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I review my Porsche Taycan…

I’ve had my porsche tycon for six months now which means it’s time to give a review on whether or not i would buy it again i’m gonna tell you about all the things i love about it as well as go over some of the annoying things that this car does and we’re also gonna drive it to one of my luxury house flips that you’re gonna get to see as well all right so let’s talk

About some of the good things with this car first off i still love the look of it you know sometimes when you buy a car it looks really cool and you’re all about it when you first get it and then after a while you get used to it and you start thinking like okay it’s not really a big deal anymore it’s kind of normal to me now but i’ll tell you even when i still

Walk in the garage and i look at this car i love it i think it is still just the best looking car out there i would much rather have this than any two-seater than any lambo or ferrari i just love the look of the ticon and along with the look we actually did some customization to it originally these wheels were more of a silver and we got them painted white to

Match the body we also got this painted to give it a little more cooler look and over here on the bumper we added some white as well and basically what we did was anything that was metal we made white anything that was plastic we kept it as plastic so as far as the exterior of the car goes absolutely love it like i still think it’s the best looking car out there

Now speaking of the looks i still love this red interior i was kind of unsure of if it was gonna like stain on me or do anything i had a lot of people who told me it was gonna like fade into my jeans but we haven’t had any kind of problems with the interior i love it i also love that it is truly a pretty spacious four-seater like this has got to have the most room

For a sports car with four seats so i think they did a really good job in functionally building this and i haven’t had anyone really complain about the back seat they all say that it’s super comfortable back here and it’s way different than those ferraris and sports cars where they add a back seat but it’s not really a back seat like nobody can fit back there so i

Think that is great along with the seats one of the big reasons i chose this model versus another one was the massage seats right here you can click this and pick any kind of massage you want you got the wave you got the lumbar you got the shoulder massage like i seriously i get a massage every time i drive the first thing i do right when i pull out is i click the

Button i get a massage and i try a different one out every day so for those of you wondering whether or not you’d actually use a massage seat in your car i mean i do i turn it on every time now another thing that i love about this car is the range a lot of people ask me what’s the range compared to tesla and for those who don’t know i actually had a tesla model

X before this car and the tesla had better range on paper it had like 300 plus miles but here’s the thing i had to charge the tesla every other day like the battery drained so quickly on it that it just made me not believe anything tesla says about range but with the porsche it gets 270 miles and i can tell you the 270 miles are legit like i don’t have to charge

This thing but maybe once or twice a week max and they got a pretty cool looking charger over here ignore all the junk in my garage we’re actually getting ready to move so we’re storing some stuff but i like the charger i think it works great it charges really fast and it looks a lot cooler than the tesla now as far as function goes those are some of my favorite

Features but probably the best feature with the porsche is the drive so let me show you what i mean now when it comes to driving the taikon i feel like porsha absolutely killed it i mean just the acceleration that it gives whenever you want to hit it like out of nowhere you can just pass anybody like it’s crazy the other part about it is just the handling i mean

Even when you’re accelerating your ability to just turn and make a move is unlike any other car i’ve ever had you know the tesla just can’t really compare and how fun it is to drive compared to the porsche so i mean just overall there’s nothing that beats it i’m not even a driving enthusiast or a guy who can like really appreciate handling and all these things

Because i don’t really have anything to compare it to but i see why when i drive this car that people just love going out to mountains and things and driving these cars and kind of going down these winding roads because it really is fun just seeing how well this thing moves and the final thing i’ll say before i get into the negatives is when you feel this car

Compared to a tesla it just feels so much more luxurious like how you open the door when you feel just like the weight of the door closing when you feel the steering wheel and everything inside the car it’s just on a totally different level of luxury so i really appreciate all the craftsmanship that went into building this car i mean you can tell that porsche has

Been doing it forever they understand how to make a really good car even if this is their first electric one they absolutely killed it on all of those fronts now even though the praise is good there are some negative things about this car that are kind of annoying when you really think about it and you just wonder how did porsche allow this to happen so the first

One is just the tech overall when you look at this car it seems like it has the best tech ever it’s got this huge screen in the front it’s got the screen right here even the passenger has a screen and there’s a screen over here at the bottom like there’s four screens in this car so you think okay there’s probably a lot of great tech in here you would be mistaken

This car is not very good with the tech for one that passenger display is never going to get used i don’t think anyone has ever used it for anything so it’s definitely a complete waste they should have just put more storage or something there it looks cool but it’s a waste the second thing is apple carplay so i always link my iphone to the car but it takes like two

Minutes for it to actually link up and i don’t know why so the first two minutes of my ride i can’t really listen to anything and i’m just waiting for my phone to connect every other car i’ve ever had it connects the moment you turn the car on and the phone like it might take a couple of seconds but this literally takes minutes for the phone to connect so really

Annoying on that front but probably the dumbest thing that this car did that i just can’t believe it was overlooked when they made it was the clusters on the steering wheel so on most cars you’ve got a volume button to go up and down with volume this one has that you use this one to do the volume right here but guess what there’s nothing to allow you to go back

And forth from songs so i can’t click anything if i want to go back to another song with my iphone i literally have to go on my iphone click back and that’s how i get to a new song like it’s the only new car i’ve ever seen that does not have that on the steering wheel now what they do have is these little diamond buttons so there’s one right here and there’s one

Right here and these are basically like your custom buttons you can program it to do whatever you want and so for me i programmed it to go to the next song because i guess i’d go to the next song more than i’d go to the previous song and i don’t really have a choice to do both so i programmed it to go to the next song but how annoying is that that i have to do

That along with that i programmed this one to be my garage opener so i mean it works pretty good but you know coming from the tesla the garage actually opened by itself when i got near it that was such a cool feature of the model x i had i didn’t have to click a button it already knew i was coming and would open the garage so um they’re definitely way below tesla

In terms of tech like it’s not even close porsche is like way behind um you know and not to mention tesla’s self-driving either uh tesla self-driving is so good and you know it’s not to hate on this one i mean this self-driving is decent it’s right here it’s called the porsche inno drive and you know once it gets going it can start taking over the wheel uh once

It i don’t know takes time to figure out the road which it still hasn’t right now it’s on just cruise control but let’s see it won’t even do it but you know even when it does it’s pretty good like it keeps you in the lane but it’s definitely not like self-driving that tesla has so overall i mean everything in the clusters is just you know not that great compared

To other cars i’ve driven let alone a tesla another thing that they screwed up on is the wireless charger so the wireless charger is inside of this okay so i don’t know about you but i had to go put my phone right here in the charger and then shut this i mean i guess it’s good for safety because i’m never gonna wanna go get my phone again um but if i need to

Use my phone i gotta open this thing i gotta like maneuver my arm and then i gotta like dig in my glove or this compartment right here and then i get my phone so i literally never use the wireless charger um in fact i just use the cup holder as my phone holder because that’s what it is another weird thing i forgot to mention about the tech is there’s this cool

Spaceship sound with the car that um i really like and i was thinking that i’d be able to get that sound you know as a normal setting but you’re not able to do that in order to get the sound you have to change your setting to sports plus mode and then it starts playing the spaceship sound as you accelerate so i’ll show you now i’m not sure if you guys can hear

It but um i just think it’s cool like it’s such a nice feature and i paid 600 bucks to get the upgrade for it but i never use it because once again i don’t have time to go switch to sports plus mode every single time i want to you know sound like i’m in a spaceship so overall most of the annoying things are due to just the tech they just overlook simple things

Like the steering wheel button and just the tech itself isn’t up to par to other car makers by the way it finally caught on the self-driving so now it’s doing it and staying in the lane but it will make you have the driver control right there so you have to touch it just like the tesla makes you do it and tesla would have exited for me because it knew where we

Were going so i had to go click that exit myself just pulled up here at our luxury flip that we’re about to list but i’ll give you the last two things that really annoy me about this car getting in and out of it is still a lot different than an suv which i’ve had up to this point so yeah that kind of sucks but you know it’s a car it is what it is and the other

Thing that’s kind of annoying about this car is now that i golf a lot the trunk kind of barely fits the clubs and anytime they go to close it they always press the button and leave but then the trunk never closes because guess what it hits the bag so it’s kind of annoying even when it doesn’t hit the bag it’s still kind of open sometimes so i have to always just

Manually put it down so other than that though i mean the car is amazing you know the other things are nitpicking and would i still buy this car six months later absolutely i love this car i have no intention of getting rid of it i still think because i got such a good deal on it brand new i could probably sell it and make some money because the car market’s so

Crazy but uh i plan to keep this thing for a long time because it’s such a fun joy to ride but with that being said i’m gonna go check out our luxury flip we’re gonna go sell it for 1.8 million dollars so if you want to see how that’s going to play out make sure you subscribe to this channel and you’ll get to see the behind the scenes you

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