2021 buick enclave sweep removal
Altair Club Cars 2021 Buick Enclave sweep removal and tint two front doors in Express Window Films Classic Black 20

2021 Buick Enclave sweep removal and tint two front doors in Express Window Films Classic Black 20

This covers the current model Buick Enclave years 2018+ and how to remove the sweeps. There’s a quick video of tinting the two fronts and some chat about my friends over at CRAP World Productions, a fun comedy page. Check out their channel if you need something more entertaining than watching me tint!

Good morning youtube got a car in today super exciting buick but it’s all right nothing you know uh nothing super uh exciting in terms of a vehicle but it’s not always an exciting job being a tenor um haven’t taken one of these apart for you guys so i figured i’d shoot a video not quite sure what the day is going to bring me so uh take advantage of what i’ve

Got here um i did notice i’ve been neglecting to update my core software and it looks like there was a pretty significant change to things i’ll have to play around with it a little bit more kind of see what see what they did but uh this is a 21 buick enclave um we’re doing the two doors the two vents um going to be doing it in expresses classic black 20

Should be a pretty close match the only thing i do believe the privacy glass on some of these buicks is actually kind of dark this looks like it might be too i got a little uh the little ones the encores meters at like 11 and i was looking this thing’s got some some thick glass i bet you it’s going to be kind of dark too let’s see yeah this is metering 14

Um actually surprisingly the classic black 20s probably gonna end up being a very very close match that the classic black runs a little bit dark but got a screw cover take it off from this top corner there is a seven millimeter in there no felts assuming the patterns fit this should be pretty nice and easy job rocking and rolling today got a stripping tin on

A vehicle later so i need to stay on top of my schedule let’s see so i believe oh this is like uh this actually is the same as the envision um i think the blazer the chevy blazer where he just kind of just gently gently gently lift this back and the sweep should be along this whole top here i believe there’s a clip we do not want to undo right here and

Get a flashlight see if we can see a little better but trains they have this clip um if you undo it you’re not gonna redo it because it breaks um actually maybe that’s a normal door panel clip is this one white that one’s yellow we’re gonna we’re gonna try to pull this sweep out without taking out that clip just to make sure we don’t break it maybe we can

Get a better view with the sweep out or we might not even need to take it out this is laminated door glass um yeah i can’t see back there so we’re gonna call that good enough um laminated door glass you know if you’ve seen some of my other videos where i’m dealing with laminated windows you know i take a little bit extra precaution on both the cleaning prep and

How i uh heat the tops to kind of lock them down while i’m tinting them just no torch don’t really need it but you don’t want to overheat the outsides end up melting the lamination glass can crack easier things like that so just kind of be cautious and that’s probably going to be on all of these enclaves since this is sort of their premium vehicle i probably

Have it for some extra sound editing make it a little bit quieter keep your grandma happy let’s see although the buick commercial told me that young people drive buicks now well i guess mike’s brother’s young he drives a lucerne with a v8 he’s young right what’s his youtube channel if you ever want to laugh mike’s brother has sort of a comedy youtube channel

With some characters in it it’s called crap world production crap capitals world productions you can get introduced to ghetto man and uh homie one from down the street they got cooking tips they’ve got what else is on there mike all kinds of stuff so worth a look crap world productions they actually follow me very thankful passed my hundred subscribers got my

Custom url now i just need to figure out how to market it if i get a few minutes away from school i would uh try to work on maybe some type of intro or something but right now and for the next four and a half weeks school is going to be occupying a significant amount of time in my life i uh yeah i work here basically seven to five five thirty uh so 10 hours

Monday through friday and then i go to school school six to nine and then on saturdays at school we go uh seven to four o’clock now so 50 hours here 26 hours there um doing the truck driving thing and needless to say most of my free time is spent resting um studying trying to keep up with family you know got two kids and a wife they always need something from

Me all right so now we’ll find out if these patterns are gonna fit and they look like they’re gonna be perfect enough perfect enough means as long as i’m careful with how i install it then uh they’re gonna work if i’m a little a little bit off one side or the other well probably gonna have a little daylight but if i’m mindful about what i’m doing i think

These are gonna be great and i’ve tinted these before and it hasn’t made my fail list so i kind of assumed that the patterns would be all right but uh i don’t know so i’m gonna go ahead go forward from here you’re free to hang out watch we’ll get this banged out and on to the next job i’ll talk to you in a little bit blah blah so so

So so do i you

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2021 Buick Enclave sweep removal and tint two front doors in Express Window Films Classic Black 20 By FPS Tinter

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