2020 ram classic 1500 review
Altair Club Cars 2020 ram classic 1500 review

2020 ram classic 1500 review

Quick video I did of a 2020 ram classic 1500 hemi. A lot of truck for the money!!! Check out the 0-60 and quarter mile times.

There you have it 20 20 ram it’s uh tradesman i believe uh ram 1500 classic the classic is run between 2019 and 2020. on this because this is a cheaper buy and this is the only truck that you can get in a single cab uh long bed or short bed configuration so uh it’s very still good truck it’s been this basically the same truck since 2019 or excuse me 2009 and

That has really changed just here and there updates but other than that basically the same truck you do have a 395 horsepower in this one hemi with 310 10 foot pounds of torque around 2000 payload like i said it’s very if you need a good truck for a decent amount prices i have seen them range um the retail is around 35 seeing them low as 27 in a real rear a

Real real drive configuration with the 5.7 basically like how this one’s set up and you can probably get one around like this with all the dealer discounts i’ve been seeing across the midwest uh seeing runs around run around 33 32 and with upgraded 20 inch wheels and he’s also coming out the bumper as you see this one has a single exhaust so there you go here’s

The inside just your basic manual seats um this one has 19 000 it is a 20 20 this is a rental so it’s definitely been put through his paces got a basic little setup radio it does have backup camera you have a bluetooth um you do have you can have connect with your phone for the media it does have satellite radio so you have all the little creature comforts the

Most of them i have been saying they do come with a slider let’s go to the back back you see he’s plenty of room that’s where i see uh have my seat set up at so and i kind of i lean back a little bit so you see you still plenty of room you do have the fold up seat in this one all right let’s go ahead and fire her up a little ram logo that pops up right there um

See it’s it says it’s averaging 179 it was around 18 500. but i’ve been doing a lot of city driving today so you have all your basic controls right here like i said the gear shifter the four wheel drive low and high a lot basically lower yeah low and high um traction control tow haul mode ac controls radio wipers lights the auto so uh auto up and down windows so

Just one touch up and down on the front passenger and driver side there’s your rear there’s the back goes all the way down so like i said no power slider rear view lights no mirror you don’t need it that’s what that one’s for so like i said basic little setup this is a that’s a lot of truck for the money so i definitely here she is in her her dirty little glory

Little five seven but like he’s been put those paces a little bit mud all over it so like i said this motor is tried and true so you really ain’t gonna have no too many problems with the hemi i know they had the water pump issues or radiator issues back in the day i heard too much of it on the newer ones but like i said that was around the first and second coming

Around of them all right go for a quick little spin say it’s a little wet out here so i don’t know how good of a acceleration i can get out of it but just a little quick one show you power let’s see see what she got hey all right we’re going to try to do a 0 to 60 to give you an idea how quick it is i don’t know how good is going to be um streets are wet so

We give her a best shot we’re going to block it around four wheel drive and let her rip quarter mile so you have it like i was saying it doesn’t uh she don’t perform too bad you see zero to sixty and seven i did get a six point nine at one time um but i like i said that’s with wet streets and that’s in a four-wheel drive and it ran by uh 15-2 so i would say

This could be on a good day um a high 14 second truck and that’s not bad for full-size fruit uh crew cab with um like i said crew cab before 4×4 well that’s gonna do it for today um we got a 50 uh 15 second quarter mile zero 60 or seven seconds might as well say seven seconds so you can’t beat that for the price full size truck crew cab five seven four by four

In the rain um i say easily to get a high 14 when it’s dry and might run a little bit better out of four wheel drive ain’t got that that uh pool i mean you can get a launch and not spin but this truck didn’t seem to have a problem spinning when it was dry so um definitely something to go look at like for the price for the money all the truck decent performance

Definitely go check it out and with this uh old body style classic continuing to 2021 um it’s just a hot seller it’s an affordable way to get into a new truck and get a lot for your money so until next time uh like share and subscribe and then leave a comment tell me what you think of it so see you next time peace

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2020 ram classic 1500 review By Pitbull garage llc

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