2021 bmw m3 competition m xdrive
Altair Club Cars 2021 BMW M3 Competition M xDrive

2021 BMW M3 Competition M xDrive

Now with the perfectly engineered M xDrive, the M3 Comp propels you from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds with the traction to performance all year long. Showcased with a full stealth exterior & sport Fiona Red/Black Merino Leather Interior including the added luxury of the Comfort Package

I think at the moment for me this could be the best all-round vehicle to buy on the market bmw m3 x drive this car is incredible because it’s got traction it’s got speed it’s got space it’s got great looks it’s got great spec it’s done eight thousand thousand seventy one sapphire black with fiona red interior what a contrast that is and the jet black wheels this

Is the ultimate all-round for me i love these cars the noise the performance being four-wheel drive it’s quick it’s 3.5 seconds not at 60 but it’s got the performance and the traction to give it that road holding experience 510 brake horsepower super fast it does everything plus it’s like five doors it’s a family car really if you want the three series always

Has been but it’s a family car on steroids this one all black looks great the jet black wheels are an upgrade the 19 inch on the front the 20 inch on the back with the red braking calipers the car does it all it’s got a comfort pack which is keyless entry heated steering wheel assisted tailgate plus it’s incredible inside the contrast on this is wonderful with

The fiona red interior look at that car has a tech pack with head up display ham and card and all those things that you’d want from a performance car but with the technology and and the comfort aspects inside i do say comfort because it does give you that comfort carbon roof as you can see there black window surrounds black boot spoiler tinted led rear lights

The quad tail pipes what a great car this is i’ve got to be the best colour hasn’t it we say it all the time but for me black a fast car in black with the black wheels it’s what i like all black and that’s just me but i think a lot of you out there will be exactly the same in your thought process being generally a three series you have got this silhouette which

Is a bit more aggressive than the m4 for me a bit chunkier a bit better looking and you’ve got the space and the doors at the back to give you a bit more practicality inside this car is wonderful ambient lighting but the two-tone black and fiona red seats they’re lovely aren’t they and it makes this car absolutely does being the m3 and the new model you’ve

Got the carbon fiber interior we’ve got electric seats with electric lumber we’ve obviously got reversing camera we’ve got digital interface m1 m2 switchable and configurable driving modes on the steering wheel the stats are incredible on this car i’ve said it at the start of the video it is 3.5 seconds not 60. don’t disregard that because it is super fast but

You also get the noise and the grip with the x drive to go with it jumping in let’s listen to this so this car’s at its running in service which is all important to any bmw enthusiasts or any potential buyers of this car it’s been prepared properly if you’re looking to the door of this car looking at the spec you’ve got memory seats for driver harm and card and

You’ll notice this flashing red because the doors open but it has got configurable ambient lighting that runs throughout the car wireless smartphone interface wireless phone charging digital and touch operated media infotainment system with every possible thing you could want from a modern car from android auto apple carplay internet car setup heated front seats

Digital climate control this is amazing we’ve got carbon fiber sent to console and through into the passenger side and carbon fiber steering wheel so the paddle shifters are in carbon as is the steering wheel and because it’s got comfort pack you’ve got heated steering wheel as well this is what i’m talking about configurable driving modes so you can set this car

Up like a computer game and it sounds amazing but come inside you’ll see what head-up display as well all important when you’re keeping your eyes on the road going at high speeds which obviously will do in this car you can keep your focus on the road and not be distracted by all this technology going on around you it’s got everything for me it’s the colour that’s

My favorite thing but then the extract performance plus the comfort pack gives you that a little bit extra on the website now i believe this is a real seller great price as well if you just check our carrot on comparison this is a great buy thanks for watching

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2021 BMW M3 Competition M xDrive By Acklam Car Centre

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