2020 mercedes s65 amg coupe v12
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe – V12 NEW Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust Interior Exterior Infotainment

2020 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe – V12 NEW Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust Interior Exterior Infotainment

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Hello guys welcome to mertz burns king this is the 2020 mercedes amg s 65 coupe a in this video i will show you the complete exterior interior the quality inside and you will listen to the sound of this v12 the s-class coupe a is one of my favorite designs it has the best quality so let’s first start with the exterior i’ve got the key white hair with the

Amg emblem in the front glossy black and metal design and it has the amg of fault above emblem on the backside that’s where the veto of engine is produced so let’s unlock it it has the black on black design with a lot of carbon-fiber details it has the appearance of a luxurious s claws and a sportive coupe a at the same time very noticeable are the swarovski

Crystals in the headlights it also has it a lot in the interior which i will show you later on aggressive open bumpers and 14 vertical lines for the grille having a closer look you will see the carbon-fiber details the color is called obsidian black and it really matches with a contrast ceramic brakes in orange color the length of the s-class coupe a is around

5 meters 7 double spoke amg rims and yes it has the carbon ceramic brakes the mercedes star also sticks out on the side it has the veto of by turbo emblem has a carbon-fiber cover for the side mirrors and because it has a black on black design the feature of biturbo emblem really stands out very flat color on the side it doesn’t have the blacked-out windows

Because she don’t need it for this s-class coupe a you want people to see you driving this beast carbon-fiber side skirts and now my favorite part the rear very massive and i love these new taillights with the crocodile design just like we see in the new eclose these amg exhaust tips are amazing special for the 65 with more edges and also fully carbon-fiber

That counts also for the diffuser very luxurious and aggressive design overall moving closer you will understand what i mean the carbon fiber blends into this black-on-black design let’s have a look at the trunk space and we are compared with the s-class limousine it opens automatically and i have my mercedes back as an indication you will see it has a lot of

Space over 600 litres so let’s close the trunk again with this button the rear tires are thicker 325 also 20 inch mercedes thor sticks out and it has the amg emblem on the side so let’s have a look at the interior i have the key right here and if you have it in your pocket the keyless entry is active so if you press this part or just touch it the car roll lock

And during this entering process it will remind you that this is a v12 with your hand on the handle it will unlock amazing interior it has the frameless doors amazing design with the permison surround sound system and i will ensure you this is the s-class quality pay attention to the windows this is double gloss very strong and very good for sound isolation

So if you close it you won’t hear the muppets driving around let’s enter amazing quality so let’s close the door it has soft closing and the seatbelt pops out so i will just press the button for the electronics to work and there it says amg again the gorgeous key with the affordable amg emblem on the backside so let’s leave it here at the storage compartment

For offski crystals and it also has the button for the moon sky in the panoramic group amazing with the swarovski crystal lights and big burnished the surround sound system not to bother you too much with the keys but here it has the amg label as an accessory and it also has a separate key for the climate control before you enter this vehicle we will press the

Button for all the electronics to work and of course it is in reserve you’ll but with the left part of staring you you can control the infotainment system with the right part the center console display so let’s press the home button here it says amg v12 you can swipe up and have a look at the geforce the boost and a lot more amg settings but we will swipe and

Search for the heads-up display so let’s press it it is right here you can also change the content this is the amg display with the rounds per minute the hologram is over there home button again and here you can change the position so you have this red indicator you can swipe it up or down just take into consideration that the new s-class is about to arrive

With the technology in this s-class generation is sober boost it doesn’t fill here you can change the gauges to for example sport and then again to the amg v12 to have all your lap time g-force the steering view itself is a full option one glossy carbon fiber here are the driving assistant options in the center you will have your night vision so if you press

It this full screen will have the night vision camera that’s the phantom in front of us but if you have your design on classic the wall image will transform and yes the gauges go up to 360 kilometers an hour it will also indicate whether there is a person in front of you with a red line amazing steering view with the amg emblem flat bottom as i mentioned and

The alcantara on the side which is also flattened and very characteristic for an amg model it has this lid on the top of the steering wheel the down shaft just listen great quality at the testee stitching in the center of the steering wheel for me this is the best amg steering wheel ever and are very curious to see the new s-class amg steering view coming up soon

Let me know guys what do you think of this generation compared to the new one so let’s press the button for the engine to start the v12 section eater with 630 horsepower so guys make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below that i have amazing content special for you see you there guys that’s insane furthermore amazing quality in the interior

The burma sis runs on system just behind your head and as i mentioned it has a lot of space especially for the passenger a really s close feeling with the glassy carbon fiber details at the dash and door trim it does have the iwc schaffhausen clock on the display but not here in the interior that you will see in the limousine so let’s scroll and you i’ll have

A look at the light settings it has the ambient lighting in 64 different colors with the steering wheel i will just swipe so let’s press a red moon let’s deactivate the multi color so you have 64 different options we will leave it on blue and this color is one of my favorites because this very calm and also luxurious feeling and i just like blue amazing s cloth

Seats with the air scarf and it also has some storage space with a photobook emblem over here 2 usb slots and the wireless charging for your phone amazing detail it is stitching on the sides very impressive it has been a long time since i sat in this s-class coupe a but then you realize this is quality and here you will find your engine information display for

The newton meters of torque the horsepower converted to kilowatts and of course there’s a vehicle information this is currently blue but if you have your dynamic select changed from comfort to sport or sport+ the display will also change in the sport+ the suspension will lower stirring a sharper and the engine is more responsive the navigation system is also

Very robust up-to-date and you can see all of the world so let me know guys where are you from maybe the east coast or west coast of united states so to sit in the back seats you just have to grab this and the seats will automatically slide forward so let’s have a seat so let’s pull this back and as you can see it goes backwards and when it touches my knee

It will automatically go forward so in terms of leg space it is enough because it adjusted the seat does the burma surround sound system and a lovely view of the interior from behind you can notice the small engine for the air scarf amazing quality burma suspension system and also heated seats but in this rather you don’t need it some storage space cupholders

And some space for your papers so let’s put it back let’s push it forward and you have a look at what’s under the bonnet it goes back into position nice double gloss so let’s have look at what is under the bonnet of this amazing s65 well so underneath it has a six-litre v12 producing over 630 horsepower it has 1000 newton meters of torque and can you imagine

It is only a rear-wheel drive it is handcrafted by one person in affordable the top speed is well over 300 kilometers an hour so let’s close the bonnet so guys thanks for watching merce burns king i hope you like this video there we’ll see you guys next time bye

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2020 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe – V12 NEW Review BRUTAL Sound Exhaust Interior Exterior Infotainment By MercBenzKing

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