2020 toyota corolla hatchback se
Altair Club Cars 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE – Its A Wrap

2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE – Its A Wrap

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Thank you for watching our video on this 2020 Toyota Corolla SE Hatchback! This one is truly limited with the ACW camo wrap. A link to the ACW site will be added below!

What’s up guys jared here with staying to auto reviews and today i got you guys a video of this 2020 toyota corolla se it’s the hatchback if you haven’t noticed yet and as you know these things are sick very nice looking i love the hatch styling i wish more brands did this and you probably already know this too if you’re watching this video the corolla hatch gr is

Coming out that thing’s amazing but for now let’s take a look at this one and see what it’s like also one more thing before we do start this wrap is amazing it was done by atlanta custom wraps check them out if you have time they’re on instagram check out their website they do great stuff without any further waiting let’s check this thing out starting off headlight

Housing i like the minimalistic design we have going on here and it goes out to a cool little shape that goes around it’s a flat right there which i do like bringing it down we have the little kind of sparkly black right there ventilation fake ventilation real ventilation right there bring it down it flares out right here this is where a fog light would be if you

Do get fog lights and then toyota badge in case you don’t know what you’re driving some people don’t so may as well let them know take it over to the side real quick i do like the rims on this one the black accent with the silver chrome right right over there we’re gone 225 45 r17 so 17 inch rims as it says right there and i do like the way the side flares out

Over here it’s a pretty cool look going over to the mirror you do have turn indicators in the mirror so more people know where you’re going if you use your blinker since some people don’t like to do that and just look at this wrap how great it looks and it blends in just looks great awesome looking it’s one of a kind i’ve never seen another one like this before

In my life bringing it back you have more fender flares right here they go with the body line and then we have a nice tail light design kind of like the front it’s minimalistic here and it goes out to the same type of shape with the flatness up top we have an sc badge because this is the sc model and they do put that in red and then down here we have our fake

Looking exhaust outlets with the exhaust up under there and then toyota badge with backup camera there’s the hatch plenty of room or visibility i should say you see and it says corolla gas caps on this side and then before we hop in to show off six six yard here’s that key fob it says corolla on it shows toyota it has lock unlock an alarm and so we unlock the

Car hop in and so hopping in plenty of room in here i fit really well let’s start the interior segment and i’ll give you some dimension numbers now all right guys so we’re going to start off by starting the car because it’s hot as um bad word out here so it’s a push button start so you just start right up there you go if my camera will focus cool okay so now

We can go and start showing off the interior real quick you have 38.4 inches of headroom and you have 42 inches of front leg room so pretty much headroom i’m about like this leg room fit pretty well i’m going over to the door you have the nice gray material up here it’s pretty plush you have this door handle down here with a manual lock unlock you have another

Set of plush materials right here along with all your window controls mirror controls and your lock unlock handle nice grip cool air vent styling i like the way they made it look kind of like the headlights and tail lights a little sleek design down here you have some light controls bring it to the steering wheel i like the grip you have it’s a nice material i

Do like the design they have going on here it’s kind of big the badge but hey at least they show it off all the radio controls that good stuff and then if it focuses against speedometer tachometer all that good stuff you have temperature gas you have a little display over here which you can kind of you know change what you got going on which is pretty cool i’ll

Just show you real quick it flows really nice too and then going over to the middle you have your touchscreen radio with all the different controls you can select volume button right there um i would show off the stereo system but youtube says otherwise it has the fuel range right there which is a really cool feature actually that they added to this thing just

To show you guys too back up camera right there we have some vents down below climate controls which is pretty cool you can actually see the number it’s not just a knob and then more the climate controls right here and that’s a digital display all across if it won’t focus there you go and then more of that gray material going down we have a nice cubby right

In there and then we have the shifter to the car we have our park brake that auto hold cupholders center armrest it’s a plush armrest feels really good seats it’s a nice durable cloth material has a little design going on and it’s a two-tone it does have good bolstering for it too and then bring it to this side there’s your passenger airbag light and then a

Sleek design going up and then the show off just a standard rear view along with a couple buttons up here for the dome lights and all that good stuff and then let’s see what else can we show off in this thing that should be it up front so let’s go ahead we’re going to show off the back now all right guys so hopping in the back real quick to see how to get moved

Up because there’s no way i could fit behind myself in a car like this but just to show it off the back biggest difference is the fact there’s a cup holder on the door handle up top which is pretty cool but hopping in real quick this camera angle might be weird i just hit my head but if the driver up front moves up you have plenty of room back here you do fit

Well you just gotta get used to the fact that it does slope down as you come in so you got to be careful about that but the same thing is front same seat design you do have a center rest right here with more cup holders there’s several cup holders all around this car which i do find really cool and then bringing that back up we have storage back here a little

Cubby where you can stick stuff in and other than that light and your oh crap handles nothing much else to show off back here let’s go ahead and go to the back back and show you guys your space all right showing off that back cargo space because i know this is something important for people that get hatchbacks coming on in we got plenty room back here for your

Groceries and good stuff as you can see the hatch lifts up a good bit so it’ll be kind of hard for me to hit my hand unless i’m really trying um this one does have the liner in there which looks really cool and then it has little shades now i can see what’s in here when it’s closed and like i said plenty of room for groceries you could put a small dog back here

If you had to and you can make this good for traveling so plenty of usability you can get more use out of it than a trunk in some instances and overall it’s a pretty good setup let’s go ahead and show off the engine in this corolla all right guys for this corolla we have a two liter inline 4 engine making 168 horsepower at 6 600 rpm 151 pound-feet of torque at 4

800 rpms running on a cvt transmission with this one it is front-wheel drive for gas which is a huge topic these days you’re going to be using regular gas so you’ll be saving on that portion you’re getting 32 miles per gallon in the city 41 in the highway combined is 35 and it’s a 13.2 gallon tank overall good styling efficient engine great on gas let’s go ahead

Conclude this video right now thank you all so much for watching this video i hope you enjoyed it and i hope it helped you out if you like the car let me know in the comments below follow us on instagram facebook tick tock at staying to auto reviews subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet we got plenty more videos to come any recommendations drop them below

Also and if the video seems a bit quick i’m sorry super hot out here we are sweating it’s crazy but until the next video i’ll see you guys peace out

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