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Altair Club Cars 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

2020 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Dozens of photos and all of the specs for this vehicle can be found online at WestMitsubishi.com

Check out this mitsubishi mirage it’s a 2020 model mitsubishi in 2020 was named by jd power and associates as in their initial quality survey as the top japanese automaker in the states selling cars in the states that is so we beat out jab toyota and honda both and that might surprise some but many around the world wouldn’t be so surprised mitsubishi is well

Known to make very good quality cars all over the world and our country is finally starting to catch on this is the mirage g4 there’s also a hatchback but this is the g4 so check out this trunk room that will pass through that’s that area right there we’ll fold down so that if you need to stick something large in the trunk that needs more room it’ll come

Right through here there’s a cup holders by the way as you can see so here’s the passenger area the driver area we’ve got the reverse camera on there and 10-year 100 000 mile warranty on these five-year unlimited mileage for roadside assistance five years sixty thousand bumper-to-bumper there’s no better warranty than that in the industry hyundai and kia are

The only ones that equal it everyone else falls short when a manufacturer is willing to warranty their vehicles that long it’s because they know they’ve got a good quality product also this gets 37 miles per gallon combined is what it’s rated at 41 on the highway 35 around town you can probably get more out of it if you do like i do with my mitsubishi’s i’ve

Owned two brand new mitsubishi’s i set the cruise control no matter if i’m in town or not even in a 25 mile per hour zone i’ll set the cruise control that keeps the car in the economy range and gets the best fuel economy possible i end up getting three to four miles per gallon higher than what the sticker said i would and you could probably do the same in this

Car west mitsubishi the dealership is found online at west mitsubishi.com 53065 west you can apply for credit on there and see all of our other inventory but if you’ve got good credit bad credit no credit at all it doesn’t matter go on there and apply will undoubtedly get you approved well almost always there’s a few exceptions but most of the time we can get you

Approved even with a low score we can go through your credit union because we’re a member of credit union direct lending we can you know go through the dozens of other options that we have available also check out our google reviews over 1200 of our customers have left us a review we’ve got a 4.9 out of 5 average which is higher than any other dealership in the

Area because our customers who are speaking for us there really appreciate the way that they’ve been treated we treat customers the way that other dealers only claim to treat them and our reviews show it so go check those out and then come in and give us a shot to add you to the west mitsubishi family today we look forward to seeing you

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2020 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 By West Mitsubishi

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