2021 bmw 330i x drive takes on d
Altair Club Cars 2021 BMW 330i X Drive takes on Dodge Charger Hemi 5.7, Weight vs Power, drag and roll race

2021 BMW 330i X Drive takes on Dodge Charger Hemi 5.7, Weight vs Power, drag and roll race

2021 BMW 330i X Drive takes on Dodge Charger Hemi 5.7, Weight vs Power, drag and roll race!

Foreign foreign welcome back to another video welcome back to another drag race this one is going to be another very unusual but yet interesting on my left side we have the uh dodge charger daytona 5.7 liter that is a naturally aspirated v8 rear wheel drive automatic transmission on this side we have a 2021 bmw 330i x drive automatic transmission makes

255 horsepower a lot less than what the charger makes but it’s also lighter than the charger so that might help it’s also all-wheel drive now some of you will say wait why didn’t you get the v6 that would have made more sense i will guarantee you without even doing the video that the v6 will be walked by the bmw no chance whatsoever i’ve driven the v6 it’s a nice

Car but it’s not near to the level of this it’s a heavy beast we did it actually against the accord and it won you can watch that video in there there’s no hope in that so i thought maybe this would be a bit more interesting now keep in mind and i’ve said this before bmw generally tend to put the cars tend to not give us the best numbers what i mean with that is

That some people have found that the cars are more powerful than what bmw claims and one of the cars that i think bmw hasn’t told us the truth in terms of the horsepower is the bmw m340i could be the case with the 330i still a fantastic vehicle and today we have come to cayuga toronto motorsport park located in ku ontario canada my left side we have jake with his

Yellow beautiful charger we’ve done all the videos with that card against the kia stinger you can watch that video video today we’re going to put it up against the bmw m the bmw 330i this is not the amp performance package although you want to make any difference it’s a four-cylinder turbocharged engine um so we’re gonna find out okay jake uh we’re gonna do the

First run in normal modes but as a launch control um i have mine in normal mode completely i am good to go on my side make sure we have it in drive mode and i’m set ah he did have a good launch oh i’m being walked come on 170. thank you okay buddy uh we’re gonna do this again in comfort mode normal mode launch control and i’m good to go on my side

I had a better lunch this time a better lunch but he’s catching up to me he is catching up to me and he’s going come on bmw 151 161.70. okay this time we’re doing in sport modes and uh i’m turning off traction completely everything is off okay this is the off traction off whatever that is what a take off come on bmw you’re kidding me less horsepower but

Lighter i am killing him are you kidding me that is insane same same same head to head see x drive makes the difference foreign we’re going to do sport mode traction off but in manual mode i’m going to do mine in manual mode as well and maybe you can get more power out of it i’m good to go on my side he had a good takeoff oh that is a very aggressive lunch

Ah come on come on come on come on come on so we’re gonna do it 50 kilometers stand right beside each other in comfort mode all the way traction on and all that just like normal driving one two three and go foreign oh yeah i got him there’s no hope in counter mode but he’s beside me 150 160 175. whoa okay so this time i’m gonna put mine into full sport

Mode transmission is in sport mode i’m gonna hold down traction and turn it off completely and i am set on my side again 50 kilometers let’s roll come on bmw oh he had a oh yeah he’s walk come on i’m being walked basically here is like two cars ahead of me and 176. well as i predicted uh you walked on like i got walked on a roll with you with this like as

Predicted more horsepower but on a takeoff i am actually very fast because of that x drive nonetheless it was a lot of fun and that thing is pretty quick quite impressed for a four-cylinder right bad at all thanks again for coming i appreciate i hope you had as much fun as i did this was very interesting well the beamer is pretty quick i have to say what i love

About this car a few things in sport transmission which i did even in sport mode the sport transmission was on um it takes off really quickly and it shifts much faster than any normal there is a difference there absolutely it revs past 6500 rpm yes it shifts past 6500 rpm and it just goes and goes and goes i got about 170 kilometers an hour on a quarter mile this

Is a quarter mile the entire thing and it’s impressive it’s impressive they can actually stay right beside in some cases win against that charger that makes over 100 horsepower or more over 100 horsepower more than that but it’s an x drive good job on bmw i hope you were as shocked as i am because it’s very and it’s a very interesting race thanks for watching guys

And don’t forget to subscribe i love doing this stuff i love doing these kind of comparisons these kind of cars um special things goes to jake for helping out uh and bringing his charger again we did other videos but uh that was it thanks for watching stay tuned for more cheers

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