2021 audi a5 vs s5 vs rs5 0 60 t
Altair Club Cars 2021 Audi A5 vs S5 vs RS5: 0-60 Test (A5 40 & 45)

2021 Audi A5 vs S5 vs RS5: 0-60 Test (A5 40 & 45)

Whether you’re a potential buyer, or you just want to see some expensive Audis go fast in a straight line, it’s in your best interest to watch this video. On top of getting accurate Dragy times for each of these Audis, I will also share the differences in mechanical equipment for each!

The a5 is audi’s hatchback coupe with some swagger and the regular one is plenty quick if you ask me however today i have the s5 which is the big brother to it that packs more of a punch and then i have the father to both of them the rs5 today i’m gonna see does that money really give you that much more power and is it worth it let’s find out if you like what

You see please make sure to subscribe that way you get quality content and i get closer to making this a full-time gig hey maybe even follow me on instagram now back to the video so i’m in the audi a545 now if you’re wondering what those number designations are it’s actually for the powertrain so all a5s are going to be all-wheel drive all of them are going to

Be packing a 2-liter turbocharged engine and a 7-speed dual clutch the model that i have here has 261 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque if you get the 40 which is roughly 2 grand cheaper is going to have 201 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque here’s my 0-60 run with that my result of 6.5 seconds with rollout is more than reasonable uh audi quotes

That this one should be able to do 0-60 in 5.4 seconds now keep in mind you cannot get the 40 with the coupe just like with the 40 i’m going to put it in dynamic mode i’m going to shut off the traction control and it’s noticeably quicker than the a5 uh 40. i feel like the 45 could have done better though if it allowed me to hold the revs higher at launch

For transparency and science all cars will be warmed up in dynamic mode with auto shifting traction control and climate control will be off my foot will be to the floor when i break torque or use launch control and each car gets one run in both directions despite the time being slightly slower than expected here these are valid real world numbers both of the

A5 powertrains come with a mild hybrid setup and it also runs some of the accessory equipment allows it to do a more fancy auto stop start in terms of sportiness you can put it in the sport mode and it stiffens up the steering there is a sport suspension package which this does have and it definitely makes the ride well pretty stiff it’s definitely a capable car

However personally i think it’s a little bit too stiff for my taste an adaptive suspension unit is apparently available on the prestige but i’m having trouble locating one nor can i actually find it on the audi website the difference between 60 horsepower is i guess point nine seconds personally it is noticeable um i i would be fine with either model but for only

Two grand all right now let’s hop in the s5 the s5 features a completely different powertrain starting with the transmission you have an eight-speed automatic it’s not a dual clutch and it’s just as reactive as the unit in the a5 they they use this transmission because it was able to handle the extra power of the three-liter turbocharged engine it produces 349

Horsepower in 369 pound-feet of torque this uh has an available dynamic steering package this does not have that and as a result of it the steering is still numb now it is direct it is very precise i don’t have complaints with the steering however if you want more steering feel as audi puts it and you want a quicker ratio the dynamic steering package for i think

Thirteen hundred dollars should be worth it this model also has the sport s package which gives you the sport rear differential you will also get the sport s adaptive dampening package which seems to work very well i definitely recommend it and it also comes with red brake calipers dynamic mode on which will uh also come in with the exhaust note uh you’ll hear

It very slightly it’s the present mode versus the quiet mode that fell faster oh man ah the difference between the a5 and this is significant enough where you you get different types of feelings from it now that my head is spinning a little bit let’s knock me the out with the rs5 i’m behind the wheel of the 2018 audi rs5 now the engine transmission and the

At least the performance upgrades have remained the same the transmission is still the eight-speed automatic and it still functions very very well the engine is a 2.9 liter v6 putting out 444 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque it has a different sound to it than the uh other the three liter v6 now this car comes with the dynamic package which funny enough

Does not include that special steering rack i mean it still feels very quick it is quite precise but it’s not darty it’s a rather easy car to drive down the road and if you put it in the comfort setting and the road isn’t too bad i would say that it’s quite comfortable and something that i’ve noticed is that even though this suspension is stiffer than the a5

With the sport suspension package on this road in particular i’m not feeling the same choppiness it’s like this is a more sophisticated setup however i will have to note um over bumps and stuff and imperfections you’re going to feel every single one even in the comfort setting in here um and whenever you put it into the sport setting which i will do now one the

First thing you hear is that exhaust this does have the sport exhaust package but the ride becomes pretty rough and it’s already not soft but wow it’s now this is going to have the sport rear differential as standard the dynamic package in this case includes dynamic ride control which i am not going to get up to its limits to really be able to feel uh the

Difference between it i mean i can notice definitely that this doesn’t have much body roll at all it’s actually a hydraulic system that’s designed to keep the body under control through hard cornering and really make it feel lighter on its toes and i think they did a pretty good job of achieving that okay 0-60 same stuff all right dynamic everything oh man

Holy oh jesus christ i have not felt that since the rs3 and that is definitely more violent than what the rs3 was which is kind of interesting because this has an eight speed and not a dual clutch like the rs3 wow okay i always lose composure whenever that happens it’s just like you kind of have to sit and focus on it i’m gonna pass out 3.5 seconds to 60.

Okay so my impressions after driving each of the a5s all of them pack a pretty reasonable amount of performance the s5 is a different level but the rs5 is a different animal now the s5 is probably my personal pick just because you can get into one for the low 50s if you play your cards right and uh it’s it is the next level performance like the a5s the the

Between the 40 and the 45 i would not say is at a different level it’s like putting a tune on a car i think that this just oh my god you understand why the car new uh costs 80 000 stock the rs5 is for the person who wants the ultimate sports car with daily life credentials for less than 100 grand the s5 on the other hand doesn’t compromise on comfort and should

Be cheaper and easier to maintain than the rs5 the s5 starting price is much closer to the a5 though so i can see more people with this question a5 or s5 quick disclaimer this is an opinion so if you disagree or agree voice your own politely in the comment section below anyway here’s my take if you can afford it and performance is a priority to you get the s5

After driving all of them i can say the s5 transcends sport and comfort the best in fact you get all the comfort of an a5 with exhilarating consistent straight line performance plus it looks cool if you don’t have the cash or want cheaper running costs the a5 is still a good option and shouldn’t disappoint in performance i would just personally skip the sport

Suspension as it takes some of the luxury out of the ride and the a5 isn’t going to be a performance model anyway when it comes to the a540 versus 45 neither of them knocked my socks off or disappointed me but for roughly 2 grand depending on the trim it’s kind of hard to deny the extra passing power of the 45 unless you are really strict on that budget or have

Absolutely no desire for the extra power no matter which model you choose when it comes to performance these audis have a respectful kick to them they don’t offer the emotion that some competitors might have but their no-nonsense capabilities high quality and all-weather confidence make them worthy vehicles in each of their respective classes thanks for watching

If you enjoyed the video please consider subscribing and i’ll catch you in the next one i’d also like to thank my friends at royal on the east side in bloomington indiana for providing the audis for this test if you’re looking for something new used or just plain cool check them out

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2021 Audi A5 vs S5 vs RS5: 0-60 Test! (A5 40 & 45) By Realistick

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