2020 ram 3500 promaster 159 ext
Altair Club Cars 2020 Ram 3500 ProMaster 159 EXT: Is This The Ultimate Setup On A Cargo Van???

2020 Ram 3500 ProMaster 159 EXT: Is This The Ultimate Setup On A Cargo Van???

Today I drive and review a 2020 Ram 3500 ProMaster!

Okay we just finally got up to 40 miles an hour hey everyone has been hardy here and in today’s video we’re me going over a 2020 ram 3500 promaster high roof with 159 inch wheelbase extended so as always we’re in do quick walk around on it there and take it out to see how it drives a huge shot make you – the dodge ram and sandy for providing us with this promaster

Definitely check out the inventory in the link below if in the market for new ram dodge jeep or chrysler let’s get into it now under the hood of the pro master we have a 3.6 liter v6 it goes through a 6-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is not rated for this because it’s a heavy duty vehicle power output so or 280 horsepower and 260 pound feet of torque

Let’s go over the front end on the 3500 and this one is finished in black which heading looks really good on the pro masters because almost all of them are white so this is just nice to differentiate it but halogen lights right there at the front they changed this grille in 2019 just to make it look a little bit more modern you actually get fog lights down there

At the bottom but other than that i mean it’s not crazy beautiful oh and i did forget to mention if you get little cargo lights there at the very top or i should say cab lights but yeah that’s everything for the front now coming around the side here i’ve got 225 millimeter tires on 16 trims in the front and in the rear nothing too crazy do get mud flaps on the

Front and again also in the rear you’ve got the little badging right here and then just look how massive the mirror is now i’m gonna give you guys kind of like a full view so you guys can see just how big this 3500 is i’ve got to walk quite a bit of always back but there’s a 1500 series truck here is the 3500 here is the key fob for the 3500 have a couple functions

You’ve got your unlock your lock and then this is for the back door and well it’s a little flip out key pretty simple setup though and swell that’s also its head to the back now opening up the back door notice that the door opens up very very wide so we’re gonna keep going keep going and snout so i’ll open up the other door does the exact same thing so you pull

That little handle right there and they can pull it all the way back and what we’re looking at this look this one actually has the windows in the rear up gone there we go so now the door is all open here is the rear notice that there is a receiver hitch on this particular one now we are going to up in this one doesn’t have a match or anything so i would recommend

Getting a match with this because this will obviously all get scratched up but if you guys are wondering and hopefully you can see me or maybe i need to turn this way either way hopefully you can see me i’m about 511 and i mean i’ve got a good amount of head reminding that i’m standing all the way up not quite a foot but i mean pretty close and then in terms of

Other stuff i mean here is just kind of a look at everything you guys are loose it’s echoing a ton i mean this thing’s huge like there’s so much space so look starting here from the rear just like going all the way up i mean it’s a ton of space i don’t mean the camera is capturing them a space is in here but you get this cool like storage space up here at the top

In the back which i think is pretty neat there is one up there but there’s also this may be like i know this is this might be illegal but you could totally use like a bunk bed for like a little kid i don’t think an adult could fit up there unless you’re like really short but using this you can open up the little side door here in the promaster and obviously pop

Down now that everything’s open up i mean there’s just it’s cool seeing it all opened up and i guess exposed oh and i forgot mentioned there’s a little net right there yeah that’s that’s the rear now let’s go over the rest of the stuff in the back if you’re wondering the backup cameras at the very top there on the top of the roof you got pretty simple taillights

You got your logos i did mention the receiver hitch other than that i’m not gonna go on anything else because the backs pretty simple but look at the windows i should mention this because some people will be worried about privacy if they get this you guys can see i mean i can’t even see it through at the camera they’re super tinted for the back windows see it’s

Really hard to actually see through them now over here this is little gas cap thing so that’s we’re gonna fill up with the gas and then here is a look at the mirror just you guys can see just how large the mirror is in you see my reflection – now opening up the front you get this little like rubber padding here but all the rest of this i mean as you can see it’s

All hard touch this is a huge little storage bin and you guys kind of remember from the 1500s i’ve reviewed in the past this is all super similar here are these seats up front really basic seats but you do get manual adjustments all on the seats and then this is actually a little ebrake there is the pedals at the bottom and then you got a ton of stocks right there

But yeah there’s one arm i forgot to mention one more thing switches and now there’s one more look for a popin now it does have a little flip out key so just gotta put that in and then everything will well pop on to life here is the steering wheel in the pro master so you’ve got like the controls for the phones on one side you’ve got little volume controls on the

Other side just really basic steering well there’s a ton of stocks though so that’s for your windshield wipers that’s for your lights and then that down there is for the cruise control but again like i said super basic now coming into the gauge notice that we’ve got the rpms on that side and then you’ve got the spinning aside it looks like we’re probably have to

Drive another 3500 for the driving portion because someone’s got a couple flashing lights oh probably gonna have to do another one but regardless of that that’s a little center stack on it there’s a little screen and yeah here is the center infotainment system so i’m gonna show you guys the cameron again it’s kind of at a weird angle so this is all you need to

Pay attention to everything outside of this is not the van just because the cameras at such a high angle it’s just yeah it’s kind of weird but yeah that’s the back of the camera other than that the rest the infotainment system you’ve got these like slow shortcuts down here so i get in something like the navigation i can go to the media but have no device connected

Pretty easy to use just not a whole lot of functions on the infotainment system itself we’ve got the climate controls down here and the most satisfying door lock and unlock sound ever you’re welcome got the shifter over here and you’d have the tow haul mode right next to the shifter now just remember if you pull it down notice that it’ll illuminate right here if

You are in the manual mode i know it sounds silly but a lot of times when you pull it down you kind of just pull it down and instantly over by accident so i guess just be aware of that and then you got this little concave part with a bunch of cupholders at the bottom let’s touch the point of storage so you’ve got this storage space right here and then you’ve got

The glove box with some more storage and then this is pretty cool you could like hold some papers up under that little thing right there and then finally up top here there is some extra storage space they show this a little bit earlier but you could store more stuff up here and the sun visors themselves they have this little kind of like slide through pocket so

In terms of storage space there is plenty of storage space in the headliner here is actually pretty nice well now that we’re done going over the interior on this promaster 3500 let’s quickly talk about pricing so this because our pro master with all the options it has stickers for $48,000 before any type of market adjustment which i think this is one of the most

Expensive pro masters i’ve ever been in battle being said though let’s take this pro master 3500 out see how she drives let me show you guys visibility in this particular promaster 3500 that has the windows in the rear so you’ve got the visibility of the hood it’s really easy to see out of visibility through the mirrors is okay this side mirror kind of gets

Blocked by this little line right there there’s been a through the other mirrors that though is a lot better and then visibility through the rear i mean it’s pretty decent but again you don’t have windows all across looking through the rearview mirror hopefully you guys can see that i hope i got that throwing it right angle i mean it’s it’s okay but that’ll being

Said well let’s set off but we are setting off here in a 20/20 promaster 3500 and i actually just drove a 1500 before this so i can actually compare it quite a bit to the 1500 especially on the ride quality side of things so far i am noticing that this one does feel a bit bumpy err compared to the 1500 so i definitely take that into account just as easy to turn i

Am able to perceive the length difference so this one’s 159 inch wheelbase the 1500 then i drove was 136 inch wheelbase i believe and yes you can definitely perceive like the length difference on this you can perceive also again the ride play like this one does ride rougher for sure and again that’s due to the fact that this one is heavier duty suspension higher

Payload compared to a 1500 series but the steering i mean just as vague to be honest it feels the same from a steering perspective the 1500 it just just feels bigger right and i know that that seems like silly to talk about it this way but i mean that’s just what it is it everything feels similar it’s just it’s just bigger and just like mildly accelerating it’s

Okay getting up to speed here we are going to get a real acceleration here in a moment but just kind of like i guess getting up and going it’s it’s pretty good and sitting here of my 1 waiting for this traffic visibility again it’s it’s good through those mirrors it’s just the visibility in the rear you can kind of use it with the rear view mirror but that’s it

I mean when you look over your shoulder you just you don’t see anything and well let’s get our little acceleration here okay we just finally got up to 40 miles an hour in turkey commitment i don’t think we i don’t think we can do like a zero to 60 i think we do like a zero to 20 touch kidding it’s it’s not quick i mean 280 horsepower what do you guys expect but

Again i said this in my 1,500 video i just don’t know if people buying this really need that much power i don’t know if they really like filmmaking that much power i want you guys to comment down below if you own one of these if you feel like you wish it had more power but that will lead me to summing things up so if you’re looking for a large cargo van i would

Say that this 3500 is gonna be more of like a niche product you need to really look into how much payload you need so this is the reason i don’t talk about this if you are not going to be needing to use the payload and you’re not gonna be needing to use the height or the length i would save your money and get a smaller van but if you’re doing a camper conversion

And just your decking it out like crazy and just the stuff that you’re using is so heavy that you need the extra payload then yes this makes sense but i would do all your research before you buy a van because the 1500 that i drove before this was about 34 grand i think this one’s 48 grand which is a huge price difference i mean think about all the stuff that you

Could personalize with the van you could add the van for the price difference between the two so again i would just definitely do your research make sure you need the payload make sure you need the length make sure you need the height and then go and purchase the van so that’s all that is gonna sum things up for our video on the 2020 promaster 3500 with the high

Roof 159 inch wheelbase extended so as always again a huge shot and thank you to the dodge ram in sandy for providing us with this 3500 check out their mentor in the link below if you in the market for a new dodge ram cheaper chrysler i will see all of you in the next video

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2020 Ram 3500 ProMaster 159" EXT: Is This The Ultimate Setup On A Cargo Van??? By Ben Hardy

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