usb ports down there below all right moving over to the back area where the trunk is we do have our hands-free liftgate as you can see see this cadillac album down below you’re gonna see

That especially at nighttime what we do here is we walk up kick right under step back okay it will open as we see we have our trunk underneath here we do have extra storage and also this car does come with a spare tire movable there this could have the availability to have a cargo net securing path storage there as well as our hands-free liftgate also does

Come down itself so you can just kick back and it will close but also you can just hit the button up here okay now we’re on the driver’s side this the gas tank is right here you’re just going to hit press comes open pops in nothing to do just put the nozzle in build the gas from there close back finale driver’s seat again power windows we do have the option to

Close the windows right from here this button does close and open those windows on those windows as well we do have the blind spot indicator as you can see if you step over to this i’ll close it in make it easy for you stat star there does indicate that it is our full driver assist package there moving forward as you can see in this driver’s seat here we have

The electronic shifter you’re gonna click on the left side pull back to drive push forward for reverse and click to park a double click on the back does activate the manual which you can use the paddle shifters up here below that is going to be sound volume on track controls left to right there audio button and phone button below that again is analog setup you

Can control the screen and infotainment from there although the screen is fully touch screen as well so if you’re in the drive you don’t want to reach up you can just push from here moving forward back button home button and modes for the vehicle this mode does show up you have the options when you’re in driving it shows snow and ice sport mode and tour which is

The everyday driving also this has the traction control you can turn that off from here now cadillac we do have our fully wireless apple carplay and android auto you can see that access from here which does help because we originally always had wireless charging so now with it being fully wireless you never even have to take your phone and plug it in so you just

Activate apple carplay slide the phone in keep going as you go on this infotainment system we do have access to our parking sensors parking video cameras auto start stop which is at when the car comes to a complete stop the car does shut off for a mission control and our hazards up here as well and then down below here is a home button although you can access

That from there now at the steering wheel you have your gauge gauge clusters there you have on the steering wheel cruise control this car actually does come with adaptive crews so you want to set that from there it does show up and show you how your speed limit you want and then you click the gauge guster to adjust how many car lengths are in front of you when

That car length does approach to that car it does slow the vehicle down according to that way as well as this vehicle also has the heated steering wheel down here on this right side you have all the infotainment controls volume volume selectors shifting through this gauge cluster and then track close controls beneath i guess last but not least we can access our

Sunroof here as you can see in this xt5 we do have the dual panoramic sunroof this does come equipped with the shade which you do access from here push of a button the shades do close obviously when the car is fully started and then moving forward that’s pretty much it here again my name is kyle i’m a sales consultant here at pepe cadillac and we hope to get earn your business

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2021 Cadillac XT5 Walkaround By Pepe Cadillac

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