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Today, we check out this loaded British Racing Green 2020 MINI Cooper S Countryman All4 with the Iconic Trim Package. The 2020 MINI Cooper S Countryman All4 manages to combine the sportiness of a MINI hardtop with the refinement of a luxury crossover utility vehicle. This MINI Countryman is one that I wouldn’t mind owning myself.

Everybody welcome back to the mini ack and in today’s video sitting right behind me is a 2020 mini cooper s countryman all4 and in today’s video i’m gonna go over this car show you all the features on it and there’s a lot of neat options on this car so let’s get to it so for starters you all see that this car is in british racing green with a black roof black

Mere caps it has the knight jack side scuttle caps it has the british spoke wheels and these are 19 inch mini yours british spoke wheels so it has that it has the off-road package which gives you the black bumpers it has the blackout package for the badging this black door handles this car has everything and inside it’s all luxury this is the chesterfield leather

In light oak which is going to be renamed british oak actually so pretty nice you’ve got the mini your steering wheel paddle shifters you have the 8-speed automatic this is an all four car so it’s all wheel drive it the list goes on and if you go to the back plenty of room to fit three people and it also has the usb c port so that’s a new one very very nice very

Comfortable plenty of cargo space too if you come back here the hatch automatic open and if you push the button up here it would close it so as far as cargo space big trunk area and if you flip up the low floor even more storage below that and it looks like this even has yep this has a compact space saver spare tire as well so you get that with this car which is

Nice you also get extra mini oars mirror wheel caps so fold that back down and if you want to increase the cargo capacity of your mini pull this lever here or this strap i should say and seat folds flat and it’s a flat load floor so you can get large boxes or what-have-you in and out of the vehicle fairly easily and then when you need to shut the hatch you push

The button and it comes back down so this is loaded this is power everything this even has power seats with with one and two settings for memory so if you’re a two driver family and one driver has their seat forward one has their seat further back and up you can set this accordingly and it even has power lumbar support which is always nice in the center here you

Have a center armrest with a location to put your mobile device if you so have one configured and this looks like it’s setup for an iphone and it looks like it actually is setup on iphone so this is i think one of the new docks that charges through the back of the phone like all the new iphones do so that’s kind of cool but this thing is loaded and there’s another

Usb port in the front here for what have you there also you might notice the color line right here so this is accent lighting you can change it to any color you want and if we go under the bonnet we will find the standard engine for this model which is a 189 horsepower 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged motor with 207 foot-pounds of torque and if i pop the cover

Off and burn my hand there we go you’ll see this engine and as you can see compared to the cooper i showed you fills up the entire engine bay so here’s that fourth cylinder so these are the three here’s that fourth one though nothing really has changed it looks like it’s been updated a little bit actually now that i think about it so there looks like to have been

Some improvements made to the cooper s engine for the 2020 model year so that’s pretty nice but not much else and the horsepower is still the same this vehicle also has the black piano black trim and piano black grille there’s the black badging some more led headlights led fog lights forward sensors so if you notice this car has sensors all over the place there’s

Rear sensors there’s front sensors and what exactly do all those do well what all those do is an awful lot so if we start the car you notice an eight-inch touchscreen so this has navigation this also has apple carplay if you so have it go into our settings here driving sport display you name it and if we push this button we got our frontal collision warning and

We have pedestrian warning so we can configure that however we wish for warning time early medium or late in our case we’re gonna do early go back out of there mini country timer there’s something this is interesting this is something new for me this is looks like it’s a hill assist thing interesting so we can go street cruiser what is this oh cool has a compass

Okay folks i this is new completely new for me i’ve never noticed this before gives me my latitude longitude my altitude holy crap this is interesting i’ve never noticed this before so that is whatever that is so i guess this is if you’re off on a trail or something that’s neat huh i learned something new every day so i didn’t even know that was there now if i

Put the car in reverse you’ll notice that i have a parallel parking button right here that is my automatic parallel parking so this car will park itself i got my reverse camera i got my parking sensors and all that stuff so this should in theory park itself and i’m gonna try to see if i can demonstrate that so anyway i’m gonna find a spot where i can parallel park

This car and we are scanning for parking spaces so i’m going to try to find one where i can actually do this so that you guys can get a better idea and i found one this is crazy my hands are not touching the steering wheel holy crap and that’s it so i just let the car parallel park itself that was insane granted i had a really wide area to do this that is

Something i did not expect and that was kind of fun at the same time it also was nerve-wracking so if any of you out there drive a tesla you’re gonna be you probably know exactly how i felt they’re trying to let the car parallel park that is something that is just not something i’m used to shifters now in sport+ already the shifting is different and the reason i

Did that is we’re heading up to my favorite road and i wanted you all to see what it’s like to drive a luxurious mini countryman incredibly fast and here we go and these 19-inch wheels and tires because this has the british spoke wheels really have a lot of grip and makes the ride a lot easier they’re a little on the harsh side but for performance driving they’re

Fantastic and i’d highly recommend them and stopping this 3600 pound behemoth it’s fairly quick as well and the acceleration is phenomenal whoo i like it cornering wear minis are known for even the countryman can corner like nobody’s business and this is no exception oh my gosh this is great it really holds the road and of course people cut off and spoil your

Fun typical so the stability control and this is phenomenal the traction control and this is phenomenal the all four system makes this a very capable vehicle and even for a round town driving it’s fantastic this is very very compliant it does what you want it to do and the steering is very responsive so it steers where you want the car to go you want the cards turn

Any direction you want it’s going that direction doesn’t matter what you’re doing it’s going to go that direction the steering the response is fintech is fantastic the throttle response and sport mode is fantastic everything else is fantastic so i’m hopping off the highway here cuz i’m gonna switch up the systems a little bit we’re gonna go around town i’m going

To turn the ac on so it might be a little noisy just have a little bit ac but i’m gonna switch the car back to regular drive and i’m gonna put the car in eco mode or green mode so we’re now in green mode and this now is minimalism as motion so engine running so we’re now in the minimal mode here where you don’t want to be incredibly quick off the line but you want

To drive the car refined and carefully and that’s how you keep your car in the nice green bar on the screen here so if you accelerate it goes down and if you break it goes up so it’s kind of a very slow mode and honestly i’ve heard the green mode i’ve heard a lot of people who have green who have the current generation minis they use green mode in the wintertime

Because it changes the way the car shifts so driving on snow and ice actually makes it a little bit easier a little bit more tolerable and a little bit less dangerous so kind of a neat thing to do there i really like that so it’s very casual very quaint yes its alert emit the engine is running my minimalism analyzer my fish in the fishbowl looks a little pissed

He doesn’t look very happy at me so so along with all the other bells and whistles that this car has it also has the heads-up display which i really like compass in the mirror has an alarm it has everything i mean this is incredible this car is seriously loaded and forty five thousand is what the price is on this that’s actually not that bad for what is basically

A small suv so i like it this was really fun driving this and i hope you enjoyed this little overview of the car tune in next time when i actually go out and do a little handling video and then the following video after that will be a performance video where i put this car through its paces but if you enjoyed this video leave a like below don’t forget to comment

And if you haven’t already done so subscribed to the channel as i upload videos monday and friday at 2 p.m. so until next time i’m just going to remind you all that life is too short to drive a boring car so as always drive a mini i’ll catch you all later

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