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Altair Club Cars 2021 AUDI S5: SEXIER THAN EVER [Top 10 Things You Need To Know]

2021 AUDI S5: SEXIER THAN EVER [Top 10 Things You Need To Know]

What’s up RIDER FAM!!! Welcome to another car review! In this video, Ceezy shares his top 10 things you need to know about the 2021 Audi S5. Enjoy!

What’s up brother fam welcome back to a brand new whip review i am back at audi western chapel and today i’m bringing you the top 10 things that you need to know about the 2021 audi s5 i apologize in advance because we have a hurricane coming so it’s going to be a bit windy but anyways let’s ride foreign foreign foreign this is the 2021 audi s5

So this car is very well designed let’s take a walk around it starting with the front you have led headlights with led time running light and dynamic turn signal so at the center you have a nice honeycomb grill this is for the s model and this is one of the real time i’m going to say this the chrome looks absolutely stunning on this honeycomb grill so you can

See all the details inside the honeycombs so right here look at this it looks like a water droplet inside the hole so overall this is a very sporty honeycomb grille for this car so at the bottom we have a sporty lip of course it adds to the sportiness of the car so to the side you have some nice cutouts this is not for design purpose but they actually let the

Air go through so it’s for airflow around the core and improve stability so let’s keep going you have 19-inch wheels on this car and it comes standard with the red brick calipers they can be great they can be black but a lot of people are looking forward to see the red one and it’s standard and i think it looks nicer as well so over here you have the s5 badge

Over here you have nice silver or chrome mirror and this guy is a four-door coupe this is why you have the sloping roof line it ends in the back with a hatchback so this is why they call them the sport bags so now let’s check the back right at the edge of the hatch you have a nice spoiler it’s not too short it’s not too big it fits the car perfectly it’s very

Proportionate so going down you have fully led tail lights you have the s5 logo right here and a bit lower you have a nice sporty diffuser and you have quad exhaust or two dual exhaust so overall this car is very slick looking this is very sexy and you cannot go wrong with this car the s5 is 54.6 inches tall 187.2 inches long and 72.6 inches wide the s5 runs

On four independent adaptive suspensions controlled by the quattro overdrive system that helps improve the traction the 2021 s5 is powered by a 3 liter turbocharged v6 engine that can produce around 349 horsepower with 369 pound-feet of torque so i would judge that this car can go from zero to 60 in about 4.5 seconds and note that this car has been tested under

Extreme conditions in ideal conditions you might be able to get away with less than that so this engine is controlled by an eight-speed automatic gearbox with four different drive modes you have auto dynamic comfort and individual so the fuel efficiency in this car is about 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 on the highway so the last thing i want to say about

This engine is that it’s a mild hybrid so when you lift your foot off the gas it’s going to regenerate energy that will be sent to a small electric motor that will keep the car riding smoothly is what the interior of the s5 looks like so basically you have all leather interior and you have the red sport seats in this car this is the fine nappa leather seats and you

Have massaging function as well so you get the full package in this car so basically a lot of people are always looking for red interior sometimes it’s rare and this red is perfect because it’s not too bright it’s not too dark it’s just the perfect color for the interior of the car so over here you have an all leather sports steering wheel you have powder shifter

At the back you have napa on it you have red stitching all over it and you have the s badge at the bottom so this is a very nice steering wheel so right here you have the s badge as well behind the leather shift knob and you have some red stitching on it as well right in front of it you have some storage in favor of this touchscreen right here you used to have

The buttons for the mmi and the previous models but right now you just have storage and you have a touchscreen and two cup holders start stop button right here and right here you still have the old school version of the climate control you still have all the buttons in some models you will get two touchscreen ones for the mmi and one for the climate control but

Here you still have the old-school version with the wheels and the buttons to operate the climate control so it’s still very nice so you have carbon fiber everywhere in this car so basically you have carbon fiber on the dashboard you have it in center console you have it on the door and as well on the door you have some nice alcantara this is a very nice material

And luxurious as well so you have the audi virtual cockpit plus on this car so it looks very nice it’s different than the 2019 2020 models this is the the audi virtual cockpit plus and over here you have a nice global compartment you can you can fit pretty much like a decent amount of items in there but it’s not it’s not too big not too small it’s perfect so

This is pretty much what you have in this car right here now let’s test the practicality in the s5 so right now i have the driver seat pushed all the way back and i’m having trouble reaching the brake pedal i’m reaching it but barely in the gas pedal it’s a bit further to the right so i’m having trouble reaching it i’m extending my leg all the way right now and

I and i’m having trouble pushing it so if you’re over six feet tall you’re gonna have a nice time driving the s5 so if you’re less than that you can just adjust the seat and have a nice driving position as well and look look how i’m reaching for the steering wheel right now so this is how it is at the front of the s5 right now but now let’s check the back oh okay

With the driver seat push all the way back it’s nearly impossible for me to fit at the back so now let’s jump on the other side instead of this one now the script is flipped so basically imagine that you have a nice or normal size passenger in front of you so the city is going to be in this position right here it’s not every day that you’re going to find someone

That’s going to have this hit push all the way back unless it’s just their preference to have it like this but right now look how much knee room i have here and head room is not a concern in this car as well so basically i am six feet tall and if you’re over six feet your head is not even gonna touch this one unless you’re a basketball player then your head is

Gonna be touching the ceiling but the the sitting position at the back is very very good you’re gonna have a nice time traveling at the back of the s5 now let’s talk about the infotainment system so right here under the armrest you have the audi phone box so basically you have this pad right here it’s a wireless charger for your phone and when your phone is on

It it serves as a signal booster for a phone using the antenna of the car and you’re gonna have better service inside the car you also have a usb c connectivity right here for apple carplay and android auto so it’s very convenient right here that you have usbc and discard so that’s it for the audi phone box so over here you have this 10.1 end screen which is the

Mmi system it’s a touchscreen it’s very responsive and you can use it just like your phone and when you click on something you hear this click or this haptic feedback and you can feel it as well so it’s very nice response from the screen and you can pretty much operate everything in the car using this right here you have phone media vehicle settings everything

That you need is right here at this touch screen right here so on the side right here on the driver’s side you have this 10 12.3 inch screen which is the audi virtual carpet plus so you have two views you have the performance view and you have the regular view where you could have like the two gauges that will show you the speed and everything so other things

That you will find on this virtual cockpit is the media you’re going to find vehicle information like consumption your gas and you’re going to find your phone you can make phone calls from here and you can see the navigation as well so basically it’s a nice view it looks different from the previous models but this one is very nice very very nice besides the mmi

System being very convenient the audi virtual cockpit so one of my favorite convenience feature in this car is the keyless entry so basically when you want to unlock the car and your keys in your pocket all you got to do is approach the car place your hand behind the handle and you unlock it just like this and if you want to lock it when you get out the car if

Your key is still in your pocket all you got to do is tap the sensor on the handle and you lock it just like this when the car is locked and you want to open the back all you got to do is a small kick to the bumper and you unlock it just like this safety is not an issue in this car so basically you have blind spot assist on both mirrors you have top view and

360 view camera active lane keeping assist you have adaptive cruise control with distancing and also you have parking sensors front and rear just to name a few when it comes to price the s5 started right around fifty four thousand dollars and this one is the premium plus level it’s available at the west chapel for just over six thousand dollars so if you have

Any questions or inquiries about this car feel free to contact maria at audi west chapel she’ll be able to help you wherever you are in the country all right ryokan thank you so much for watching this review of the 2021 audi s5 so that was the top 10 things that you need to know about the s5 so if you enjoyed this video make sure you give us a big thumbs up

Subscribe to the channel if you’re new and comment down below what you think about the s5 and until we meet again let’s keep riding you

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