2021 bmw x5 40i vs genesis gv80
Altair Club Cars 2021 BMW X5 40i vs Genesis GV80 3.5T, you can park a semi in between, drag and roll race.

2021 BMW X5 40i vs Genesis GV80 3.5T, you can park a semi in between, drag and roll race.

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Today i’m driving the genesis gv 80 3.5 and on my left side we have the bmw x5 40i i didn’t get the 50 because it makes way more horsepower than this wouldn’t be fair so that technique is somehow more comparable now here’s a few things though this makes more horsepower but it’s slightly heavier i think about 100 to 200 pounds or so that makes less horsepower

But it’s a bmw so if they say 335 horsepower that means somewhere 360 or so this makes 375. it’s the 3.5 liter three row suv somehow three row suv as well because that offers a third row but this offers the third row but it’s not the same third row nonetheless today we’re gonna do a drag race quarter mile between the two of them to see how fast is the

Genesis compared to the germans on that side i have the x5 we’re going to do another one against the dvd gv80 you’re going to see that video coming out soon but for now let’s have some fun okay sir are you ready right now we’re just going to do since these are a normal suv cars they’re not fancy in terms of like horsepower we’re gonna do normal mode as

If you’re driving in normal mode let’s just say you’re on a highway kind of thing we’re into normal mode no sport mode first are you okay with that so normal mode for me would be i’m assuming comfort correct i have comfort as well on mine so we both have comfort make sure you’re in drive not in reverse it happens i am ready to go on my side we’re doing

Automatic mode no manual shifting just leave the transmission the way it is we’re doing a launch control brake and then take off are you ready traction on just the way you’d be driving normally like comfort mode traction on we’re good to go okay everyone today’s video is sponsored by obd 11. i’m going to show you how to use this and what kind of cars

It supports so if you’re north america uh it supports audi volkswagen most importantly today we’re going to test it out on a volkswagen a jetta gli and uh we’re going to show you everything you need to know about the app and everything and give you a quick tour so let’s start with connecting it first of course it is a obd reader as you can see you can

Download an app for android and most importantly for iphone which i do have uh and we’re going to use the um iphone app to show you all the cool attack features that it comes with so first we’re going to connect it you have it plugged in you know usually the position of the obd is at the bottom you create a password now is detecting the obd reader so this

One it found two problems how do you clear that we’re just going to go into the control units there’s a problem and breaks you can reveal it we’ll show the fault brake pad replacement mode active you can clear it and that’s gone you can go back and then you can find different issues and different areas of the car um you could also view when it happened

Like at what mileage and what time and date whether it’s an active fault or a passive fault okay and you could also control different parts of the car in the app section like if you want to change how the lights work the interior lighting and different settings of the car you can easily just do it here all you got to do is click on it click change value

And press on and you can set that amazing it’s quite a helpful app so that was it guys basically you can purchase this one online you can find the link in the description box and everything you need to know about it but it’s quite a helpful tool especially if it saves it saves you time to go to a mechanic for some problems if you fix the car yourself

Or if you’re just worried for a moment you want to know what the issue is you can just do around the obd it will run all the codes like it has so many tech uh so many features in there that you can use see the gv70 doesn’t dv80 doesn’t have any horsepower come on bm god damn come on genesis there’s literally no power in comfort mode and he had a better

Launch wow the difference um you know what let’s do this in full sport mode forget about um uh comfort mode uh we did come for mode you can tell the bmw’s quick quicker than that but let’s do a full sport mode and see the difference with traction on no manual shifting um so i should be good to go on this side make sure sport mode all the way traction

On not off and in automatic mode no manual shifting what that’s crazy damn yeah that car does not make 335 horsepower sure bmw 335 horsepower nah not a chance so okay let’s do now with traction off i’m gonna turn off traction completely and i’m good to go on my side let’s see any difference i’m good god damn that bmw just goes like come on

Genesis you guys expect me to say come on kia but no damn like two buses okay we’re gonna do a roll next because that might change the things so no no no no no well we got the message sir uh your x5 doesn’t make 335 horsepower it’s pretty quick i mean i can i can’t move at all but not a lot it’s a lot of fun man thanks for coming today uh that

Was it this that x5 doesn’t make that horsepower that x5 makes more than 335 that bmw claims because there’s no way it’s beating this by that much like this makes more horsepower and it also has to do with transmission like the zf in that thing just grows nonetheless it was a lot of fun um i enjoyed it actually i wanted to do this so thanks for watching guys you

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