2021 cadillac escalade esv premi
Altair Club Cars 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium Luxury

2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium Luxury

How you doing mr larry this is harris sparks from randy marion cadillac in mooresville i wanted to go over this 2021 escalade esv with you just to run over some features and let you know what to expect um on the new cadillac escalades the completely redesigned escalades all right start from the exterior i’m going to move to the back you keep your standard hatch

Where you can open just this top part or if you press the cadillac crust right there you can open up that the back trunk just like that going in here you have a lot more space in the trunk with the third row up than in the outgoing models you can see here we do have some speakers back here this one has the akg 19 speaker system sounds amazing back here as

Well i do have a a port to plug in just you know just a normal wall plug as well as electronic controls to do the seats i can lay the back seats down and up and i can release the second row seats to lay them flat as well under here you have just storage you can put jumper cables a first aid kit something that you don’t really need to get to every day down there

And i do have my attachments for stuff like cargo nets um you know this right here and over there that’s going to be for the rear shade so pretty neat stuff push the button to close it i got dual exhaust back here as well as a tow hitch well there’s a cover right there but you can put a tow hitch back behind there max towing on the escalade um not on this one

But you can go up to 8 200 pounds um on a short escalated two-wheel drive this one can be a little bit less than that because it’s longer and it’s four-wheel drive you do have parking sensors back here as well capless fuel fill stick your nozzle right in there does run 91 plus octane with a 6.2 liter v8 luxury wheels let me see what are these i think these are

22s uh let me just verify that with yup these are 22 inch wheels static running boards chrome galvano chrome trim on the bottom there you have your monochromatic badging right there captain’s chairs in the middle row and for the very first time in escalade you can actually slide these back and forth this makes it super easy i’m going to sit back here and show

You a little bit more about the second and third row there’s the window sticker if you want to take a snapshot of that right quickly stickers for 90 790 and in the third row you have a lot more space in the third row than the outgoing generation because with the new independent suspension you’re we’re able to get more floor room let’s check that out all leather

Seats throughout do have heated seats back here and air controls for the second row got some cup holders and then down here you do have uh usb type c charge ports as well as another wall i’m gonna plug out coming around here i do have advanced blind spot monitoring uh camera system for my surround vision again static running boards same wheels as the back

Got parking sensors on the front here this premium luxury grille these lights right here the lights really what makes the escalade stand out from its competition these are your daytime running lights i will make them kind of flash at you right quickly that’s what they look like when they’re lit up those are on when you’re driving super awesome looking daytime

Run lights give it a really mean aggressive look going down the road and you do have led projector headlights in there as well nice cadillac branding in there coming around here you do have a 6.2 liter v8 under the hood and on the passenger side you do have automatic controls for the seats heated and ventilated seats power door locks it’s nice kind of wood trim

Throughout all right now for the important bit i’m going to hop in the driver’s seat and show you a little bit more features from inside this is just a quick overview so going over the door first akg door speaker we’ve got memory seats automatic windows throughout the whole vehicle and we do have uh mirror controls right there with that button right there you can

Fold the mirrors in and out heated and ventilated seats escalade let me see if this will focus you’ve got an escalade name plate right there makes it look super distinctive um through here we got four wheel drive controls you got your parking brake right there and your interior light switch i’m gonna hop in the escalade let’s start it up one of my favorite

Features about escalades um and all cadillac’s really is the uh is quiet tuned what quiet tune technologies do is it’s gonna give you dual pane glass windows in the front you’re going to have sound betting material around the wheel well liners and the firewall but you’re also going to have these little microphones in the head rest and the headliner i’m sorry that

Are going to act like bows noise-cancelling headphones or noise-canceling air pods or whatever and it’s going to really go to make it a really really quiet ride in the escalade all right going over some features here i’m going to start out with the steering wheel you have a heated steering wheel um you’ve got gap adjust for your collision mitigation system right

There i’ve got uh voice voice command right here for my hey siri or ok google features this is a conversation enhancement what this is going to do is it’s going to use the microphones in the vehicle to display my voice and seriously it’s super cool display my voice from the front to the very rear of the vehicle all the way back in that third row and it’s going

To make it a little bit easier for them to hear me if you have kids you know especially on long road trips where you’re leaning over you’re yelling at your kids it’ll make it a lot easier to communicate with them cruise control features right there i’ve got my controls for my radio right here my volume controls my mute button right there i can skip channels all

Of my light controls are gonna be right here on this stalk you have automatic lights automatic high beams and right over here i’ve got all my windshield controls you know for wipers and whatnot need the wipers right now it’s kind of important now you know it goes without say this is one of the biggest screens that you’ve probably ever seen in a vehicle it’s the

New curved oled display from cadillac it’s the very first curved oled display in a car going over the three main screens you have this little tiny screen which is super useful it’ll show you your trips it can control what is up on this gauge right here you can just have a normal gauge you can have it to where it actually shows a map and i cannot use the map you

Know until i agree to everything but um the map it’ll show your little icon of where you are in the streets around you as well as your speed and your rpms and whatnot and then finally my favorite is the ar camera and what that does is this is it turns that on now why would you want that um it’s actually really cool this can actually be used for your navigation to

Where if you’ve ever played a video game or something like that it will show you the lines on the road of where to go so if your exit is like up here it’ll like point on this ar camera where which exit to take super cool technology got my heads-up display right there and just normal infotainment right here i can change things like my ambient lighting um you can’t

Tell right now because light outside but you can do different ambient lighting uh settings and whatnot you’ve got automatic park assist this vehicle will actually park itself believe it or not um you’ll look for a parking spot by itself and it’ll actually park itself super cool feature i can make another video for that of that if you’d like me to so yeah that’s

Pretty much the escalade um you know your volume controls shortcuts around here new gear shift for uh 2021 they’re not doing the old stock anymore got auto vehicle hold which will basically if you come to a red light you can take your foot off the brake until you put your foot back on the accelerator um and you’ve got lane keep assist pretty standard i’ve got

A rear camera mirror i’m not sure if you have that on your escalade or not but it gives you a 300 wider field of view of what’s behind you we got a panoramic sunroof goes all the way to the second row really opens things up in here anyways larry let me know what you think thanks buddy

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2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV Premium Luxury By Harris Sparks

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