2021 bmw 540i g30 m sport editio
Altair Club Cars 2021 BMW 540i G30 M Sport Edition REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

2021 BMW 540i G30 M Sport Edition REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

2021 BMW 540i G30 M Sport Edition REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL

Only a thousand of these will be made oh man hold on it’s like bigger bigger and bigger oh my god what was that just look at it go i mean what’s up guys welcome to this pov review by auto top and l my name is martin and today i’m taking a look at this all new bmw 5 series lci max has already told you about this lci click in the top right corner if you want to

Know everything about the lci and what has been changed today i’m going to focus on this one because this is a bmw 540i xdrive m sport edition and that’s not just an m sport pack but it’s a limited edition run only a thousand of these will be made so what is that the m sport edition well you get five things one i’ve already told you the fact that it’s a limited

Edition one of only a thousand two you get shadow line headlights so i guess that’s some of the black stuff that’s in there which combines really well with this black kidney grill look at how small that kidney grill is it’s iconic it’s really characteristic for what the bmw 5 series stands for but i’ll tell more about that later three you get these bi-color m

Sport 20-inch wheels and you get some little logo right there to let people know that you have one of those 1 000 amp sport editions um let me go to the other side looks a bit prettier i guess yes there it is that’s the little logo i was talking about um quite a special wheel with those pieces those inserts that i don’t know are for aerodynamic reasons um you

Also get that’s number four special m sport braking system with red calipers now before you got blue calipers and i think the blue just looks a bit more chic this is quite in your face you know this is what you do with a can of holford’s brake paint you go red it’s a bit tacky and you get a special color because this is tanzanite blue and you could also get

Donington gray so that’s the m sport edition um i know it’s not that special i mean you could expect it to be one instead of going for one of those 1000 limited editions but hey if you’re looking for one of the early lcis and you’re into like sporty dynamic driving and you want it to look tough i guess one of these m sport editions is a great option okay so

What do you think of the facelift i mean the pre lci i think is one of the nicest looking five series ever made and normally when people are happy with a model the lci isn’t all that different but with this one i think people are happy with the model and even though they’re really happy with the design they changed a lot because the headlight the headlights

Are totally different we don’t get the angel eyes leds anymore we’ve got new front bumper new rear bumper it’s quite drastic and you know what i like it even more i think this really is one of the nicest looking bmws ever made i know a lot of you will like it for the fact that it’s sort of a classic design as i said you get the small kidney grills i mean where

Do you see that nowadays with bmw it’s like bigger bigger and bigger and these are just quite elegant instead of in your face i’m so expensive and tough and big and i like this it’s elegant what i also like is talking about the conservative part of this bmw that right there you get the normal gear lever so not the checky one you get in these expensive bmws but

Uh the crystal one but this is just great guys i really like the fact that they stuck to these classic bmw elements and not go for the tacky somewhat eastern market oriented stuff like the big grill and the crystal gear lever good job bmw now let’s take a look at the engine because there have been small changes even though the engine lineup was already quite

Impressive with the 5 series i mean we still get the straight 6 b58 engine but it has got an update this is now a mild hybrid and it has 340 horsepower now don’t expect a lot from that mild hybrid system in terms of fuel economy but you do get e-boost and that’s like a small torque and power increase so i don’t know there’s nothing to complain there uh this

Is an x-drive version as you can see right there x drive 540i so that means we have four-wheel drive and it will do zero to a hundred and four point nine seconds i mean come on this is like when you look at the engine lineup the average bmw 5 series and it does 4.9 i mean you can also get a 530 horsepower m550i with a v8 or go m5 and 600 horsepower or go even

More m5 competition 625 horses that’s insane okay now on the inside there have been some changes too because this screen has got a lot bigger it used to be 10.2 inches if you went for the big screen this is now 12 some somewhat over 12 inches and it’s massive and i really really like it if you go for the small unit so this is the upgrade unit you get the big

Unit you used to get in the lcr in the pre lci okay i hope you got that but i also like these seats you can now get m seats m5 seats in a regular bmw 5 series now i think that’s both a good and a bad thing because let’s start with the good these seats are the best ever made i mean you can get a super tight and comfortable driving position they’re really good

And low in terms of seating position and they like grab on grab a hold of you and make sure you don’t get tossed around in the corners but they also have a comfort setting and then they’re like the best seats to do like a thousand kilometers on a single day with you just step out of the car and you feel totally relaxed and fine without any backaches now the bad

Thing about these seats being in this five series i think is that the bmw m5 has already been more of a 5 series than ever because they don’t have a wide body nowadays like with the f10 so they have the same body as a regular 5 series but you can now also get these seats in a regular 5 series so that’s you know more they are growing towards each other more and

More and for the m5 that’s not a great thing for the 5 series yeah maybe a good thing okay let’s get driving now you don’t really get like a starter mode or sound because the 48 volt system has took over the function of a starter motor so you don’t get to turn off the start stop the start stop system anymore they like glued in this little piece right here it’s

A bit ugly i have to say okay let’s just put it into sport plus turn the traction control in sport as well gearbox and sport oh what a glorious engine this is i mean it just works in a one series it works in three series in a five and a seven and you never have the feeling that it’s lacking power or finesse or whatever straight sixes that’s bmw’s end game and

This 540i really shows so as i said 4.9 seconds to 100 in a 540i that’s impressive uh what do you have to do to get that number well put the gearbox in sport and the traction control in sport as well then find yourself a nice straight with without any traffic left foot on the brake give it some throttle and go and that’s a hundred by the way the top number

Is kilometers an hour and the bottom one miles an hour this system right here this unit has also gotten some minor changes if you put it into comfort mode you now get a power meter right there and if you floor it you can see 100 of power uh yeah okay that’s nice put it into sport mode go for some manual shifting and let’s see what that eight-speed zf unit is

Like now when i floor it you notice the dials get blue and that’s when the e-boost kicks in you know it’s look it’s not like v-tag like oh man hold on but it’s just a small boost to fill in the gaps of the turbo but it also doesn’t mean that the 540i has become dull because it’s still a very enjoyable 5 series and it could very well be the best 5 series if you

Take money and price into consideration i even think the 5 series is the nicest bmw you can get nowadays because it offers like 80 to 90 percent of the comfort of a 7 series and 80 to 90 percent of the dynamics of a 3 series so it’s a super nice compromise because the car will adapt to your driving style i mean you do have an adaptive mode and will and it will

Actually automatically adapt but you can also put in your driving style and the gearbox the suspension it really makes a big difference okay let’s go out of manual mode for the gearbox put it into sport mode and just floor it i mean it’s quite nice that we have an x drive for this spring day it’s super wet today but if you’re looking for more of a entertaining

540i i would really go for the rear wheel drive version it will be a bit slower to 60 or 100 but in terms of fun and driving dynamics i think the the rear wheel drive version will be more involving um if you’re one of those guys that has a bit of oversteer in their bmw and goes like woo hoo that was fun go for the rear wheel drive version if you’re like oh my

God what was that go for this x drive version if you don’t live in like austria you don’t need it you don’t need the x drive look ahead look at how fast this thing actually is i mean come on that’s super impressive 100 200 it’s also pretty damn impressive just have a look at the competition it’s in between oh i love how smooth the drive train is it’s absolutely

Like velvet it’s unbelievable this is one of the best engines ever made without a doubt the b58 what a masterpiece just look at it go i mean the average of five series that’s top speed 260 um that supposed to be like 250 gps but man that’s damn impressive the whole car is really impressive if you go for one of these 540 eyes it will never disappoint and in

Some countries you might think well it’s gone pretty expensive because of all those co2 taxes but hey there’s a 545 e coming and that’s one of these with a more powerful hybrid system and that will be a lot cheaper in some countries so maybe wait for that one um hope we hope we will be testing that one as well in the future but for now i’m gonna i’m going to

End the review of this magnificent 540i lci love it what a car bmw go on this is the way to go this is what we want okay guys if you enjoyed this review go and watch this one or watch this playlist of pov reviews um and don’t forget subscribe to our channel bye guys

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2021 BMW 540i G30 M Sport Edition REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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