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Altair Club Cars 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie: Should You Get The Ram 3500 With A Long Bed???

2020 Ram 3500 Laramie: Should You Get The Ram 3500 With A Long Bed???

Today I drive and review a 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie!

Hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and today we’re gonna be going over a 2020 ram 3500 laramie with a long bed i wanted to review a 3500 with a long bed that is not a dually first and foremost if my microphone makes any funny sounds in today’s video it’s about 20 degrees outside so the microphone might not be performing perfectly on the outside portion of this

Video but anyways a quick shot and thank you to the large millard dodge ram cheap price here at sandy utah for providing us with this 3500 laramie check out there and touring the link below we’re gonna do a walk-around on this truck and then we’re gonna take it out to see how it drives under the hood here of the 3500 laramie we have the 6.7 liter cummins with

The aisin transmission it’s a 6-speed automatic and in terms of power outputs it’s good for 400 horsepower and then a thousand pound feet of torque let’s quickly go over things on the front end of the laramie shear so it has a hood just like all the others the laramie zhh do come with the led lights i’ve got that all turned on so you guys can see what that

Looks like and actually it’s just dim enough outside that you can actually see everything fog lights are in that little area that’s actually covered with snow sorry about that got a couple parking sensors on the front tell hooks on top of that and then here is a full frontal view on the 3500 laramie now coming around the side we’ve got two 75 millimeter tires

On 18-inch rims pretty standard setup for a truck and then here’s all the suspension the front i’ll quickly go and show the suspension the back in just a moment 3500 heavy duty badging you got the commons badge and then ran badge on the side this one does have the tralee mirrors and then over here in the rear here is kind of the whole setup will kind of take a

Step back so you can see what this looks like with a long bin i had to step back pretty far cuz it’s really long here is our key fob for the truck you’ve got your unlock function your lock remote starting on the trunk release or i should say tailgate really sorry about that anyways remote start it you set the press or mozart function twice it’ll do the diesel

Preheat for you it’ll take just a moment just it’s just warming up just give it a second there we go boom and then it starts right up so you can do this especially on cold winter days like this you could start it up have it already warmed up and then you do want to shut it off just press that button and fix function is the tailgate release so press that twice

And that will lower down the tailgate and i imagine there’s probably just some ice or something that got into the way oh yeah yeah see this bed is completely full of snow and yeah that’s what happens the winter time well there’s led bed lights but you can’t see them because of the snow and i’m not gonna i mean i’m not gonna dig through all that anyways here is

The 8-foot bed and i mean the truck can drive with a full bed of snow you’ve got a little cargo camera light there at the top as well and then this one does not have a bed liner but you can get it as an option now when you’re done you just pop that up the tail gets extremely light and i’m actually gonna unlock the truck so you guys can see what the taillights

Look like while they are on you’ve got all their regular badging there on the back and then the parking sensors are at the bottom of the bumper now here is a kind of close-up look at the led lights a little ram logo down in the center that is also a sensor for the blind spot monitoring now in terms of tongue capacity on the truck 3500 long bed with the aisin

You’re gonna be right around 19,000 pounds roughly obviously since this isn’t a dually if you did a dually tongue capacity would be a lot higher now coming to the rear here is the door panel in the back i’ve got this leather up here at the stitching and the suede inserts right there and then some nice black trim right here with more leather down below there here

Is the interior of it i’m going to kind of zoom on this side so we can get outside the wind for a second but yeah there are all of these seats again they’ve got the suede inserts on them do have these little cupholders you can pull out right there and then down here got some vents with the power outlet a couple usbs and then i got this whole situation over here

So i’m gonna pop in the other side actually well i am going to step in and it’s got a hard to get into the truck just because yeah it’s really high up off the ground definitely recommend sidesteps this one’s a crew cab and legroom is pretty decent i’m about 5 foot 11 and i’ve got a good amount of headroom as well you can see just how cold it is because you guys

Can actually see my breath inside the truck but yeah i mean other than that these armrests back here are really comfortable and i mean this is a nice place to be yes i’m going to do a review on a mega cab as soon as i get my hands on one ford pop in front i just wanna show you guys the mears this has the trim here which i’m not gonna pop it up because it popped

Up a million times and also it’s super cold to the touch right now but yeah you get the two mirrors and that and you can flip it up to the side now i do have kiss entry that will lock the truck and then this will unlock it and it actually works even though it’s really cold outside now opening up the front door here i’ve got the black trim just up above with the

Contrasted stitching more leather down here a couple of the window controls near control right there i’ve got the memory seat function that is to adjust the little convex mirror so both of those here’s our power now here are the seats themselves you can see the full actuality of the seat and it’s really nice controls are on the side of the seat pedal layout is

Down below right there these are the controls for the lights does have fog lights and a cargo light and then it does have power adjustable pedals and then the steering was mainly adjustable there are the rocker pounds are on the back of it here’s one more look before we head in basura de foot in the brake push the push start it’ll see laramie and then this is

Cool you guys can actually see that the diesel pre-heat screen looks like and it kind of just lets you know that it’s getting everything ready to go before it starts up and there you go the whole truck will come to life here is the steering wheel in the 3500 laramie now we’ve got adaptive cruise control on this particular truck this is just a regular cruise control

These are two changing gears yourself it is black contrast stitching on the steering wheel the leather itself is smooth that goes all around the steering wheel over here i’ve got your voice commands and the phone control button with the little things for the center stack this is the stock for the windshield wipers and then it is a column shifter here’s the center

Gauge cluster rpms are on the left side on the right side you’ve got the speed and then you’ve got the little center screen which will just basically show you different bits of information on the truck like this little screen right here that shows you all the vehicle information right now and yeah backs you warmed up a little bit now we’re at 27 degrees fahrenheit

So we’re doing pretty good today guys here’s a little twelve volt at the top now here is the whole 12 inch display where you have controls for the climate on both sides radio controls on top of that the parking sensors are down below hall the diesel exhaust brake and then these are the trailer brakes now over here we’ve got our controls for the two wheel drive

For old high for willow and then the true neutral now let’s actually go over the touch screen itself first we’re going to go into reverse if we pump it into reverse a backup camera will pop up with trajectory lines but it lets you go to a bunch of different views so you can see pretty much everything on the truck i mean look it has a camera for literally every

Single angle so even though this truck is a long bed parking it is going to be very very easy down below that you can see we do have heated seats and a heated steering wheel which for the first time ever i am gonna for sure have fuzz on is freezing outside but the rest the infotainment system response time on it is really solid it’s easy to use and in terms of

Like the truck market i definitely put this as my number one pick for an infotainment system this is pretty cool this one has the bench seat usually i’m used to the new rams having consoles but this bench seat functions pretty much the same you’ve got storage on top of the seat you’ve got these cup holders right here you can turn it into a third seat and then

You also storage underneath the seat on top of the storage they have this little cubby which was conveniently already popped out just put that in to push back in more charging stations just underneath there and then there is a full power outlet and station well i forgot to mention this little bad boy glove box in the laramie now it is lined with felt which is a

Nice little touch since this is alarming you do get leather and stitching just up above it and i just want to give you guys kind of like one more look at the whole dash and everything before we pup up top and it’s cool for the alpine sound system right up there in this little area right here feels nice as well up top here we’ve got universal garage door openers

Power sliding window which normally well actual open it i was like normally i’m not gonna open it because it’s so cold outside and i don’t want to break anything but yeah functions fine even in the cold here lights up there and then it is all black headliner which matches the rest of the truck let’s wrap things up on the interior of the laramie by quickly going

Over pricing so this particular laramie obviously has the sport package also has the high output cummins with the aisin transmission stickers for about seventy five thousand dollars before any type of market adjustment which i mean that’s right in line with an f-350 lariat or a chevy 3500 ltz anyways let’s take this ram 3500 out and see how it drives well

Thank goodness i’m out of the freezing cold for a brief moment but anyways let’s talk about visibility visibility over the hood it’s just like any other ram 3500 visibility throughout the mirrors is pretty good and i’m glad that the mirrors are actually heated because it’s gotten a lot of the snow off of the emir itself those visibility throughout your other

Mirror and then throughout all of the rear of this and let’s set off you’re in the 3500 long bed first thing i learn is actually the maneuverability of this truck in parking spaces like this it’s actually pretty easy to maneuver the one thing is just always check your mirrors for the bed obviously do that in every single truck but this truck especially the bed

Just kind to seems to get away from you and sometimes you forget how long it actually is so just make sure that you’re always looking in the mirrors just to make sure that you don’t catch on anything with the truck is working at a dealership i remember so many times new salespeople would accidentally catch something on a long bed and yeah it’s not exactly cheap

Anyways initially setting off smoother than i expected and i actually did two wheel drive by the way guys so can drive in the snow pretty well just saying but yeah just going off initially it’s really smooth really comfortable i hear quite a bit of noise from the diesel but other than that it’s relatively quiet and this will actually also tell us how it kind of

Maneuvers on crappy roads yeah it’s doing super solid i don’t haven’t had to put in four-wheel drive not even to place the truck driving it so far they know the roads are clear for the most part but yeah this truck is doing really well so far here in the snow and the diesel engines perfect for going through stuff like this as well steering is very light a little

Bit of playing it just in the center so just expect that i mean that’s with every single truck yeah i don’t i mean i’m not sliding over the place or anything this trucks doing fantastic so far so everything is looking up for us on this yeah and i just took that turn there and the truck did really well i mean i didn’t go way too far in the other lane you kind of

Always do with a bigger vehicle like this but yes so far i mean it’s it’s really easy to handle it’s a good truck easy to drive now we are going to get an acceleration this isn’t gonna be a crazy acceleration because i mean you guys can see the roads hopefully so i can’t floor it or anything like that i kind of get on the truck a little bit and this is actually

Worse than any of the roles we’ve gone on so far so this will kind of be a good indicator for how well the truck does to the snow with the tires from the factory acceleration is solid it’s got a thousand pound feet of torque but even in the snow it’s not unmanageable it’s not so much torque that like i’m sliding all over the place going crazy or anything like

That like it’s it’s really good and stopping here the diesel engine helps me stop so i’m not having to rely on the brakes too much and getting around this corner yeah i mean this truck handles really well in the snow it’s kind of just turned into like a snow review with a 3500 instead of an actual review but yeah to sum things up if you’re in the market for a

Heavy-duty truck and you want something it’s super capable you don’t want a dually but you still want something that can tow really well give this 3500 with the aisin if you want more luxury features check out the laramie package that is gonna sum things up for today’s video again a huge shout out and thank you to the larry trailer dodge ram here in sandy for

Providing us with this 3500 laramie even though it’s snowing like crazy i’m thankful that they let me review the truck today but anyways if you’re shopping for the first time please subscribe comment down below you think and i also forgot to mention check out their inventory it’s gonna be in a link below i’ll see all of you in that next video

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2020 Ram 3500 Laramie: Should You Get The Ram 3500 With A Long Bed??? By Ben Hardy

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