2021 acura rdx a spec sh awd pov
Altair Club Cars 2021 Acura RDX A-Spec SH-AWD – POV Driving Impressions

2021 Acura RDX A-Spec SH-AWD – POV Driving Impressions

Model: 2021 Acura RDX

Hey guys welcome to the 2021 acura rdx a spec this is a vehicle we haven’t driven in quite some time i actually went to the launch of this in nashville a few years ago and ever since then we’ve been driving a lot of other vehicles in acura’s lineup so it’s good to get back into this and kind of revisit acura’s first taste of their new design language their

New interiors and their new tech in their whole lineup so let’s walk you around this accurate rdx a-spec we’ve got a pretty nicely specced car here we have a 272 horsepower 2-liter inline four-cylinder that is turbocharged makes great power that’s mated to acura’s speed automatic and this rdx has super handling all-wheel drive which gives it a base price of

46 495 dollars very sharp looking car in my opinion a really nice option if you’re looking for a luxury crossover suv fun to drive not terribly economical unfortunately about 23 miles to the gallon combined 21 in the city 26 on the highway really well packaged though a lot of interior space very comfortable very luxurious let’s get these doors unlocked here

This a spec gives you a lot of visual upgrades got a slightly snazzier interior that red gauge cluster that really looks good at night but not so much in the daytime love the seat there’s an alcantara insert in the middle here all this is super easy to fold down folds completely flat you’ve got a beautiful panoramic sunroof these headrests adjust and of course

We’ve got the els 3d premium audio system which we’ll test at the end of this video lots of leg room back here look at the space this is awesome and i think this is a really nice interior acura has been killing it with their interiors lately they’ve kind of updated the mdx and the tlx a little bit made some tweaks and changes for better ergonomics and usability

But still this rdx is pretty good a couple usb ports back here nice arm rest the materials all the leather the feel of everything the way this door closes oh it’s all very nice very very nice this would be a great alternative to one of the german luxury cars especially if you want to hold on to it for a little while don’t have to worry about out of warranty

Issues got a nice storage space under here pretty decent loading height nice and flat a lot of room to put things i would like to see a little bit more padded or grippy plastic instead of this loud scratchy stuff but i guess that does the job fold down the rear seats right here automatic tailgate works nice and quickly hood release is kind of hidden down here

Let’s check out that two liter turbo like i said earlier 272 horsepower 280 pound-feet of torque the 10-speed automatic in this drive is great i’ll show you guys what that’s like during the test drive 272 horsepower goes a long way in this car it feels pretty powerful ride quality is decent too even on these 20 inch wheels no adjustable dampers like you get

In the advanced package however that’s fine with me we’ve got a few different drive modes on this dynamic mode selector snow which kind of reduces your throttle inputs and improves the traction control system for snow driving comfort sport and sport plus and that actually gives you a little turbo gauge and a g meter which is pretty cool we’re going to leave

This in sport got a nice little reverse camera moving lines parking sensors around you you can see a couple different options a couple different views that’s probably fine your mirrors will adjust if you want them to to see the curves when you put it in reverse just move the slider to the center right or left auto up and down windows all the way around turn

Off your auto stop start right there heated and cooled seats i believe there’s also the option for a heated steering wheel though i’m not 100 sure about that cool little cup holder and phone holder configuration down here you’ve got a small alcantara accent here on the dash the leather the stitching i just love the way this interior feels to the touch really

My only complaint is there’s a bit too much reflective surface down here on the steering wheel otherwise though pretty solid interior a little bit of gloss black right there but not in a necessarily high traffic area they’ve used nice matte materials durable stuff down here where you’re going to be having a lot of use massive panoramic sunroof and you can

See we’ve got all of these speakers around here for the ela studio 3d sound system one of the best sound systems in the market volvo is up there too but uh i think uh you can i can’t go wrong for under 50 grand to have this sound system as a daily driver it’s like you’re driving around a really nice hi-fi setup and uh chances are this is maybe the best sound

System you own all right let’s take this thing for a drive see what it’s like on the road it does drive quite well so we will uh tell you guys all about it pretty light steering not as feather light as it is in the new mdx which i kind of like they’ve gotten a nice balance with the weight here i have spent quite a bit of time in the new acura tlx recently so

It’s interesting to compare how this rdx drives to that quite a few differences i mean this is just a taller heavier crossover with the super handling all-wheel drive is over 4 000 pounds but for a crossover it drives and handles and is quite engaging to drive the more you push it the harder it corners it’s got a good amount of power this two liter turbo

Really does pull nicely it’s comfortable it rides well i’ve got great visibility for what this thing is i’m actually very impressed with it dynamically i like the driving position these seats are very very comfortable there’s a little bit more road noise and the ride is maybe slightly harsher on these 20 inch wheels but not a huge complaint or a major deal

Breaker i would definitely get super handling all-wheel drive with your rdx acura’s just nailed this system so well that it’s really really is worth it in the end especially compared to the front wheel drive options got a couple geese blocking the road there i like the way this two liter sounds why couldn’t honda do this with the type r make it sound just a

Little bit better or their civic si whatever they’re doing with the induction sound or the sound tuning with this two liter they’re doing a good good job with it same with the tlx i noticed the same thing it really sounds pretty nice it rips we’re in sport mode pedal shifters can be a little bit lazy to downshift sometimes but again not a sports car we are in a

Nice comfortable luxurious crossover getting onto the highway not a lot of wind noise or road noise cruise control is super easy to operate and of course really nice lane centering that works well on the highway don’t still i still don’t quite trust it on back roads or side streets you can easily skip five mile an hour increments by holding the button up and down

Super easy ergonomics such an easy vehicle to live with and use on a daily basis let’s test the handling go into sport plus mode here brake pedal feels nice very neutral you can feel stability control kind of keeping us turned in there rotating us around the corners and this is where super handling all-wheel drive really shines from a dig around a corner it’ll

Just send all that torque to the rear wheels and well most of that torque to the rear wheels and it can torque vector from one side or the other and on throttle this is just an incredibly neutral suv it drives awesome it’s pretty fun actually you can enjoy yourself on a back road in this thing look at that i would compare the handling in this rdx to something

Like an x5 it’s it’s pretty good it’s pretty capable maybe feel as light on its feet really the only complaint that i have with this dynamically is the steering is just a little bit more disconnected than a lot of uh the other acura products the tlx has much better steering the mdx is a little bit more direct there seems to be just a slight delay you do get

Used to it after you kind of drive this for a little while but when i immediately got into the car i noticed that the steering was just a little bit looser a little bit wonkier than uh other acura products any other complaints these red gauges they look awesome at night they’re kind of cool at low in low light situations sunrise like we are in right now but

During the day in broad daylight with full sun or clouds it’s pretty hard to read these gauges the red just kind of blends in with the gray and it doesn’t really do a nice job being a clear gauge cluster that’s really only a problem with the a-spec all the other rdxs have i think it’s like a white gauge setup and that’s pretty nice and sharp and easy to read

Otherwise this is a pretty nice suv i don’t really have a lot of other complaints i mean i’m kind of reaching there those are minor nitpicks we’ve got a little bit of ambient lighting here in the door handles right there but that’s about it show you guys a little bit what this is like at night i do like these touch pad controls for the type for the uh for the

Infotainment screen i know they’ve gotten a little bit controversial with some outlets i think the more you use them i mean it’s such an easy system to find what you need i mean i at this point after using this for i don’t know a number of weeks with different acura products i can just put my hand and my finger on the screen anywhere i want or on the touchpad

And that will relate to the screen the only complaint that i have is apple carplay isn’t necessarily the same system or the same method you have to kind of scroll or swipe like you would with a lexus system that said though it is a much better and more accurate touch system than anything else on the market so i do really like this for daily use and also acura

Hasn’t gone in and hidden a bunch of features and settings in the infotainment once you get your radio presets and everything done it’s a pretty easy system to use and likely you have climate control buttons and everything else is a button and the usability and ergonomics in this are great you can turn off stop start you can turn off your parking sensors your

Lane keep assist you don’t have to go into three four five menus like you would in a bmw to do that so positive on there another thing about this rdx is there’s a lot of storage up front too you’ve got a power outlet down there a 12 volt cigarette lighter aux port and some little storage down here in the middle so just a very nice practical package i really like

This thing all right let’s do let’s walk around this one more time that’ll wrap up the drive portion of this video and we’ll go straight into the sound system test cool lines from the hood there too pretty big exhaust tips on this a spec all right so watch this if i want to go to apple carplay i know right where to touch basically and it’s there we’ll go into

Our music something we have added to a couple of the more recent acura products is we’ve got a volume knob down here next to the touchpad which i think is really nice on this rdx though it’s a little bit higher up so do so uh uh my two please now uh really nice sound system definitely gets a lot better the more you crank it up

You really have to raise the volume to feel that clarity that crispness in this els system i would say the mdx and the tlx ela systems are better just at lower volumes and they seem a little bit clearer and just nicer to listen to all the time but this this rdx is still one of the best in class i think the xc60 might have an upper hand on this one at least in

Some in some situations with certain tracks all right guys that’s it for this one thanks for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video take care you

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