2021 audi rs q8 review a near 60
Altair Club Cars 2021 Audi RS Q8 Review: A Near 600HP Super SUV

2021 Audi RS Q8 Review: A Near 600HP Super SUV

The #Audi #RSQ8 is the performance super #SUV that stands at the very top of the Audi range. Featuring a twin-turbocharged 4.0L 48V mild-hybrid V8, the total outputs equals 590 horsepower and 591 lb/ft of torque. Although this SUV has mad amounts of power, the RS Q8 doesn’t sacrifice more liveability over its lesser-powered Q8 siblings.

Hello everyone and welcome to hot cars and welcome to the 2021 audi rsq8 audi’s flagship super suv it has a twin turbocharged mild hybridized four liter hot v v8 it has 590 horsepower and 591 pound-feet of torque and let’s get all of this talking out the way and let’s just go drive this thing oh before i get too crazy and get ahead of myself first

Things that i want to address is many fangs have to go off to glenmore audi that allowed me to play around with this demo model and i’ll also say that i’ve recently test out the audi q8 in its base format so i’m not going to spend any time in this video talking about the second row space how the interiors put together because i think i did a pretty good

Job in that video so please go check out that if you want to see my thoughts regarding those topics so to business you can get yourself into some very serious trouble with the rsq8 as i mentioned at the top this has the four liter twin turbocharged hot v mild hybrid 48 volt system v8 engine it’s the same engine that’s shared with the new rs6 advance and

The rs7 as well as a few porsche panamera and porsche kn models it’s an incredibly delightful engine and here it’s mated to the eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission lift quattro all-wheel drive and this being an rs model there are a lot of features that have reserved strictly for audi’s absolute best performance vehicles first few things to

Mention off we’ve got carbon ceramic brakes in this rsq8 something you will only see in this version of the q8 and it shares the record with the lamborghini urus as having the largest brakes ever fitted to a car their stopping power is epic and really is necessary if you want to slow down a car that weighs close to 6 000 pounds i’m on a road right now so i’m

Not going to really demonstrate them for you now but believe me when i say i’ve never felt bite like them and when it comes to them being carbon ceramics because this is an electric braking system it’s very easy to modulate they feel quite soft i haven’t noticed them squeak at all in my time driving but the electronic part of that conversation is important

Because they are variable when you go from your different driving modes and most notably in the rs1 or rs2 modes you’ll immediately feel a very different sensation when braking lightly or very aggressively so it has a little matter of inconsistency where the rsqa excels the most is day-to-day driving and if you got behind the wheel of this and you never

Really pushed the engine more than 3000 rpm it would feel like you were in the most luxurious version of the qa because the rsq-8 only has the air suspension system and i’m on the 22-inch rims right now with winter tires so i’ve got a little more sidewall working with me here and the ride quality is incredible this is still very much a luxury suv with gobs

Amount of power built in but a few pulls of the paddles and now i’m in second gear 5000 and now it’s a totally different animal and apart from the carbon fiber trimmings the flat bottom steering wheel and the one piece rs seats you could very quickly fool anybody in thinking that you’re in a vehicle that’s significantly less expensive and significantly less

Focused there’s certainly some problems i have with it which i’ll get to in a minute but just to talk a little more about the experience behind the steering wheel there’s a little more weight in the steering and i don’t know if this is simply a software thing or we’re accounting for the additional mass that the v8 has brought up front i like this added

Weight it doesn’t have that artificial feeling like going into dynamic mode in any other audi feels you know unnecessarily tight and heavy this is a perfect balance when you’re doing regular driving not using the paddles behind the steering wheel just going up and down the speed this 8-speed transmission is just as flawless as in every other model hides

Away in the background you never even really know it’s there but when you go into manual shifting like i’m doing right now downshifts could be a little quicker but up shifts they’re very good but then a new element is unlocked when you go into rs1 and rs2 mode you get some real shunts from the shifter and it’s a totally programmable thing they want you to

Feel more drama when you’re accelerating so if i hit the rs mode button on the steering wheel and i’m going to go down to let’s say second gear watch this oh that was quite a pickup in speed but there’s certainly more drama and the suspension gets a little stiffer but still not enough for me to be concerned about regular driving it’s just if you really

Want everything you’re gonna have to pay for it but damn this rsq-8 really does deliver the v8 sounds incredible oh i hope you can hear that as well as defined as i can but then in a touch of a button going back into comfort mode it all just returns to a very civilized very normal vehicle and like i said from behind the steering wheel there really isn’t

Too much of a giveaway on the outside though the rsq8 design is substantially different to the normal q8 and even the sq8 there’s a totally different grille much larger air intakes down below the side seals are a little bit extended let’s talk about the styling a little more with the rsq-8 because it is distinctive and when you park it up alongside any of

Its other q8 family members it will look substantially different you’ll notice right away that the larger air intakes have this big silver element that kind of connects the two together really the entire front of this car is an air intake and when you leave this car alone after parking up it will have the fans going for quite a few minutes just to cool down

That huge engine down below you’ll have the big fat oval exhaust one of the key elements of an rs vehicle design the rsq8 offers the carbon optics pack and that will add a lot of carbon fiber to the exterior design of this vehicle when we’re talking about the mask up front that whole surround can be carbon fiber that little plaque that owes homage to the

Original audi quattro would be in carbon fiber and those silver elements that you see at the bottom of the bumpers front and rear would be carbon fiber as well and as i did that quick u-turn i might as well mention that the rsq-8 also comes standard with four-wheel steering and it’s spooky the way that this very large mid-sized suv can turn on a dime just

Like it’s a sub-compact car a couple of issues that i have with the rsq8 my main issue is that these one-piece seats don’t fit at all person all that well if i want to lean my head back you’ll see that really only the base of my skull and my neck is held onto if you’re smaller then the seats might fit you a little better but for a tall person like me that

Feeling is a little worrying i don’t like that even in the most expensive audi suv we’ve got plastic paddles behind the steering wheel i wish they would have used metal so at the end of the day what do you get with the rsq8 well perhaps not as much connection as you’d want for a near 600 horsepower suv but we’re talking about an audi flagship here before

You even say audi flagship super suv you’re talking about a vehicle that really prioritizes refinement build quality and just removal from the external world the rsqa really excels at that the sound system is incredible there’s no less space in the second row or in the boot space and apart from the additional price and a significant decrease in fuel economy

I have very little else to complain so let’s finish up this video and call it a day so those are my thoughts towards audi’s 2021 rs q8 a really mad machine and really doesn’t compromise in much in terms of livability yes you’re going to have to pay quite a premium to get into this flagship rs vehicle but there’s no doubting that this rsq8 is special and i’ve

Really enjoyed spending my time with it so thanks again to glenmore audi that made this review possible lending out their demo model to me for a couple days and many thanks to you for watching please don’t forget to like comment subscribe all of those wonderful things really helps this channel out a lot thanks again hope to see you again on hot cars soon

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