2020 mini hardtop 2 door cooper
Altair Club Cars 2020 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Cooper S with Signature Trim

2020 MINI Hardtop 2 Door Cooper S with Signature Trim

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With the added length the back seats are a lot more functional than the shorter 2 door version. Yes, the Mini did grow a bit but worry not its still one of the smallest cars you can buy, but it has a big personality and when sitting inside its very spacious. A turbo charged engine makes 189-hp, which for a small car like this is a ton of power. Its also very fuel efficient with an EPA highway rating of 35-mpg.

Hello joe here from infinity of tacoma today i’m going to tell you about this awesome 2020 uh mini cooper s uh two door one awesome little hut hatchback i absolutely love minis ever since they were reintroduced to the united states in the early 2000s i have been absolutely smitten with them and mini has improved them made them better in so many ways since we first

Saw these hit the u.s shores again in the early 2000s what an awesome vehicle so much fun so much character and little package uh you know it’s always nice to start your daily commute or your drive home uh from work with a smile on your face and this is a car when you look at it sitting in your driveway it almost is smiling at you it’s like a little puppy dog

Saying hey come on take me out for a walk let’s go have fun and uh you know that’s kind of the way i feel whenever i get behind the wheel of one of these it never gets old it puts a smile on my face it’s just such a fun little well-handling car but the great thing about it it’s practical uh due to its small size it’s great if you live in a you know city or urban

Environment where it’s tough to maneuver around it’s really easy to car to park but it’s also really fuel efficient look at 26 city 35 highway so you should average right around 30 miles per gallon and i know gas prices are creeping up and who knows how long before they go down so i know people are really sensitive to gas prices right now so this is a vehicle that

Still lets you have fun fun driving but also is easy in the wallet obviously you can see the original build sheet on this one uh this has a signature trim the signature trim was a 3500 option package and it gives you a comfort access entry key so basically it’s kiosk ignition of a toggle switch starter uh big panameric roof and you have these nice sunshades to

Dim things down if it gets too bright uh the front one opens the rear ones just the glass roof panel uh if the rear one open i don’t know where would go i’d be hanging off the back of the back of the car um so then we have uh heated front seats automatic climate control led fog lights and led headlights with a cornering ability then we have a few extra uh extras

On this one we have a black bonnet stripes that was a hundred dollars storage package 250 dollars great sounding harman kardon premium audio system 750 and um uh all-weather match 135 dollars uh paint uh protection film level one 225 dollars so there you have it of course we can i give you a copy of that window sticker if you want to prove it prove it yourself

Very comfortable and supportive sport seats on the s um they’re nice and adjustable it’s synthetic leather books looks really uh the real deal this has a seven speed dual clutch transmission giving you all the performance in front of a manual with the steering wheel paddle shifters but the practicality of an automatic um you know the nuts and bolts of it are a

Little bit different it has automated clutches versus a torque converter like a regular automatic transmission but the operation is still pretty much the same as a regular uh you know automatic transmission you have park reverse neutral and drive and then you have the manual shift mode if you wish to take advantage of that i really love how they have these toggle

Switches for the controls the push button start uh we have a um trucks control anti-spin control we have a drive mode selector so we have green which is and then we have mid and then we have sport mode and you’ll see kind of this uh ring around the uh get the infotainment system kind of change clusters i mean change colors i think on the way when you drive and

Depending on the different drive mode selector um really nice infotainment system uh the original mini actually had a huge gigantic speedometer here so they’re kind of trying to keep things kind of pure to the original mini uh but uh instead of having a big speedometer here it’s a much much more functional infotainment system um we have more toggle switches up

Here nice jcw steering wheel i love the contrast stitching feels wonderful in your hands um and i love the gauge cluster it kind of reminds me of a like the speedometer attack armor reminds me of what you’d find in a motorcycle are really easy to read i love analog gauges only 8 459 miles this is a local clean carfax vehicle we do have a complimentary carfax

Report we have the mini all season mats that’s almost a must in our our rainy climate here in the pacific northwest lots of adjustability in the front seats as well and you know i’m six foot two i fit very comfortably in the front seats plenty of headroom plenty of space for me and you can see uh they stretch the wheel base as far as possible it’s a small car you

Can see the rear wheels are pretty much pushed out to the outer corners of this thing and that age for the amazing go-kart like handling this thing just darts around it has great high speed stabilities to building the highway but when you take this thing through some corners it just is a absolute hoot to drive you’ll absolutely fall in love with this thing really

Cool color combination uh obviously you don’t have a ton of space but the nice thing is is that these seats fold down you can remove this cargo air cover and you have a lot more storage if you want to go on one of those costco trips uh the s model has a center exiting uh dual exhaust pipes it really looks cool i like how it has a little uh antenna too kind of

Reminds me of like a little rc car or something like that we have some great promotions going on right now complimentary delivery pretty much anywhere in washington and oregon we can put this in our car hauler we can talk to you so for mobile delivery services mini cooper ass can be all yours without leaving your neighborhood and look at that nice front-end styling

It’s kind of like i said it’s almost like a little puppy dog or something like that it’s just uh it just begs you to hop in and take it out for a little blast a little fun drive i like how they have the daytime running lights nice led ring around the housing and then you have the led headlights for amazing nighttime visibility for a power plant we have a turbocharged

Four-cylinder engine pumping out 190 horsepower this thing is so small uh it doesn’t weigh very much so if 190 horsepower this thing is an absolute rocket ship so it handles good it’s fast in a straight line very efficient low ownership costs come and take it for a spin i think you’ll be very impressed and thanks for taking the time to watch this video

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