2020 ram 1500 quad cab
Altair Club Cars 2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

🎥 2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab

Hey what up guys this is jeremy chaney today i’m showing you a ram 1500 quad cab big horn level two package on it i can tell because it’s got the front sensors on it this one has the 18 inch wheels that’s the standard wheel on the bighorn guys and gills so if you want uh a truck that you know you’re trying to save a few bucks you don’t have to option for the 20s

They’re not standard anymore so those are the 18s they look pretty cool uh quad cab truck so smaller back seat bigger truck bed nice looking truck still got the chrome bumpers and the you know trim on the doors and stuff like that let’s look at this wheel 18-inch wheel meaty tire though you’ll be able to get through a lot with that dual exhaust this is the v8

5.7 liter v8 hemi engine what we got here got a camera still got that soft open nice and light great for you know great for people with puny arms easier for them to lift that up i’m just kidding anyway it’s easier to lift up even arnold schwarzenegger would have an easier time lifting that anyway cool truck let’s get around a little bit here get onto the inside

Man look at this truck if you want to buy this truck all right let’s get on the inside okay power seat nice interior this is the black and gray interior they call it black the black interior so this looks looks black but i can assure you it’s got a little bit of gray to it automatic lights right here what’s this button power adjustable pedals they move forward

And backward so you guys can get more comfy steering wheels tilt telescope there’s the button lever for that let’s jump in this baby driver’s information center low gas uh psi in the tires fuel economy you know your usual stuff touchscreen radio 8.4 inch touchscreen radio this is where our backup camera is going to be too the lines move when you remove the

Steering wheel to help guide you which is kind of cool and you can do apple carplay on this android auto um you know really nice i like that uh those guys are allowing our phones to go right on the screen now which is cool and then down a little bit lower we got our usual radio controls my side temperature driver’s side temperature passenger side zone selection

So you can see when we click this button it cycles us through that and another switch bank down here for front rear sensors tow haul and your traction control a little storage down here for your phones and stuff and this is technically where your phone’s supposed to go in here but you can put in here and then you got your center console cup holders back here

Let’s check out that back seat let’s check it out all right like i said not a ton of space but you’re probably gonna be driving anyway who cares so i’ll jump in i’m a whopping five six so i mean i’m gonna be okay i i got a little bit of space here i’m like i said i’m huge i’m five foot six so you know it works for me and um we got some power controls so i can

Charge my phone and video games and stuff like that but anyway cool truck these trucks are great they offer good utility you know like i said i mean the bed being a nice bonus having that bigger beds kind of nice for hauling atvs or snowmobiles and stuff like that so there’s a lot of benefits and the truck costs you a little bit less so this truck is 46 bucks

Forty six eight ten the same thing uh in a crew cab is gonna be about 50 grand so you know if you don’t need the extra space don’t get it get one of these i’ll sell it to you right now if you comment below and thanks for watching my video guys i hope you guys have a great day and i’ll talk to you guys soon

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2020 Ram 1500 Quad Cab By Jeremy’s Cars

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