2020 volkswagen passat facelift
Altair Club Cars 2020 Volkswagen Passat Facelift 2.0 TSI Elegance Review, The Ultimate Cruiser | WapCar

2020 Volkswagen Passat Facelift 2.0 TSI Elegance Review, The Ultimate Cruiser | WapCar

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The 2020 Volkswagen Passat Facelift is offered in Malaysia in a sole 2.0 TSI Elegance trim. It gets a revised exterior and new technologies.

Left wanna break food shuttle launch control active log on to website don’t mind for the latest reviews comparisons and comprises to help you find your next perfect car and don’t forget to click on subscribe button hello everybody it’s adrienne for web card online and i’m all about the details right now i’m driving the 2020 volkswagens facade elegance facelift it

Was recently launched in malaysia not too long ago and now we’re behind the wheel of it so i won’t bore you guys on the exterior changes because honestly it’s not that much and you really do have to squint your eyes to be able to tell that what’s new with this passat facelift you get a different grille lower bumper will design the hid lamps cluster it’s also now

With adaptive iq like branding function yeah really it’s not that much the biggest telltale sign is over to the real where you have the passat emblem the lettering spelled up across the tailgate underneath the vw logo this mimics what you get in the volkswagen phaeton which was their ultra luxurious sedan back in the day the chilean clusters they now have that

Dynamic function where they do little kind of like show when you unlock and lock it quite cool much like an audi so i’m gonna dive straight into the biggest concern of the passat facelift which is it’s engine the 2-liter tsi turbocharged petrol engine it’s still dea triple-a but it’s the third generation model so what does the third generation model means means

It has its internals reworked in order to comply with the latest wl tp emission standards so you know that this guy is efficient and emits very low toxic gases but a lot of you might be thinking oh it’s a down tuned engine from the previous pre-facelift beside the 2-liter tsi that one is a golf gti engine with 220 horsepower yes and no okay so this engine has no

Relation to that engine anymore in the sense that this 2-liter turbocharged this 2-liter tsi engine that i’m driving right now this one replaces the 1.8 as well as the 2-liter engine in the pre-facelift so globally if you want to get a 2-liter tsi it’s only this engine in two states of two which is the 190 horsepower as well as a 280 horsepower the 280 horsepower

Definitely they are unable to bring it to malaysia because that will jack up the car price way way way above 200k mark which is why we get the next best thing which is the 190 horsepower and if you’re asking the 1.8 tsi this engine has been discontinued globally for the volkswagen passat immediate impressions of the 2-liter tsi well 190 horsepower sounds like a

Lot but i don’t know i’m not feeling it it doesn’t feel like 190 horsepower it certainly doesn’t feel like it has 230 newton meters of torque the boost from 1500 rpm right now i’m in cruising and i put the throttle i’m legit broadening the throttle and the cut is over talking from the right side so this 2-liter tsi i don’t know even though it’s a 2-liter it makes

The coffee very lethargic very slow very boring to drive sport i’d obvious any better oh sports mode is how this engine comes alive the total response is completely different when it was a normal drive board it’s so direct it works with your right foot and the 230 newton meters of torque just pulls all the way to six and a half thousand rpm redline you just fuel

It throughout the refrig wow what this tells me is that indy this car is 100% for efficiency it’s a smooth cruiser it’s for efficiency and if you put it into sports mode that’s where you have a little bit of fun and this new 7-speed dsg it’s one more racial more than compared to the previous two liter tsi that one only had a six-speed this one is seventh and this

Transmission actually has the codename of dq 381 it’s essentially the same transmission as you find in the evokes wagon golf r yes the hot hatch golf r except adapted for front-wheel drive application in this passat and well i have to say the shifts are not only immediate but it’s seamless blink of an eye or in the next year the next year you don’t even you live

But the best part about this beside and it’s the funniest thing is that it has launch control so first thing you need to turn off the traction control system put your transmission into sports mode left on a break full throttle launch control active and you’re gone and there’s 0-200 in 8.1 seconds combining tsi ssd hd the greatest outcome is not performance its

Fuel economy and in the plus-size facelift it shows based on our web car fuel consumption test which is a very objective test we managed 6.5 liters per 100 km for this percent facelift and given its performance dynamism as well as fuel economy the combination of all three things together this is far far better than any of its class rivals for example the mazda 6

As well as the toyota camry both of them are using measly naturally aspirated engines that doesn’t hold a dime against this turbocharged engine and you’re paying far less real texan is 2-liter there are also other little little features that mix your daily life in the passat a lot more enjoyable for example you’re able to use the keyless entry and lock system on

All four doors the camry only one side the mazda 6 only the front 2 doors this one all four doors and it makes it so convenient that if you need to put your kids in the backseat first before you’re starting the car you can just immediately walk up to the rear doors open it and throw your kid inside well not literally true but you get wet i know a lot of you are gonna

Say that the passat phase live you know it’s not as good as the pre-facelift because one it has less the horsepower – it doesn’t have the dynamic chassis control which allows you to change the suspension setting between different drive modes i understand i completely understand that but make no mistake this passat with its passive suspension with his detune more

P2 horsepower with just hundred 90 horsepower it’s still a fantastic car to drive it handles well it has a very premium ride quality that gillian continental filled in the bumps and humps doesn’t upset it and the steering is sharp this on the highway cruising only highway effortless effort effortless it’s just so smooth so comfortable so confidence-inspiring when

You are on your highway you know it’s just a car which you sit back relax cruise effortlessly overtake people effortlessly and that’s what the passat is for but there’s one downside to the passat and a very glaring one i like that is that it lacks ada’s advanced driver assistance system it doesn’t have a tautomers emergency braking radar cruise control lane keeping

Pain all it has is blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert which works very well but in today’s day and age consumers are moving towards these kind of technologies these kind of active safety technologies and the passat given its price point of one hundred and ninety plus thousand ringgit and doesn’t have a does i don’t know it’s such a deal-breaker to

Be but let’s find somewhere to stop and i’ll walk you through what are the new cool features are there in the passat facing so i’ll see if enjoy driving the passat and come to a complete stop and you take a look around the interior you realize that there’s quite a number of things going on in here and it all starts with this 9.2 inch discovery program infotainment

System it’s available on the mac 7.5 golf range and what i like about this infotainment system is the operations are very fluid and the visuals are very very crisp and in the passat it supports wireless apple carplay so you have your iphone here you don’t need to connect through a wire to play car play but if you are like me who uses an android phone you will

Still have to plug in with a wire but all the connecting points in the passat facelift is a usb type-c so make sure you get the correct cable that’s one in the center console here one in the armrest as well as one charging port for the rear passengers as for the driver there’s now a new eleven point seven inch lcd instrument cluster which works like and calls

It digital cockpit now it’s a little bit smaller compared to the pre-facelift activin for display which measured twelve point three inch in size but that’s no issue at all because the digital cockpit has a lot more customization options and it looks a lot more high-definition compared to the active in for this place so it’s a lot more pleasant to the eyes the

Customization options you are able to display different types of driving information on either side to suit your driving needs and you still get to project the navigation map onto your lcd screen now in this digital copy what volkswagen has done is they’ve removed two gauges which are the coolant temperature as well as the fuel gauge out from the lcd real estate

So the entire lcd screen is slightly smaller and i thing i noticed on the discovery pro as well as the digital cockpit instead the accent lighting changes according to the ambient lighting color selected and there are 30 colors to choose from so for example you choose purple the action lighting on these two screens turns purple as well how cool is that the rest

Of cabin is pretty much faultless i love the new generation steering wheel the buttons controls are all very easy used this brush aluminum trim massage function for the driver’s seat and sight door bins which you can fit a large size water bottle however there are two things that i don’t like in this passat facelift first thing is this they’ve removed the analog

Clock replaced by a very honestly cheap looking square plastic with a passat logo on it i mean come on i know that i’m driving a passat you don’t tell me this and next up is the infotainment system the screen is for high-definition good to use and all that but it’s a fingerprint magnet if you plan to be chauffeured in the volkswagen passat facelift i have to say

The rear bench are amazing i have the front seat adjusted to my usual driving position and i’m 175 cm tall this is the amount of knee room that i have incredibly spacious space in the footwell no complaints whatsoever hit room pretty decent although i have to say there’s quite a large transmission hump on the ‘center passenger other amenities in here include a

Dedicated climate control for the real events center armrest with two cupholders my favorite part being able to fit a large sized water bottle on the rear sight door bins no issues at all slight sun blinds and power trio some lights so how do i sum up the volkswagen passat facelift well they’ve made incremental improvements to make the car feel a bit more high-tech

Special as well as user-friendly the engine even though is slightly down on power compared to the pre-facelift 2-liter tsi it’s still a very strong and healthy engine and most importantly is a whole lot more fuel efficient it’s a shame though that the facelifted passat doesn’t come with any form of ada’s no aiibi and not to mention no adaptive cruise control but

If you’re in the market for a highway cruiser this looks like an passat facelift should be at the top of your list it’s german right quality features driving dynamics and not to mention the insane amount of space inside makes this a fantastic companion on the highway as always thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to our youtube

Channel for more videos like this and then let’s know in the comments section below whether would you pick the passat over a japanese rival

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2020 Volkswagen Passat Facelift 2.0 TSI Elegance Review, The Ultimate Cruiser | WapCar By WapCar

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