2020 mercedes benz sprinter 2500
Altair Club Cars 2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger

2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello dan i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz thanks for sending your dad dana in a couple of days ago so this is the 144 high roof that you and i were talking about on the phone this morning and i also showed this one to your dad so i want to do a walk around on the van i know you’re really really busy with your uh work so i thought maybe i could give

You a virtual video of the of the van that we’ve been talking about so this one’s got the wood floor with a vinyl coating over it to protect the interior of the van which is a really nice easy to clean it’s got the sidewall paneling so it protects the outside of the the sprinter van for you so once you put your bin packages in and and all your tools and hardware

And stuff the vehicle won’t get damaged also it’s got the full cargo petition with a window to protect the driver and the passenger and this uh this particular sprinter’s got the step bumper so with the step on here it makes it very easy to get in and out of the van also dan if you wanted to tow a small trailer you can actually add a hitch and the trailer wiring

Is right here it’s a seven pin connector and i know you bought the box truck so the backup camera’s a little different on this one it’s a mercedes-benz factory installed just above the third brake light and then i’ll show you how that works when we get inside the van these doors also open up 270 degrees so you have 180 degrees there and then they open up all the

Way so this is a triple hinge and it latches in place so you can see it’s not going to just close on you and this has got the three liter v6 turbo diesel in it i know your dad mentioned that you like the diesels so uh this would be a great fit for your business now uh damn we’re gonna hop in the cab and i’ll show you some features in there and then we’ll go and

We’re sitting here in the cab of the sprinter van and i’ll just show you a few things i know it’s very very similar to the box truck cab but uh i’ll start up here so you got a nice storage compartment up here with the lid let’s get your cup holders up here in the dash we also have the cup holders here so this just has your standard am fm radio with bluetooth so

You can pair one cell phone so you can do the hands-free also up here in the rear view mirror i’m going to show you the rear view camera so your camera is displayed right here so you can actually see your bumper and you can see the shadow of the van behind us because the way the sun’s shining but it is very clear and then also this one has your cruise control

It’s right here on the left of the steering wheel also heated electric electric folding mirrors which is a very nice this also has blind spot assist you have a 12 volt charger under here i know it’s hard to see and then also there’s a 12 volt charger down here and there’s also a usb port under here and a usb port here so you can plug your cell phones in now

We’re gonna go for a short test drive like i said dan i wanted to make this video for you because i know you’re really busy at work and this way you’ll be able to view it in your email and you’ll be able to get a really good look at the van that your dad looked at a couple days ago now i’m going to back it into its parking spot so you can get a good view of

That backup camera i’m sure that uh your dad will appreciate that too if you buy the sprinter van for him he’ll be able to see behind him really good we like the backup cameras for safety for sure because you can see things behind you so dan i hope you enjoy the video my cell phone number is 207-8-3-8-0-1-6-9 i’ll follow up with you on monday after the weekend

So you and your dad can get uh review the numbers that i sent you and also view the video that i just made for you hope you enjoy it and uh looking forward to talking to you soon you

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2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Cargo 144 WB | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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