2020 ram 1500 classic warlock re
Altair Club Cars 2020 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock Review – Park Mazda

2020 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock Review – Park Mazda

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Just coming in at park mazda guys is this 2020 ram 1500 classic warlock it’s got a 5.7 hemi-powered v8 comes in a beautiful black color 35 inch aftermarket rims back rack got navigation as well let’s go take a look just taking a look at the driver’s side door panel of this warlock here you have the soft leather armrest right here soft points all around the door

Panel of the vehicle power locks windows and mirrors lots of storage component down at the door panel do have your sunroof as well soft cloth seats and powered as well so we’ll take a look inside first thing you notice when you get inside is this big round logo in the digital cluster and you do have a giant digital cluster that does show your speed gauge you can

Change it to miles per hour as well these are all controllable by the multimedia functions here on the left side of the steering wheel also controls your bluetooth calling and other multimedia functions on your infotainment as well continue on the left side we do have your automatic headlight options as well as your fog light options right there right side of this

Steering wheel you got your cruise control and your gear options and just showing a little bit more of what this vehicle can offer in terms of the infotainment system it’s got your fuel economy the trip informations audio even messages as well and also you could set up your screen according to how you would like in the info table system guys this is the classic

Ram infotainment system you got your apple carplay android auto when connected you also got your am fm series xm options as well you have your climate control options on the infotainment system as well as on the center console as well whichever you prefer using it’s available to you same for the controls for the heated setting heated seats and the heated steering

Wheel right available on the infotainment you can also turn on your backup camera just to look behind you for fun as well the apps just go through pretty much everything we just went through in little stages driver z passenger heat you also have your wi-fi hotspot in this vehicle as well as projection manager to mirror your phone on the simultaneous system did

You have your navigation system classic dodge navigation system works very well takes you anywhere you want to go very smooth very quick no lag whatsoever these are your bluetooth phone connection settings and in the settings you have a lot a lot to customize you could even change light color yeah down here you do have your transmission controls it is one

Of those uh circled one classic dodge showing the backup camera there as well down here you do have your four wheel two wheel drive options four-wheel drive low as well do you have a 12 volt not a 12 volt sorry a ac bolt plug in right there it smells like just a little bit of storage big storage departments here in the middle big top folders they also have a

12 volt down there as well big center console opens up into two do you have your spare change options as well you do have two usb and an aux input and if you lift that up more get an extra storage compartment down there lots of storage in this vehicle including the one in the passenger as well double-sided up here to have your garage options as well as the

Sunroof controls up here let’s go take more of this vehicle guys just taking a look outside this classic warlock here you got your classic dodge ram headlights very aggressive looking as well as your led fog lights here at the bottom a big round logo with tow hooks available you also have aftermarket 20 inch fast hd rims with 35 inch tires very nice paint s

In excellent condition here also comes with a back rack available as well and also you can see your dual exhaust here as well as the parking sensors here in the back and your tow hitch package you also have blacked out dodge ram logo as well as a 4×4 logo as well take a look at it is spray lined lots of storage let’s go take a look at the back seats taking a

Look at the rear seat door panel guys we do have the same soft touch armrest soft points all around the door panel same decent amount of storage on the door panel as well take a look at the back seats lots of legroom here and headroom as well you do have your armrest in the middle available as well as your two cup holders and two cup holders down there as well

Including you do have your two air vents available in the back and the classic ram logo here in the center you also have the 12 volt plug-in right there option available just a ton of room in this back seat so that’s going to wrap it up for this 2020 ram 1500 classic warlock if you have any more questions or want more information about this vehicle visit us at

Parkmaster.ca let’s hopefully get you in for a test drive thanks for watching guys

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