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Altair Club Cars 2021/2022 Ford Bronco Review (Wildtrak / Sasquatch / 4-Door) // Wrangler with Road Manners?

2021/2022 Ford Bronco Review (Wildtrak / Sasquatch / 4-Door) // Wrangler with Road Manners?

The Ford Bronco made its way back into the lineup in 2021 for the 6th generation. Once again, it’s targeted directly at the Jeep Wrangler. How does it stack up?

The ford bronco returned to the lineup for the 2021 model year 25 years after the last bronco rolled off the line nearly 80 years since ford produced its last jeep it’s back with a four-door option a whole mess of new tech and something called the sasquatch package new for the 2022 model year we have two new colors eruption green and hot pepper red two new trim

Levels in the everglades and the top tier raptor trim and the ability to combine the seven speed stick with the sasquatch package back during world war ii ford actually built about 250 000 jeeps after the war you know the veterans and outdoorsy types were still into the jeeps they were you know rugged and good quality but the issues more mainly with road noise and

Ride quality and so ford kind of set out to build a better a jeep with better road manners and that was you know back in the 60s was the first bronco and that was kind of their goal and here in the sixth generation they’re still kind of doing the same thing we’ve got the independent front suspension which gives you a better ride quality than the solid front axle of

The wrangler now if you’re in the wrangler you know maybe a wrangler is still right for you if you are rock crawling it all the time in extreme off-roading situations a lot like the most extreme situations the wrangler is going to be the better choice but if you’re like me you’re on paved roads most of the time or this is also your daily driver you’re probably

Going to want better ride quality and we’re not talking lexus ride quality here but we’re talking plenty good enough to daily drive for sure and on that drive we’re looking at a few different modes here we’ve got sport we’ve got eco and we’ve got normal that’s going to adjust your throttle response that’s going to adjust your auto start stop it’s going to change

Your shift points it’s going to automatically adjust your transfer case so you can always change those if you don’t like the settings though you know you can turn your auto start stop on or off by yourself as well you can shift for yourself even there are little buttons on the shifter here and you can adjust the the transfer case here this one actually has the 4×4

Advanced as well that’s an extra mode here that was optioned on this one and what that does is basically it leaves you in too high most of the time and then when it detects wheel slip then it can get the other two wheels involved i’ve been spending most of my time in sport mode and i’ve been kind of paying for it but that’s just because i like the throttle response

Best in sport mode but i’ve only been getting about 16 miles per gallon which not ideal if you have a long commute there are a few other driving modes as well there are actually four other driving modes that are meant more for off-road situations and those change depending on what trim level you’re in and i mentioned the 10-speed auto uh this this 10-speed auto

Is your only option if you’re in the six-cylinder this wild track has the six-cylinder engines it’s a 2.7 liter six-cylinder and it makes 330 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque if you want to get the manual there is a 7-speed manual option but you have to get the base engine that’s the 2.3 liter engine and actually new for this year and the top-tier raptor

Trim there is a three liter engine as well so one of the other issues with the wrangler was with road noise now with this one we have the soft top on this one and even with the extra insulation that was optioned on this one the rear window is still plastic the rear quarter windows are still plastic and we’ve actually got some pretty big rattles going on but it

Basically sounds like you’ve got a window open all the time and it’s not too bad when you’re on regular roads but when you start getting on the highway it’s pretty loud which is especially unfortunate in this one that has the lux lux package options uh so the big 12 inch screen the heated steering wheel adaptive cruise the 360 camera but among all that it also

Gives you the bang olufsen sound system and despite not even having any speakers in the doors because the doors all come off it still sounds really good uh even just with the speakers up here and back there but when you’re on the highway you can’t really hear you’re gonna crank it pretty loud um as far as visibility goes you got the big boxy shape which is nice

So it’s really easy to see out the front you know the nice big window thin a pillars here the only thing is the a-pillar over there kind of protrudes a little bit so from my seating position it kind of obscures part of the mirror but the mirrors are big you know blind spot monitoring and it’s really not too big a deal um a little bit of an obstruction and then in

The back again big boxy shape we got a nice big window there but the headrests are kind of away but those come off so i would either fold those down or take them off if you don’t have passengers back there really open up your visibility a lot more and then the tires there it’s it’s a little it’s blocking a little bit of the lower part but it’s not too bad this

Whole cabin area feels fairly modern and nice we do have some hard plastics around but it’s a rugged truck and that’s to be expected the infotainment system is smooth and easy to use it’s packed full of features like a tow hookup guide an owner’s manual and some other goodies android auto and apple carplay are wireless that’s on all trim levels this one has the

Lux package so we do actually have wireless charging as well does kind of bother me that you can’t go full screen with this but it’s nice to be able to have the nav up and the music over to the side the digital gauge cluster is also pretty sleek and modern the lane keep assist tells you which lane you’re crossing well while it vibrates at you and we’re looking at

A lot of vertical bars and digital numbers i’m not a big fan of the tank with the number display and the subtle line here but i’m sure that that’s something i could get used to as far as the back seat space goes i have some car seats back here and they work out fine though at my height five foot seven it is tough getting the kids up into the seats just over 36

Inches of leg room they do fit okay rear-facing seats are going to be a whole lot tougher and at my height i fit fine back here we’ve got a few outlets and ports back here as well and if you get the leather trimmed seats you also get the center cup holders and because of that sasquatch package that i mentioned before we have the high clearance fender flares here

We’ve got the high clearance suspension we’ve got the big mud tires here these are the 35-inch mud tires about as big as my three-year-old and we’ve got bead lock capable wheels these are the high gloss black 17 inch wheels and we’ve got the beauty ring here to cover up the holes because it’s be locked capable and my kids love the little broncos in the middle too

Otherwise if we didn’t have that sasquatch package we’d be looking at 30 inch all seasons if we’re in the base trim or looking at all terrains anywhere uh up to 37 inches in the raptor trim and we’ve got the electronic locking front and rear axles because of that sasquatch package and here in 2022 that sasquatch package is also available with the manual which it

Was not last year in 2021 and this running board down here is about a 400 option i highly recommend that if you don’t have super long legs i’m 5’7 not the tallest guy in the world but between this and the handlebar inside it’s been pretty easy to get in and out and i would definitely recommend having those also if you ever want to take the top off being able to

Stand on there pull the top up definitely helps so up here in the front we’ve got the signature led headlights here with the nice big ring around it and the line through you get led standard no matter what but this one has these signatures and those are automatic as well with auto high beams down here you notice no fog lights because we have the modular bumper

Here that is an option if you wanted to get the fog lights those would come standard or if you wanted the modular bumper with the fog lights then here in 2022 is the only way you can get that and you can only get that on the top tier raptor trim level one thing that’s a little bit more noticeable from the back here this thing’s got some pretty wide hips it’s a

Little wider than the wrangler a little bit longer as well haven’t had too many issues with parking spots or anything like that got the bronco logo back here the led lights spare tire of course open this up we’re looking at 38 cubic feet of space back here in the four-door only get 22 cubic feet of space if you’re in the two-door so that’s a pretty big difference

Uh one thing to note also is that you can actually get all four your doors back here because all four doors come off and there’s a kit with some bags that you can get straight from the factory and you can fit those all back in here so if you’re out and it starts raining or whatever you can just pop those back on the ford bronco is a worthy competitor in a space

Previously ruled by the wrangler the mix of ruggedness and on-road manners along with modern tech and a decently comfortable interior that looks nice not too precious to get a little dirty and scratched up should definitely be on your list if you’re an outdoorsy type plus you can’t complain about the option to go topless and doorless so with all the supply chain

Issues still happening these are rolling out pretty slowly there aren’t a whole lot of them on the road yet so it’s it is generating a lot of buzz i get people coming up to me enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts a lot of people asking me how’s your jeep did you get a new jeep you like your jeep even my son he’s three years old so i’ll give him a pass but can’t get over

The fact that it’s not a jeep even though we’ve got bronco logos we’ve got the bronco logo here over there in the front in the wheel so if you’re looking for vanity plate ideas i’d recommend not a jeep that’s it for this time thanks for watching i’ll see you next time

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2021/2022 Ford Bronco Review (Wildtrak / Sasquatch / 4-Door) // Wrangler with Road Manners? By Gearbox Car Reviews

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