2020 mercedes glc 43 amg coupe b
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Review Sound Acceleration Exhaust

2020 Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Review Sound Acceleration Exhaust

2020 Mercedes AMG GLC 43 Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Review 4MATIC + Sound Acceleration Exhaust

Hello guys welcome to murrs blends king this is the mercedes amg goc 43 coupe a and in today’s video i will show you the complete exterior interview and he will take it for a drive here in the city you can already see that this is a new facelift model it has the panamericana grille here in the front with a large mercedes star in the center for the amg special

Horizontal lines in the front bumpers within night package so blacked out lower lid and these are the new multi beam led headlights with a gorgeous design just like the gt models so apart from the exterior design changes as well as the interior design changes it also has a really find v6 3 liter engine of amg now producing 390 horsepower which is 23 more

Horsepower than its predecessor so moving over to the site of this goc coupe a and here we can notice the gorgeous coupe a line with the night package so blacked-out contours around the window and the gorgeous blacked-out windows indeed and the size of these massive rims are 21 inch it is 285 3521 a little bit thicker than the front tires it also has the viterbo

4matic emblem on the side of the vehicle so not that mercedes only use the front to make it look like a worthy amg suv with this panamericana grille it also put a lot of effort to make this rear look very wide especially here with these new taillights the rear taillights look gorgeous with a more round shaped design just like in the glb and the gls giving it

A very wide body and i really love this new geo c43 design of the tail pipes it has double exhaust pipes on side also blacked out for the night package and finally they finish it with a nice spoiler here on the rear side which is massive so guys let’s have a look at what is under the bonnet of this sportive suv beast so here we can already see the new design

This is a three liter v6 producing 390 horsepower and 520 newtonmeter of torque it goes from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 4.9 seconds and the top speed is limited to 250 kilometers an hour so let’s close the bonnet and you will take it for our drive so let’s start the engine in sport+ you can change it here with the driving select button on the steering

Wheel this feature to support plus i will hit the downshift button and press the start button this will give you the emotion start so let’s put it into drive and let’s go so on my instagram a lot of you guys asked me for the goc 43 amg coupe a if you don’t follow me yet check out the link down below and i have amazing content special for you and the direct

Communication tool so let’s take a left turn so this being the glc 43 means it has a three liter v6 as i mentioned so i will just open or tilt nice crackles so this three liter v6 engine has a 390 horsepower it takes it from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 4.9 seconds there are some crackles but i have to say it is significantly reduced because of the

European regulation even the cla 35 from the lost videos had a better crackle sound but i do really appreciate the performance of this toc it is so fast of the ground and the interior is phenomenal with the amg steering wheel flat bottom with the vertical lines and just check out the performance amazing so with this new 4matic you definitely notice that there

Is a bias of torque on the rear wheels around 30% and these digital screens are new it is fully customizable also here in the front so currently it is set to the supersport but you can go to the right with your touch buttons on the steering wheel and change it to classic for example there’s a touchscreen you can have a look at the navigation system radio

Media and also if you go on down to different themes you have the chirp theme lounge standard and the experience that we also like the raising theme so this way you have the vehicle information and the supersport settings in front of you this shows you how much you’re breaking or how much you’re using the gas pedal and let’s try to park here in the street

I will hit the park button on the center console and now it actively searches for a parking spot so let’s try this one it found it so i will confirm by pressing the touchpad on the center console editing reverse and i will just release the brake i’m not touching the brake or the gas pedal so it goes into drive automatically in reverse again and here it shows

Distance with the vehicle behind us a little bit to the front it is very precise and there is finished so let’s have a look at how it performed so as you can see it is well in this spot a nice distance with the curb and it is really a beauty to see here in the streets so guys thanks for watching merlin skiing i hope you liked this video and i will see you guys next time bye bye

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2020 Mercedes GLC 43 AMG Coupe | BRUTAL Drive Review Sound Acceleration Exhaust By MercBenzKing

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