2021 audi sq8 motorweek road tes
Altair Club Cars 2021 Audi SQ8 | MotorWeek Road Test

2021 Audi SQ8 | MotorWeek Road Test

With all of the SUVs that are currently available, there seems to be one for just about everyone; whether you’re looking for practicality, performance, luxury or style. But every once in a while, one SUV comes along that does all of that and more; and no surprise, it comes from Audi!

Motorweek is made possible by lucas oil and tirerack.com with all of the suvs that are currently available there seems to be one for just about everyone whether you’re looking for practicality performance luxury or style but every once in a while an suv comes along that does all of that and more and no surprise it comes from audi the audi q8 arrived for 2019 as

A more sporty and stylish flagship version about a second generation q7 three row suv this 2021 sq8 adds a lot more performance into the mix audi is one brand that still believes in v8s and has crammed their 4-liter twin-turbo unit between the sq-8 shock towers to replace the standard v6 this escalates output from 335 to 500 horsepower with an impressive 568

Pound-feet of torque same 8-speed automatic transmission but with revised gearing and quattro all-wheel drive is standard in rear bias tuning sending 60 of power to the rears during normal operation we couldn’t get the mason dixon drag way fast enough to see what the sq-8 was capable of quattro grip provided the drama-free getaway that we’re used to from audi the

Sq8 squatting down briefly and then jumping off the line to 60 and four seconds flat that’s almost a full two seconds quicker than the standard q8 v6 which felt plenty powerful to us in our original road test two years ago power continues to pour on steadily and heavily from there with the turbo v8 making all of the right noises somehow sounding obnoxious and refined

At the same time automatic shifts happened clearly and quickly yet were extremely smooth as well it took 12.5 seconds to complete the quarter traveling at 111 miles per hour with all of the drive modes and adjustments that can be made to the sport-tuned adaptive air suspension and even rear-wheel steering the sqa can deliver a wide range of driving experiences if

You dial up dynamic mode and can figure out how to defeat as many intervention systems as possible you can fly through the cones like you’re in a sports sedan and while trying to wrap our heads around that it’s at this point we remember this chassis also delivers track-worthy performance underneath of lamborghini’s urus and the porsche cayenne drive it in normal

Mode with all of the safety systems active and it’s a totally different experience the car virtually taking over and keeping you from having any fun at all front brakes are one inch larger in diameter than the standard q8 and stopped us from 60 and 114 feet four feet shorter than before the brake pedal was firm and responsive stops were consistently straight and

True like most performance-minded audis it’s away from the track where the sq-8 truly excels yes the ride is more than entertaining but it can also be extremely comfortable and even relaxing with no harsh ride penalty to pay for all of the added capability to the already dynamic looking q8 shape the sq-8 adds a unique version of audi single frame grille as well as

Sportier takes for the front and rear fascias and quad exhaust tips integrated into the rear diffuser 21-inch wheels are standard with 22s available due to its slant back shape audi wisely ditched the q7’s third row keeping capacity at five yet sacrificing very little cargo space with a great 30.5 cubic feet in back expanding to 60.7 cubic feet with the rear seat

Backs folded plus there’s an exceptional 7 700 pounds towing capability rear seat passenger space stays plentiful as well while up front is the same driver-oriented high-tech cockpit of the q8 enhanced by a heated three-spoke steering wheel with shift paddles ambient lighting diamond stitched valcona sport seats aluminum trim and an extended leather package audi

Was one of the first brands to adopt fully virtual gauges and not only does their latest virtual cockpit continue to look impressive the amount of flexibility it has is truly amazing we’re less enamored with their latest twin screen multimedia and control setup but it’s easy enough to use once you take the time to learn its nuances government fuel economy ratings

Are 15 city 21 highway and 17 combined we average 17.7 miles per gallon of premium so there’s a well below average energy impact score consuming 19.4 barrels of oil yearly with 8.6 tons of co2 emissions the sq8 is available in both premium plus and prestige trims starting at 90 195 dollars that’s about 17 000 over a premium plus trimmed v6 the 2021 audi sq8 does

Everything short of rock crawling with poise composure and a whole lot of performance and as great as it looks it still has a way of blending in more than standing out classy not flashy and unlike many performance oriented luxury suvs it remains extremely practical too that’s what we’ve come to expect from audi and the sq8 delivers you

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2021 Audi SQ8 | MotorWeek Road Test By MotorWeek

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