2020 transit 350 passenger van f
Altair Club Cars 2020 Transit 350 Passenger Van for Peter at Glenwood Springs Ford

2020 Transit 350 Passenger Van for Peter at Glenwood Springs Ford

Contact Fleet Manager, Jeremy Kimmel, at Glenwood Springs Ford for more information on this 2020 Transit 350 Passenger Van. Call (970)945-2317 or check us out online at www.glenwoodford.com

Well hey there peter this is lori at gloma springs ford hope you’re doing well today i’m going to take you on a video tour of that 2020 a transit passenger van this is the xlt model of the transit 350. it’s going to seat up to 15 passengers has a nice high roof those are forged aluminum wheels 3.5 liter v6 ecoboost 10-speed automatic transmission and it is an

All-wheel drive vehicle around the back side i went ahead and open up these doors so you can see how easy it is to get your cargo inside doors open up real wide or you can lock them in place at 90 degrees we have a nice low deck which makes it easy to put all the cargo in plenty of space there is power seating on both the driver and the passenger side up front

And we’re going to use our key fob remote here to open up the side door nice to have a running board here as well as a step to help everyone in and there is carpet on the floor but leather seating throughout go ahead and step up in here very easy to walk through nice high roof allows you to just move about freely plenty of space between these seats you’ll notice

Cup holders and usb ports in every row very comfortable sitting here in the driver’s seat you feel like you’re sitting up high and you have a great view out the window up above your head some nice storage and you also control the back passenger climate from here now down below in the center stack we’re going to start with our sync 3 technology this is the 8 inch

Touch screen and it has ford pass connect so this allows you to not only give everybody a vehicle hotspot for up to 10 devices at a time but we can now use the fordpass app on our smartphone to remotely lock or unlock the doors you can remotely start it even find out the location of the vehicle all from your cell phone there’s plenty of sources for audio enjoyment

Including plugging in or using your bluetooth there’s a plug-in right there usb we have climate control with heated seats for your front passenger and driver there’s different drive modes with this button those include normal of course and then eco slippery mud and ruts and tow haul mode now back at the steering wheel voice command is for telephone and audio on

The right and you have cruise control and audio there on the left there are some great safety features including blind spot detection and pre-collision assist lane keeping system even driver alert cross traffic alert and you’re going to love this feature it has power sliding doors so i’m going to press that button and the side door just opens all by itself all

Your passengers can hop in and then we close it up without leaving our seat now back here at the screen i want to show you too the backup camera watch these lines here in the center that’s your rear parking aid so as i turn them those lines move indicating where your tires are going making it really easy to back into that space you can also zoom in and then your

Sensing system both forward and backward it will light up in the area of concern if you get too close to something and also beep at you all right there you go peter i hope the video helps i’m gonna leave jeremy’s number here for you hope you have a great day thanks for watching

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2020 Transit 350 Passenger Van for Peter at Glenwood Springs Ford By Glenwood Springs Ford

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