2021 bmw x3m showcase alpine whi
Altair Club Cars 2021 BMW X3M Showcase – Alpine White with Sakhir Orange Merino Leather

2021 BMW X3M Showcase – Alpine White with Sakhir Orange Merino Leather

Here is my showcase for a 2021 BMW X3M with Alpine White paint and Sakhir Orange Merino Leather interior. I go through and give you a short highlight of this beautiful car.

Here is a quick 2021 bmw x3m walk around for you guys so i have this one in the showroom here this car is for sale i’m gonna do a quick walk around to highlight this one’s alpine white with the secure orange interior i’m gonna show you guys what this car is like inside and out let me hop behind the camera beautiful alpine white exterior this is the x3m not the

X3m competition so you still have the chrome grille at the front the chrome x3 badge in there this one does have our advanced driver’s assistance package so you’ll get that puck in there you can see the radiator behind the dual slotted kidney grilles an extra radiator in there as well the adaptive led headlights these ones are the style 765m wheels with the

Bread brake calipers absolutely love these wheels for this car i have the chrome m3 air breather 360 cameras you have cameras on the mirror caps on those beautiful m mirror caps and you have slightly wider wheels at the rear 21 inch rims with a floating red caliper at the back for that automatic brake hold function comfort door access so you put your hand inside

Automatically unlocks tap that there and it’s going to lock for you this one is premium package and advanced drivers assistance package so premium package is going to add in the head up display this one also has the upgraded sport seats which are not standard on the x3m only on the competition beautiful secure orange interior i love the perforated leather here they

Are ventilated seats as well so that’s very nice and i love how you open up the door these will illuminate for you carbon fiber trim with ambient lighting there’s a nice x there harman kardon sound system head up display full digital gauge cluster and performance steering wheel with your m1 m2 quick save settings i love the tri-color stitching all the buttons

For the active stop and go cruise control when you get on the inside that red push button start more carbon fiber trim there and then on the door panels welcome another m logo right above your wireless charging tray and cup holders your m transmission controller right for drive neutral reverse when you’re in drive it pumps back you can go up and down you drive

Logic for how hard it engages and shifts gears and your park button is like sneaky it’s like hitting hidden down there carbon fiber trim carries down here as well which is cool auto hold brake feature and then 360 camera parking exhaust flaps steering setup setup for the menu one thing that’s cool is once you open up both doors you can see this x3m imprinted into

The chassis which is cool coming into the back seats i love how you still get carbon fiber back here as well sun shades that can come up the back of the performance seats look so good and you have your own climate control section back here and two usb-c ports this beautiful interior even perforated at the back too then you have the giant panorama sunroof as well

Chrome x3m i have a feeling if i open the trunk i’m not gonna have enough space it’s yeah little tight for space there but give you guys an idea of the trunk space on this one and we’re just gonna close that one thing i love too about the x3m is this aggressive like rear spoiler that you get with it how aggressive and cool that is shark fin antenna high gloss

Black window surround and roof rails such a badass car all right i hope you guys enjoyed this quick walk around of a 2021 x3m with alpine white and secure orange interior if you guys did make it all the way to the end please smash that like button help me out subscribe to the channel you guys want to win some free bmw merch check out my other videos i always got

One going around for whatever month it is i do giveaways like every other week so you can always get some freebie merchandise thanks for your support thanks for watching i’ll see you guys next time you

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2021 BMW X3M Showcase – Alpine White with Sakhir Orange Merino Leather By Denver BMW

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